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12:10:57 PM Oct 8th 2014
I don't get it. I AM french, and Tortank IS pronounced Thor-TANK, such as a tank, the english word.
10:46:13 AM Jul 13th 2014
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This gem under Unfortunate Implications:

"Mega Gardevoir's Fairy Tale Wedding Dress combined with Gardevoir's feminine appearance, Undying Loyalty to its Trainer, and the statement that Mega Evolution takes the bond between Trainer and Pokemon to the "next level" makes one wonder just what Game Freak was going for with this."

Any objections to removing that? I find this statement pretty asinine.
10:55:29 AM Jul 13th 2014
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Go for it, sounds more like Does This Remind You of Anything? anyway.
11:36:01 AM Jul 13th 2014
^^Also, it does not explain at all how it's offensive to anyone and lacks a citation which Unfortunate Implications needs.
12:03:51 PM Jan 1st 2014
Under Base Breaker...

  • Conkeldurr. While it's an extremely powerful and useful Pokémon (even competitively), it's generally viewed as (and possibly designed to be) extremely ugly. Its pre-evolution, Gurdurr may even be more widely hated, because it's just as hideous, if not more, than Conkeldurr, and it's a common annoyance in caves when you're looking for a rare Pokemon or have run out of repels. Not helped that it looks vaguely similar in some ways to a clown.

The clown resemblance is pretty obviously intentional. It's a visual pun on "circus strongman".
01:45:53 PM Jan 1st 2014
Intentional or not, people don't like clowns very much. Could be rewritten, though.
03:16:22 PM Jan 1st 2014
Oh, I don't mind it being there (Even if I'm a fan of Conkeldurr.). I just think "vaguely similar" makes it sound like the clown resemblance was accidental.
03:23:15 PM Jan 1st 2014
10:17:05 AM Nov 15th 2013
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I feel like the Ensemble Darkhorse needs to be cleaned, BADLY.

For one, doesn't every generation have its own ED listing? Do we even need one?

For another, it's way, way too big. And it includes starters, mascots, box legendaries, and freaking Pikachu. I'm going to cut the really egregious ones.

Any thoughts on whether non-box Legendaries should be cut? I'm thinking about Mew and Mewtwo. Also the pseudo-Legendaries... they're not pushed that hard, but due to their stats they're pretty much forced on the player.
11:19:21 AM Nov 15th 2013
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The pseudo-legendaries are not pushed in the player at all and it is extremely easy to end Gold/Silver without learn about Tyrannitar's existence.
11:28:53 AM Nov 15th 2013
Alright, I'll leave those.

I also pulled Lucario, but now I'm not sure. I thought he was one of the ones that was revealed early and that his popularity came from getting his own movie (like Zoroark), but now I can't remember if he was already popular before the movie.
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