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11:40:13 PM Feb 6th 2013
The Jerk Sue section.....is all of that necessary? There's listing a trope as an example, and then there's righting a damn essay.
02:08:38 AM Jun 14th 2013
It's quite apparent that you don't know what WR Iting an essay entails.

04:17:07 AM Aug 30th 2013
I have to agree, it's too fucking long and has pretty much crossed into Darth Wiki territory. I'm cutting it and replacing it with a much shorter abridgement.
10:53:16 PM May 24th 2014
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Since when is Jerk Sue a Dark Wiki page? A year later still doesn't seem to be...might be some potential in the idea though
12:02:19 AM May 25th 2014
Jerk Sue is not in Darth Wiki. They were saying that the example was written in Darth Wiki style (=not-appropriate-for-the-main-wiki style, in other words), though.
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