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03:21:26 PM Jan 28th 2013
I sort of brought this up on the characters page discussion, but it's come up here on the main series page so I thought I should mention it. The donut shop owner: just a crossdresser, or actually transgender? That is, should the owner be addressed as "he" or "she"? There may be an indication of the answer in Movie Wars Ultimatum, in which Poitrine turns out to be the self-image of the donut shop owner. But it doesn't look like it'll come up in the series itself.
07:13:50 PM Jan 28th 2013
@Spoiler: ... Flat "What.".
08:10:20 PM Feb 6th 2013
For what it's worth, Wikipedia seems to regard both character and actor as gay males...
07:25:44 AM Jan 13th 2013
Is it okay to give beast his own Multiform Balance list?
07:49:28 AM Jan 13th 2013
Go for it.
02:12:57 PM Nov 1st 2012
This might be a stretch, but could Wizard be a Naruto expy? Evil being living inside him that he must work to control. It saves him on the brink of death. His power may overwhelm him. Also Haruto and Naruto are really similar names.
02:42:13 PM Nov 1st 2012
10:06:43 PM Sep 30th 2012
The Gratuitous English needs to be expanded as far as the Wizar Driver goes. As of now it only has FLAME, PLEASE as an example. It should probably just talk about the way it says the ring names. I have no idea how to word that though.
07:50:02 PM Sep 24th 2012
edited by Kindle4Light
How is Wizard Water Style a Glass Cannon when it can be immune to attacks with Liquid Ring and Defend Ring? Am I the only one who sees him as Jack of All Stats like Flame Style?

[Updated] Not anymore; the water style's now labelled a Squishy Wizard instead.
07:23:28 AM Sep 3rd 2012
Considering the nature of the Phantoms "birth", can we reasonably begin a Nightmare Fuel page?
08:29:29 PM Jun 26th 2012
Is there any reason this page doesn't redirect to Main/KamenRiderWizard? It can get a bit confusing.
02:50:09 AM Jun 27th 2012
This page is in the proper namespace, and should not be moved or redirected. If you want, you can make the Main/ page a redirect here — there's no reason for it not to be so.
02:54:46 PM Jun 27th 2012
Already done for you! \o/
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