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07:48:47 AM Jul 24th 2014
In S 2 E 13 "Late Summer Greeting Card!", it is observed that Azusa, who was tanned since the last episode, is not tanned while in her dream. I would put it as Colour-Coded for Your Convenience, but this change is really subtle. Does it still count?
06:15:45 PM Jun 19th 2013
Between the ending clip of the movie and the box art of the K-On music box (which mine just came in the mail today, yay!), can we add Alice Allusion as a trope?
04:27:56 AM Jan 27th 2013
I'd like to pull the statement that K-On! is a Bishoujo Series: While it does certainly have an Improbably Female Cast, I don't see how the characters are played for fanservice (except if you consider utter Moe to be fanservice), so it does not fulfill the criteria of that trope. Any objections?
06:52:19 PM Jul 23rd 2012
Should we start a Film page for K-On! now that the movie's been subbed?
02:01:49 AM Jul 24th 2012
If it's different enough from the manga, sure. If most of the tropes would be duplicates, then just mix the pages or have a separate folder on this one.
01:47:24 AM Dec 17th 2011
Just for fun, I looked at the Wiki article for the Gibson Les Paul and was surprised to find a companion article of musicians who've made notable use of Gibson guitars. Sadly, the category seems designed to exclude kawaii anime guitar players. Entries must meet the following three categories:
  • They are musicians with long careers who have a history of faithful Gibson use.
  • The particular instrument they used was unique or of historical importance.
  • Their use of the Gibson model contributed significantly to the popularization of that particular instrument.

So apparently what we need now is a Yui signature Gibson Les Paul. I feel that it should be a cheaper model but with a high list price so that beginning players can easily talk the price down. Possibly it could come with a clothing line for those who feel the need to dress it up, as well.
08:55:24 AM Oct 11th 2011
edited by R.G.
Wouldn't it be funny if the K-ON! characters were indeed modeled after the Azumanga Daioh ones?

Yui Hirasawa = Ayumu Kasuga

Ritsu Taianaka = Tomo Takino

Mio Akiyama = Sakaki

Tsumugi Kotobuki = Kaorin

Azusa Nakano = Chiyo Mihama

Nodoka Manabe = Koyomi Mizuhara

Sawako Yamanaka = Yukari Tanizaki

Just a thought
01:32:51 PM Dec 30th 2012
It's pretty much the very first thing I thought when I saw Azumanga Daioh (yes, I watched K-On! first...).
09:47:39 PM Jul 28th 2013
11:47:30 AM Oct 6th 2010
The Girl-on-Girl Is Hot entry doesn't make much sense. Women are known to appreciate Les Yay overtones, even when they're not lesbian themselves. There's a reason why imouto and maid cafes in Japan get a lot of female customers. I think the director wanted to let the friendship between the girls prevail above any romantic feelings, which still didn't prevent her from arranging nothing less than a date between Mugi and Ritsu.
12:39:09 PM Oct 6th 2010
I was thinking about adding an Executive Meddling entry for the rumor that the closeup shots of Mio's breasts during the first beach episode were added over Yukiko Horiguchi's protests. Meanwhile, she removed every instance of Mio getting groped from the manga, and she does seem to be very deliberately engaging in Azusa/Mugi Ship Sinking. I'm not even sure why: does she want Azusa to be loyal to Yui, or to prevent Mugi from becoming another Launcher of a Thousand Ships? It's also a mystery why the manga's story arc about studying for the university entrance exams, with their attendant Les Yay, didn't get adapted — I think Horiguchi might be saving those chapters to show as flashbacks in The Movie, and I was also considering writing that up as a WMG.
10:46:09 AM Oct 10th 2010
Well, I changed the entry, since the trope is about in-show instances anyway. I consider it a clear example of Adaptation Decay.
08:30:03 AM Nov 22nd 2010
edited by Dentaku
Well, now it's the Adaptation Decay entry that doesn't make much sense. Romantic tension between people of the same sex is not necessarily "fan service", and in the case of K-On it's actually kept quite mild and believable. According to this logic, there shouldn't be any female yuri producers, and of course there are.
02:29:08 AM Nov 23rd 2010
I think we should really be calling it Bowdlerization, not Adaptation Decay.
05:06:39 PM Oct 3rd 2010
edited by superslinger2007
Just throwing this out there - it does not need to be added, although it's just been to the Just Bugs Me page.

Tempting Fate / What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: In regards to season 2 episode 26: Mio says she's never failed a jump?

To be fair, the episode shows how season 1's Blu-ray covers came to be, but still....
09:05:01 PM Sep 28th 2010
Every girl in Sawako's class has a name now and most of them are now getting fanart. I'm not sure which trope that goes under but I'm confident it's not Ensemble Darkhorse. I'll just strikeout the word 'nameless' for now.
05:26:52 PM Oct 3rd 2010
It doesn't go under that trope.

K-On!! has started AN ENTIRELY NEW TROPE. Your Head Asplode!
04:14:50 PM Jun 14th 2010
Semiapies the Fridge Cleaner. :D
05:34:56 AM Jun 4th 2010
edited by Dentaku
Thanks for mentioning "Tsubasa o Kudasai"! When I was in Akihabara I heard that song everywhere, especially the Evangelion version, but I could never figure out what it was.
05:49:16 AM May 12th 2010
Added a NSFW warning to a link to sankakucomplex.

We should know this by now.
06:45:37 PM Apr 14th 2010
edited by Dentaku
  • Before the school festival concert, Ritsu pretends she's introducing the band members. Part of Yui's introduction is "All your sweets are belong to me!", which is an obvious reference to Zero Wing.

Just because it says that in the fansub doesn't mean that's what it actually was.

Dentaku: It's more like "her favorite thing is sweets".
05:06:17 PM Apr 14th 2010
  • Usually Nietzsche Wannabe jerks so pathologically nihilistic that they can't entertain, much less stand the possibility of anybody daring to smile or be happy through their thick sarcastic cynical skulls.

I have allowed myself to remove that part, or otherwise, we'll have a huge edit war at hand
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