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10:15:33 AM Aug 15th 2017
I'm separating the Literature and Mythology section, because (a) it's rare to treat mythology as literature around the wiki and (b) almost half of the literature examples have nothing to do with a religion or a mythology.
02:15:30 PM Feb 27th 2017
Why's this YMMV. Seems like it would be trivia.
11:48:21 AM Jun 18th 2016
What's with all the goddamn fury examples?
01:15:01 PM Jun 2nd 2015
Um I'm kind of wondering about the title.

There are lots of examples involving LGB people but I don't see barely any about T people.

I think gay fanbase would be a better and more obvious name
10:51:24 PM Jun 2nd 2015
Then let's just look for Trans related examples!

Note that "LGBT" itself is already incomplete (but I dount anyone will get the meaning of GSM), so I don't think calling the page "Gay Fanbase" will do it any favors.
11:38:45 PM Jun 2nd 2015
Yep, narrowing the title is completely pointless here.
06:32:09 PM Jul 1st 2014
A lot of the examples seem to just assume that lots of slash shipping means the show has a big LGBT fanbase.
09:26:02 PM Aug 11th 2015
Indeed. Don't they know straight people ship slash to.

At least half of the examples need to either cut or supported by something more.
04:52:51 PM Feb 18th 2014
edited by
I wonder what an inversion of this trope would be like... Social Conservative Fanbase, high quality wholesome works which try to avoid or minimize Getting Crap Past the Radar and Avoid the Dreaded G Rating

Like that will ever happen :P
06:18:16 PM Feb 18th 2014
I'm not sure if a page like that would be safe enough (I mean in terms of the potential Flame Bait). Plus, there's already Periphery Hatedom which can cover cases like that.
06:43:04 AM Sep 19th 2013
edited by
Why is this a trope? LGBT people love things. Straight people love things. Ace people love things. This trope just seems kinda pointless.
05:57:47 PM Sep 19th 2013
This is for works that have a LGBT following because of the LGBT themes and characters, even if the series themselves are not explicitly LGBT. This is similar to Fandom Nod, and it's far from pointless.
05:08:37 AM Sep 20th 2013
I think some of the description needs to be rewritten, then, because I wasn't getting that from it.
05:39:00 AM Sep 20th 2013
Before doing any major changes to the description, though, you should look for opinions from other people. Can you see if you can start a Trope Repair Shop thread? Right now there's an ongoing Image thread but that's not the place to talk about this.
02:53:35 PM Sep 20th 2013
OK, I'll look into it.
12:44:18 PM Oct 11th 2013
Yeah, this isn't a trope, even YMMV. It's trivia.
06:29:16 AM Aug 2nd 2013
Fan Yay is now LGBT Fanbase per TRS.
08:30:37 PM Feb 13th 2013
"Tony the Tiger?"
01:14:54 AM Oct 19th 2010
Is it just me or were most of the examples added by heterosexuals with a clicheed view of gays? Everything on this page seems to imply that only big, muskly, hairy men or those in leather fetish wear could induce Fan Yay. Esp. bad in the Gargoyles example because I know lots of gays that lurve for lex but not a single one that likes goliath or broadway, but also the RL section seemed really weird.
01:59:28 AM Oct 19th 2010
Oh, trust me, I am quite gay. The editor JK Roo is quite gay. There are gay editors here, don't worry.
01:02:17 PM Oct 19th 2010
edited by Gilgameshkun
You know, if you have additional information, you can add it. The page can be inclusive. That's good trope-page editing anyway. Now me, and most of the gay editors I know of who edit this page, are less into Yaoi/Bishōnen/The Twink appeal and more into Bara Genre/Straight Gay/Hard Gay/Leather Man appeal. There might be a lot of gay guys who like Lexington, but in my own experience, I just don't know any—all the guys I know, if they're into any Gargoyles characters, are into Goliath or Brooklyn or Broadway or sometimes Hudson—the big brawny guys, the muscle-daddies, etc. And lesbian Fan Yay...other than Xena, I really know next to nothing about it.
02:35:51 PM Aug 30th 2010
Could anyone help me neaten the Real Life section? I covered a lot of details, but it's a bit cluttered, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about neatening it. I declined to make more indented bullet lists because I was afraid it would be even more cluttered. My writing paragraph structure sucks sometimes.
01:25:30 PM Jul 18th 2010
  • Star Trek TOS unfortunately but predictably reacted to dispel this fanbase. It's in the third season, after Word of Gay had started floating about, that Kirk starts actually earning that reputation of being a heterosexual playboy.

I'd argue with this. The first Slash Fic wasn't published until 1974, it's doubtful that the creators would have known about it when the series was still being produced. (And the movies don't exactly go the "heterosexual playboy" route.)
02:51:46 PM Mar 23rd 2010
Now, what is this trope actually about? I don't see how this is in any way different to plain Ho Yay.
02:11:37 PM Mar 24th 2010
Something that isn't targeted to the GLBT community becomes beloved by the GLBT community.
08:12:36 PM Jun 9th 2010
edited by BigT
Thanks. I tried to clean up the opening paragraph to make that more clear. Estrogen Brigade already appeared further down, so I didn't have to worry about it. But I couldn't save the link to Stupid Sexy Flanders. If someone can fit it back in where it makes sense, that'd be cool.

Also, I used LGBT community, since that's the way I've always heard it.

Finally, I liked your description so much that I copied it to the Laconic version of this trope. It can probably get shorter, but it's a good start.
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