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I'm just this guy, you know. I'm pretty relaxed. I like occasionally writing reviews. I lurked here for about 2 years before I actually posted or contributed anything,natch.

Video games I like are mostly platformers and RPG's, as well as the occasional fighting game. I like Fantasy and Science Fiction in terms of books and TV. I have very little to say, but I like to think i'm a nice person. I enjoy works that exercise Mind Screw. I like music that is good and also indulge in quite a lot of Video Game Music.

With films and anime I'm not that specific, as long as it is good.

I live in Britain, In a town called Basingstoke. The place appears to be made entirely out of roundabouts. And that's no good. As you can imagine there are problems when it snows in Winter.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a hyper evolved penguin capable of speech. .

Anyway, welcome to my page! Want a canape?

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     For people who wish to comment on me, Electric Nova. Or in other words, the place to vandalise 
  • I suppose this is where people vandalize. Glad I'm the first one. Cheers! - Quag15

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