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10:15:18 PM Jan 27th 2014
Does the copyright notice on the page image violate the Wiki's image-copyright policy?
02:22:25 AM Nov 26th 2012
Took this example off the main page, since it seemed to be complaining about endings you don't like:

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has one for its second season finale, in which a simple concept like a wedding suddenly becomes a massive invasion of monstrous creatures that are so powerful, not even the Princess and the heroes can defeat them. So how do they get beaten? Oh. Two brand-spanking new characters with traits eerily similar to a Mary Sue use The Power of Love to make a barrier knocking the monsters into next Sunday. Then for the next six minutes, the wedding proceeds like nothing happened.

Does anyone disagree with the removal?
03:13:58 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Anybody think we should add a "Subjective Trope" banner to this and shift it to the YMMV tab? And also to clean up the examples? Currently the page is being used as a place to vent about movie/game/book endings people don't like (case in point: the highly debated ending to No Country for Old Men isn't universally accepted as an anticlimax).
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