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01:11:33 PM Jul 5th 2014
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Examples Are Not Arguable. This example is debating whether it even applies and is natter. The spoiler tags also don't help readability. It needs to either be applicable and rewritten or removed.

  • Bleach
    • 1st Espada Coyote Starrk has seemed quite powerful, devastating his two Vizard opponents with his Cero and energy wolf attacks... until Kyoraku, who he previously blasted in the back, gets up and whips him like a chump in the space of one chapter, adding insult to injury by not even using Bankai.
      • In all fairness this was mostly because Kyoraku already got a fatal wound in completely by surprise at the end of the chapter previous to that one, so in addition to being forced to play by Kyoraku's rules, he also had that extremely detrimental chest wound slowing him down.
10:15:18 PM Jan 27th 2014
Does the copyright notice on the page image violate the Wiki's image-copyright policy?
02:22:25 AM Nov 26th 2012
Took this example off the main page, since it seemed to be complaining about endings you don't like:

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has one for its second season finale, in which a simple concept like a wedding suddenly becomes a massive invasion of monstrous creatures that are so powerful, not even the Princess and the heroes can defeat them. So how do they get beaten? Oh. Two brand-spanking new characters with traits eerily similar to a Mary Sue use The Power of Love to make a barrier knocking the monsters into next Sunday. Then for the next six minutes, the wedding proceeds like nothing happened.

Does anyone disagree with the removal?
03:13:58 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Anybody think we should add a "Subjective Trope" banner to this and shift it to the YMMV tab? And also to clean up the examples? Currently the page is being used as a place to vent about movie/game/book endings people don't like (case in point: the highly debated ending to No Country for Old Men isn't universally accepted as an anticlimax).
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