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10:38:02 PM Mar 29th 2014
Star Wars is a Fountain of Memes. Should it have its own memes page?
08:46:14 AM Jul 18th 2014
Of course.
06:17:55 PM Nov 16th 2013
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No page for Episode 7?
01:31:06 AM Nov 17th 2013
We can certainly make it when we know more about it.
09:46:11 AM Dec 12th 2012
Notes on cleaned entries:

07:06:26 PM Oct 30th 2012
Well, looks like this article is going to need updated soon as Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars and they intend on making a 7th movie.
02:58:24 AM Nov 7th 2012
Leia as a Disney Princess. Considerably more 'shoot in the face' than most of them have had in the past...
07:00:31 PM Sep 18th 2012
There is a thread here about reorganizing these pages. Join the discussion, if you have something to say.
12:26:50 PM Jun 11th 2012
I pulled the Generational Saga entry below, because I don't think it fits. This isn't a story about an immigrant family assimilating into society. It's about how the sons/daughters redeem the sins of their parents. Also, Leia was referring to her adoptive mother in VI, not Padmé.

  • Generational Saga: In Revenge of the Sith, Amidala states that this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause. In A New Hope her daughter, Princess Leia, is acting as a spy for the Alliance to Restore the Republic (commonly known as the Rebel Alliance, and, informally, as the Rebellion) and in Return of the Jedi Leia tells Luke that she remembers her mother being very beautiful and kind but sad.

11:58:28 AM Jun 25th 2012
"Often it follows the pattern" of an immigrant family assimilating into society. It sounds to me as if it's about how the younger generation, as an adult, has to bridge the generation gap.

It wasn't Amidala's sins but her generation's sins that Leia was fighting. Leia was refering to her real mother because Luke wanted to know about the mother that they shared.
08:47:34 AM Jul 4th 2012
At the time, Leia doesn't know that her adoptive mother was not her real one. It's also impossible for Leia to have memories of Padmé given that she died in childbirth. This is a straightforward epic, there is no reference to generations except that Luke and Leia are Vader's children.
04:15:12 PM Dec 30th 2012
I removed an incomprehensible and probably inaccurate example:

02:24:48 PM Oct 2nd 2011
Is Anakin's midichlorian count Up to Eleven or Over Nine Thousand?
04:06:14 PM Oct 2nd 2011
Over Nine Thousand. The main title (Readings Are Off the Scale) is even stated word-for-word (or nearly) in the movie.
11:07:42 PM Mar 24th 2011
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The link on Unpleasable Fanbase is dead.
08:34:34 AM Feb 23rd 2011
I created a High Octane Nightmare Fuel section. There's only a few examples yet, but the Nightmare Fuel page isn't very long either. I'm inclined to think most of the scary moments in the Star Wars series were on some level deliberate, and I would think even the current Nightmare Fuel examples might be better served being shifted to High Octane Nightmare Fuel.
07:52:21 AM Aug 26th 2010, stop adding irrelevant crap and shoehorning in tropes that don't belong.
06:26:06 PM Nov 3rd 2010
edited by SirChazbot
nevermind, I see there box in the Unfortunate Implications page. Seriously though dude you don't have to yell
11:41:24 AM Aug 7th 2010
Looks like a chunk of the text has been deleted. What's going on here?
10:17:10 AM Aug 16th 2010
It looks like we got a wikipedia copy-paste vandal, someone just eliminated a large chunk of text and replaced it with stuff from the other wiki's Deadliest Warrior page. They did it in chunks, so it was somewhat hard to locate the original text but I think I put it back in its proper order.
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