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"The prequel's story existed in some form or another from the beginning of the saga, as the first film released in 1977 featured the subtitle, Episode 4."

This is entirely incorrect. "Episode 4: A New Hope" was added only several years after "Star Wars" came out, in 1977, when Lucas had the money to pursue sequels and prequels. I remember; I saw it in the theater in 1977.

KJMackley: I believe it was added on the first re-release to theaters later in the year, it was a common practice before home videos. Executive Meddling kept it from being there in the first place. I was going to explain all of that, but the point of the line was that George Lucas intended from the start to place the story in the middle of the saga. Unless it was a blatant and mis-leading line, I just simplified it to get the point across.

Later: I looked up on Wookiepedia and found the exact times, the subtitle was added the year after Empire Strikes Back, so the audiences might have been scratching their head at the "Episode V" on the screen. But Lucas did always want it to be episode IV.

priopraxis: shouldn't this page have Too Dumb To Live (for Palpatine's actions in Jedi) and Self-fulfilling Prophecy (the dream in Revenge of the Sith) ?

Some Guy: Attention Star Wars fans. This page has been recommended for a split into either the six movies individually or the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. It's a project that's Up for Grabs to the first Star Wars fan that wants it. This poll indicates current community opinion. If you've ever wanted to Entry Pimp harder than just plugging examples this is your chance.

KJMackley: Took a Level in Badass is not about a character suddenly showing themselves as a badass, it is Character Development or Artifact Upgrade. Yoda was always badass, he just only got to first show it in Episode II. It also didn't help that the example went into Your Mileage May Vary, which is about subjective tropes, not objective examples.