Tropers / Unknownlight

Hello, I'm Unknownlight, or "UL". I've been a reader of this site since around early 2008. I don't edit much (at least when compared to the amount of time I spend on this site); most of my "contributions" consist of fixing wiki markup, formatting, or spelling/grammar. I primarily just go on Wiki Walks when I have the time.

You can find me much more often in the forums. Again, I'm not that consistent of a poster, but I certainly post more than I edit.

I am an awful Serial Tweaker, both in the wiki and in forum posts. Yes, I know we have a preview button (and I use it all the time—otherwise there'd be a lot more pointless edits of mine than there are), the problem is that I often think of a better way to word something two or three minutes after posting, and I'm not content to just leave it be.

Despite what my avatar implies, I'm not a particularly big fan of Tails. Why do I use this avatar then? Well...It's a Long Story. I still keep it to this day mainly because I'm known by this avatar across a bunch of sites now, and because the bright yellow helps me find my own posts when I'm scrolling through massive threads.

And... that's all!