Tropers: Unknownlight

Hello, I'm Unknownlight, or "UL". I've been a reader of this site since around early 2008. I don't edit much (at least when compared to the amount of time I spend on this site); most of my "contributions" consist of fixing spelling/grammar or wiki markup. I mostly just like going on Wiki Walks when I have the time.

You can find me much more often in the forums. Again, I'm not that consistent of a poster, but I certainly post more than I edit.

I am an awful Serial Tweaker, both in the wiki and in forum posts. Yes, I know we have a preview button (and I use it all the time—otherwise there'd be a lot more pointless edits of mine than there are), the problem is that I often think of a better way to word something two or three minutes after posting, and I'm not content to just leave it be.

I have the very unpopular opinion that trope pages shouldn't have examples at all, just a description (work pages should stay as they are, of course). However, I am entirely aware this will never happen. For that matter, it also should never happen, as it'd almost certainly dramatically decrease TV Tropes's popularity, which is always bad when popularity equals ad money.

Despite what my avatar implies, I'm not a particularly big fan of Tails. Why do I use this avatar then? Well...It's a Long Story. I still keep it to this day mainly because I'm known by this avatar across a bunch of sites now, and because the bright yellow helps me find my own posts when I'm scrolling through massive threads.

And finally, I hope that not writing this page in the third-person didn't bother you too much. ;)