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04:47:14 PM May 21st 2015
Would anyone be opposed if I added fighters' artwork from previous games as notes?
05:49:53 AM Apr 17th 2015
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Apparently we could have two new fighters on the way, since files for both Roy (the one from Fire Emblem, not a de-alted Roy Koopa :p), a veteran, and Ryu, the main character of Street Fighter, a newcomer; both of which have files added in the latest patch; a victory theme for Roy (makes sense, since Fire Emblem already has a stage in both versions) and both a victory theme and a possible stage theme for Ryu.

So should we add to the appropriate pages or wait for an official confirmation before doing anything?
06:14:31 AM Apr 17th 2015
Wait for confirmation. But fascinating. Genuinely fascinating.
12:00:17 PM Oct 6th 2014
I still don't get why Fox, Falco, Sheik, and Meta Knight have to be classified as Lightning Bruiser. Their playstyles revolve around rushing the opponent with tons of weak strikes instead of the strong strikes of Bowser and Falcon.

Also, are we really supposed to not reference the competitive scene at all?
10:18:17 AM Sep 22nd 2014
I noticed that in Marth's folder his taunt was translated into "Everyone, look at me!" However, I've also heard some say that the original Japanese could be translated into several different ways and that a more fitting translation would probably be "Everyone, watch over me!"

Any thoughts on this?
10:36:05 AM Sep 22nd 2014
Everywhere I've seen they have translated as the Attention Whore version. I don't know Japanese, so I can't say if that other interpretation is true, but it would make sense if it is.
01:14:39 PM Sep 22nd 2014
My Japanese is a bit rusty but I've always thought he was saying "Everyone, watch over me!" as well. I suppose it would make his words more in-character than the Attention Whore version.
10:25:49 PM Sep 7th 2014
Can someone add a page titled "Super Smash Bros. Poké Ball Pokémon" or something like that? I don't know how to make it so the accents appear over the e's on the page title.
01:38:38 AM Sep 8th 2014
Adding accents is what you use a Custom Title for.
08:22:27 AM Sep 8th 2014
Okay, I made the page, and requested the Custom Title.
02:30:10 PM Jul 23rd 2014
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Ahhhh Guyss I thinks confirmed somethings about Nana and Popo, they are not sibling by this development blogs from 2001 of Sakurai, —here is. I don't this true o not, but this give another new glance about Ice Climbings
02:40:43 PM Jul 23rd 2014
That's becoming Nana and Popo literally Childhood Friends, Like Brother and Sister and/or Platonic Life Partners ???
04:47:29 PM Dec 23rd 2013
Should we organize these pages' in alphabetical order? From the looks of it, all of them save for 4's are just thrown in at random. It makes navigating them more confusing than what it should be.

You could argue to put them in order of reveal, but that would make no sense to anyone unfamiliar with that order, which would be just about everyone in the long run.
05:11:07 PM Dec 23rd 2013
I'd prefer the order they show up from left to right on the website. Especially for 4. It makes more sense that way. Order of Reveal is very logical as well.

When I mean left to right(for Hidden characters, same). It'd be, like in the first game, Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu(then Hidden), Luigi, Falcon, Ness, Jigglypuff.

Melee can work the same, and so does Brawl. For 4, we could wait for now, and just go with order of Reveal. Even if we do alphabetical, Hidden characters should go after regardless, imo.
05:25:52 PM Dec 23rd 2013
edited by
The thing is that the left-to-right order would only be clear for the original game; in the following games you'd have to skip a lot of characters that are already featured in other pages, which at first glance would just look random.

And like I said, putting them in order of reveal only makes sense to only those familiar with that order and only while the game is in development. It's kind of like the problem that Examples Are Not Recent covers; these pages are meant to stay here long after the game is released, and anyone in the future that looks at a page that was organized by order of reveal will just see characters thrown in at random.

And I agree with keeping hidden characters separated from the others if the order is changed.
06:09:39 PM Dec 23rd 2013
It's just as easy in Melee/Brawl. Just takes some research. Does anybody even remember the reveal of Brawl's characters? If not, it doesn't help.

Reveal is a good to do it for 4 until the actual roster picture is released.

But I see what you're getting at too. Yeah, Alphabetical Normals, than Alphabetical Unlockables. I'm for that.

For 4, why don't we wait and just show it in order of reveal for now. It's so we don't have to move anything right away and can just add to the end of it temporarily. Or leave a commented out note that "Please add any new entries in Alphabetical order". Either way.
12:13:56 PM Jan 17th 2014
I like it how it is, left to right then secret characters, or in the case of not yet released games, order of reveal seems fine for now and then, maybe, left to right again after release. The problem with alphabetical order is that they are not organized that way in the games themselves.
08:26:12 AM Sep 27th 2011
edited by AMNK
The page will be big enough soon. Should this page be splitted in three other pages? Such as Characters/SuperSmashBros64 (with the characters which debuted in that game) Characters/SuperSmashBrosMelee (same) and Characters/SuperSmashBrosBrawl (same)
03:10:54 PM Dec 21st 2011
It already has.
03:18:25 PM Aug 12th 2014
Would it be worthwhile/prudent to make a character page for the available Assist Trophies, too? They're limited in number and unique enough.
07:51:06 AM Aug 16th 2011
I see people throwing the words "Lightning Bruiser" around everywhere. The definition for "Lightning Bruiser" states that the character must have high offense, defense, and speed. And since weight in this game equates to defense, Fox, Sheik, and Meta Knight should not have that classification, since they all are low on the weight chart.
03:14:18 PM Dec 21st 2011
Defense refers to how well one can handle an opponent's attacks. A smash attack being able to send opponents flying at earlier percentages does reduce overall defense does not make it poor. Take Fox's Reflector, for example.
03:40:40 AM Jul 14th 2011
On R.O.B.'s Description, it says that he was the 'Metafictional' saviour of the NES and possibly the great video game crash of 1983. How? Didn't R.O.B. flop because he wasn't a good peripheral or something?
08:24:23 AM Jul 14th 2011
Not exactly. R.O.B. might've been a crap peripheral, but from what I've read the sheer "HOLY CRAP IT COMES WITH A ROBOT!" effect legitimately drove up sales when the NES was first released.
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