[[caption-width-right:350: This isn't even ''[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters the starting roster]]'' for ''[[UpToEleven either version of the fourth game]]''.]]

''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' is a series of MascotFighter {{video game}}s featuring Creator/{{Nintendo}} characters, [[GuestFighter with several exceptions]]. Nintendo is a big company, so these games naturally have LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. Most of these will be very familiar to fans of the franchises they come from, so see their own pages and {{character sheets}} for specific details.
Due to the size, this page has been split in. There are pages for the playable characters as well as for bosses, assists and other prominent {{NPC}}s who debuted in these games:
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBros64''[[note]] Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, Jigglypuff[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosMelee''[[note]]Peach, Bowser, Zelda, Sheik, Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Falco, Marth, Young Link, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Roy, Mr. Game & Watch[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosBrawl''[[note]]Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Wario, Ike, Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard), Charizard (separate entry), Diddy Kong, Lucas, King Dedede, Pikmin & Olimar, Lucario, R.O.B., Toon Link, Wolf, Solid Snake, Sonic[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DSWiiU''[[note]]Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina & Luma, Little Mac, Greninja, Palutena, Robin, Shulk, Lucina, Dark Pit, Bowser Jr., Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Mii Fighters[[/note]]
** ''[[Characters/SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DSWiiUDownloadableContentCharacters For Nintendo 3DS and Wii U DLC Characters]]''[[note]]Corrin, Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosPokeBallPokemon''[[note]]Abomasnow, Arceus, Articuno, Beedrill, Bellossom, Blastoise, Bonsly, Celebi, Chansey, Charizard, Chespin, Chikorita, Clefairy, Cyndaquil, Darkrai, Dedenne, Deoxys, Eevee, Electrode, Entei, Fennekin, Fletchling, Gardevoir, Genesect, Giratina, Gogoat, Goldeen, Groudon, Hitmonlee, Ho-Oh, Inkay, Jirachi, Keldeo, Koffing, Kyogre, Kyurem, Latias and Latios, Lugia, Manaphy, Marill, Meowth, Metagross, Mew, Moltres, Munchlax, Onix, Oshawott, Palkia, Piplup, [=Porygon2=], Raikou, Scizor, Snivy, Snorlax, Spewpa, Starmie, Staryu, Suicune, Togepi, Torchic, Unown, Venusaur Victini, Weavile, Weezing, Wobbuffet, Xerneas, Zapdos, Zoroark[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosAssistTrophies''[[note]]Andross, Ashley, Barbara the Bat, Chain Chomp, Color TV-Game 15, Devil, Dillon, Dr. Kawashima, Dr. Wright, Elec Man, Excitebikes, Ghirahim, Gray Fox, Hammer Bro, Helirin, Infantry and Tanks, Isaac, Jeff, Jill, Kat & Ana, Knuckle Joe, Lakitu and Spinies, Little Mac, Lyn, Magnus, Metroid, Midna, Mother Brain, Mr. Resetti, Nightmare, Nintendog, Phosphora, Ray MK III, Riki, Sablé Prince, Saki Amamiya, Samurai Goroh, Shadow the Hedgehog, Skull Kid, Starfy, Starman, Takamaru, Tingle, Waluigi[[/note]]
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosEnemies''
* ''Characters/SuperSmashBrosOthers''[[note]]Giant Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, Master Hand, Sandbag, Crazy Hand, Giga Bowser, Petey Piranha, Rayquaza, Porky Minch, Ridley/Meta Ridley, Galleom, Duon, Tabuu, Yellow Devil, Koume and Kotake, Viridi, Flying Man, 5-Volt, Metal Face, Master Core, Fighting Polygons/Wire Frames/Alloys, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad, Krystal, Leon, and Panther, Otacon, Mei Ling, and Colonel Campbell, Tom Nook and Family, Mega Man's allies, Chrom, Dunban, Doc Louis, The Announcer[[/note]]