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10:50:28 PM Jan 9th 2018
edited by AnoBakaDesu
I think there should be a crowner for character image picking. Rebel Falcon is currently replacing old images with obnoxiously large ones. The 300x325 with a black frame was a perfect standard, I don't know why no one is objecting against this. In fact, 300x325 is THE standard on even larger character pages like Star Wars.

If you're gonna change images, do it with consistency.
04:01:40 AM Jan 12th 2018
I was the one that changed Oscar's image, not Rebel.

I posted a discussion on whether I could change it on the page, but since nobody answered for a long time, I thought there'd be no problem.

I don't particularly mind the standard, if that's the thing I can edit the new images to the standard, if no one minds, it's just that Oscar's image was too dark and I thought one with better lighting would be better. I also liked Qrow's new image, if sizing is the problem, then that can be easily fixed
03:40:55 PM Oct 19th 2017
Revamping the structure of the RWBY Character pages due to the Monsters and Enemies page getting too unwieldy. This has been discussed and hashed out on the RWBY Forum, please see from this post onwards. Please note that any new tropes added to the old Character pages on the 19th October 2017 may not have been captured. Please check, and readd if I've missed it.
09:16:08 AM Jul 15th 2016
Should the Grimm Eclipse villain be on here, or on a Grimm Eclipse subpage?
01:50:54 PM Jul 10th 2016
edited by Taxima
Are we able to post Rwby Chibi related tropes in the character index, or should that be exclusive to the main chibi page? I ask because I was going to add Does Not Like Spam to Ruby's page regarding her reaction to dill pickles.
02:21:52 PM Jul 10th 2016
1.) Probably move it to its own page since the show's not canon. 2.) That's misuse of Does Not Like Spam (apparently).
03:13:54 AM Jun 23rd 2016
Why are we bothering to put Japanese voice actors in the profiles? The show was written in English, and the only reason we include non-English voice credits on other shows is because those are from their domestic dub. But RWBY's original dubbing is in English, so there's no point in crediting other language V As. Unless someone plans to include every other language credit for EVERY cartoon that's gotten a dub outside of its home country.
12:22:16 PM Jun 23rd 2016
Actually, including "foreign" dub actor credits on Character pages is very common on this site, especially for Anime (in which case the "foreign" dub would be the English dub).

I really see no reason why the Japanese VA's should not be credited.
02:56:43 PM Jun 23rd 2016
Yeah, we even include OTHER languages other than english and japanese even!
08:00:14 PM Jun 23rd 2016
edited by ForTaxPurposes
That's my point, though. We only include other voice credits on anime because those were the initial voices. RWBY's initial voices were the English ones, therefore there's no point in including the Japanese ones. And again, if we're including EVERY voice for THESE characters, why aren't shows like MLP or Avatar or The Simpsons (popular shows that have all gotten Japanese dubs) also getting credits for voices outside the US like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are for theirs?
10:57:31 PM Jun 23rd 2016
There's nothing stopping anyone from adding foreign voice credits for MLP, Avatar, or any US-produced show. It's just that no one has gotten around to doing it. That most of this wiki's users are English speakers probably has a lot to do with that.

There is no reason to remove the Japanese VA's from these entries if people want to add them. Your only reason seems to be "Other pages don't do this." I just can't see that as a legitimate reason for removing them. There is no site policy that states they can't be included. And other tropers evidently care about them enough to have added them to begin with. I've seen no one else saying that they should be removed.
04:13:44 AM Jun 24th 2016
Yeah, they're fine to keep. In fact, the flip side of the argument is "why bother to remove them? They don't hurt anything." As far as I can see, there's no point to removing foreign VA credits since AFAIK they are not against wiki policy, and that's what matters.
02:41:44 PM Jun 26th 2016
Given Taxes' silence and the opinions of the other tropers, I'm prepared to assume consensus on the matter has been established. No objections to re-adding the Japanese VA's?
10:18:22 PM Jun 28th 2016
Do it.
11:11:28 AM Jan 20th 2016
Why does everyone think that Ozpin's "team" doesn't have any color motifs? The original Wonderful Wizard of Oz had color themed characters, Oz was emerald, Glinda and indogish purple, Tin Man silver, The lion gold, The witch darke pukish green, the strawman brown, dorothy blue, the crushed witch ruby red, and so on why do people keep commenting on this without even looking it up?
12:25:27 PM Oct 30th 2015
With all the new minor teams, it might be a good idea to add sub pages for Haven and Shade
01:44:25 AM Nov 1st 2015
Maybe an all-encompassing "Other Academies" label, rather than sub-pages for each school?
08:45:01 PM Nov 3rd 2015
Yeah, that makes sense
09:52:31 AM Jan 9th 2015
On account of active assistance in combat (and in the former's case is part of the same household), should Zwei and Raven be moved from "Other" to "Friends and Allies"?
12:07:29 AM Jul 31st 2014
I have a question about the alliterative naming. Should it really be there if it's not actually alliterative? I mean, I don't want to erase it, just in case I'm wrong, but for Blake and Glynda, it doesn't sound alliterative. Bl and Be have two different sounds and the same can be said for Gl and Go. I'm just trying to clear up my own confusion on alliteration.
01:27:29 AM Jul 31st 2014
No, it should not be there. Alliteration is not just a shared letter.
03:22:47 AM Jun 7th 2014
Can I sort tropes relating to the character's skills/abilities and tropes relating to their design and personality into different AC folders?
07:10:02 AM Apr 24th 2014
Hello! For all those who are affected by the check out of the RWBY character page, I'm sincerely sorry about that. I really don't know what happened. I was just doing a quick edit and when I saved it the page refused to load. I refreshed my browser then it suddenly said that the page was checked out by me. Again, sorry about this and I hope this won't cause too much problems for you all.
06:08:33 PM Feb 22nd 2014
For the sake of uniformity, should we have the pictures for Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang be just screenshots like everyone else, and put their concept art underneath in a spoiler/note thingy?
10:22:51 PM Feb 21st 2014
Would it be a stretch to consider Penny as inspired by Pinocchio, going along with the fairy tale theme. So would that be Theme Naming? Or...
08:09:44 AM Jan 10th 2014
edited by
Professor Oobleck has been given the follow trope, with the following explanation:

  • Fashionable Asymmetry: While his shirt's symmetrically tailored, he only has it tucked into his trousers' waistband on one side, his shoes are also mismatched. Combined with his hair, popped-up collar and loose tie, it can be assumed that he's too busy rushing around to worry about his appearance.


According to the trope's description, Fashionable Asymmetry is about something that is deliberately so, either because it's cool or because there's some purpose for the asymmetry (such as cybernetic enhancements targeting certain parts of the body).

The example here acknowledges that Oobleck's appearance is about being untidy, which should be a different trope. I'm not exactly what trope that might be, but there's a difference between dishevelled characters and characters that fall under Fashionable Asymmetry. He looks like one of the Absent-Minded Professor stereotypes, except he's far too sharp and focused.
08:26:26 AM Jan 10th 2014
edited by
I can't find anything in the description of Fashionable Asymmetry which supports the idea that it has to be an In-Universe conscious choice by the character themselves (although given it's a character/costume design trope, it'll always be a choice on the part of the character designer(s)...).

Besides, if he's too busy rushing around to dress himself properly, isn't that as much a practical reason for it as needing to wear asymmetrical gear or only having a prosthetic on one side (and not worrying about your appearance is technically still an aesthetic choice)? Tropes Are Flexible, and there's a reason his outfit's asymmetrical.

Perhaps there's a case for rejigging the trope's description, but as it stands there's no reason Oobleck doesn't count. The best thing to do (in my humble opinion, of course) is to put the example back and (if you think FA needs more work on the description) take the trope to TRS.
06:25:47 PM Jan 10th 2014
I do think we have to have a trope called "Messy Clothes" or something...
03:51:51 AM Jan 11th 2014
edited by
There might be a case for rejigging the trope's description, or perhaps the trope is also badly named if it's supposed to include people who are just untidy/messy. At the moment, it doesn't feel like a trope that should apply to someone that's just messy - that seems like the opposite of what the trope is trying to be.

I notice that the Messy Hair trope basically fits, except for the problem of it being hair-focused, and Oobleck's hair wouldn't fit that trope even if the message his general appearance sends out does fit.

Perhaps there's something in between these two tropes that we're missing?
06:57:43 AM Jan 11th 2014
edited by
Well, as I said; my thinking is that "fashionable" can be taken broadly (it can refer to a lack of fashion sense or lack of interest in being fashionable - what matters is that the asymmetry is related to fashion). Shaving your head or choosing to have a bald spot are both still fashion related choices that are limited by one's circumstances, for example.

Speaking of which, it looks like we could use a "Dishevelled appearance means busy/odd" supertrope either way (that's basically what I was going for when I first added the FA example), so I'll take that to YKTTW later this afternoon (after making sure there isn't already a YKTTW like that).

EDIT: Voilą.
02:22:12 PM Feb 9th 2014
That sounds much better. I do think there was a gap that needed to be filled and Oobleck fell into that gap.
02:33:27 PM Feb 9th 2014
This has got to be the most effort I've ever put into something that was pulled to discussion. XD
05:27:30 PM Dec 11th 2013
How is Yang's boobs bouncing not Gainaxing?
07:12:08 PM Dec 11th 2013
It is. Gainaxing just means jiggling boobs; them jiggling independently isn't part of the definition, just a possibility.

Mind you, I don't really see the point of an entry on it (honestly "jiggling boobs" doesn't seem like a trope to me unless taken to extremes), but you're definitely right about the trope as-is.
07:17:43 PM Dec 11th 2013
"The act of drawing a female character with unusually large and buoyant breasts and without a bra, then animating every individual jiggle, sway, bounce and bobble they undergo. Also known as Gainax Bounce or the Gainax Bounce Effect. "

Seems like an example to me. Now, I think the example could stand to be re-written to not focus on one specific example (just something like, "As the resident Ms. Fanservice, her breasts jiggle pretty much any time she does anything mildly strenuous"), but that's just personal preference. The example is fine as is.
02:24:10 AM Dec 12th 2013
Because someone says that "Gainaxing is when the boobs are jiggling separately in different directions". Now that's a weird limitation.

Okay, adding it.
03:41:32 PM Nov 8th 2013
On the Trademark Favorite Food entry for Blake, is there any reason to actually assume Ruby wasn't just being... well Ruby when she said that Blake really liked tuna? It seems more like an attempt to shoehorn more catgirl tropes onto a character that, so far, only fits because she has ears and can see in the dark.
08:29:41 PM Nov 9th 2013
I'd say we leave it until given proof otherwise. I agree it could just be Ruby being Ruby, but it might not. As of right now, we have nothing proving otherwise so we might as well keep it.
01:33:22 AM Nov 15th 2013
I changed it to Animal Stereotypes since Trademark Favorite Food is pretty about being trapped into eating a set kind of food.
08:16:56 AM Nov 8th 2013
Monty said that all of Team JNPR consists of gender flips of their story inspirations. Jaune is obviously Joan of Arc, but who are the others?
08:25:18 AM Nov 8th 2013
edited by
Pyrrha's clearly Greek... an idealized hero... I dunno, Achilles? Heracles?

Presuming Ren's an Asian story, I can't think of any female heroines offhand. ... Mulan? That doesn't make any sense.

Nora's obviously Norse. All I can think of is Thor, as she's a Boisterous Bruiser with a hammer.

EDIT: According to the page, Ren is apparently Mulan. Huh.

Double EDIT: According to Wiki, Pyrrha was possibly a name used by Achilles when he was in hiding at one point. So yeah, she's probably Achilles.
10:37:04 PM Oct 10th 2013
Is there a trope for when someone is doing a light-hearted glide? Nora does this in Episode 13. I want to call it something like Love Hover. It's common enough that it should be a trope, I just must not know what it's called.
10:59:14 PM Oct 10th 2013
edited by
It's like those moments on cartoons when characters are drawn to the smell of food and hover toward it, only it can sometimes be more of a Stalker Glide when dealing with people.
12:00:08 PM Oct 4th 2013
Is there a good trope to use for Oobleck's disheveled clothes and mix-matched shoes?
07:01:33 PM Oct 4th 2013
edited by
I was wondering that too. I think it's Just Woke Up That Way... scratch that, no. Maybe Unkempt Beauty.
10:20:09 PM Oct 4th 2013
11:00:16 PM Oct 4th 2013
Good one.
01:41:29 PM Oct 5th 2013
He's not an Absent-Minded Professor. He was very sharp, very focused, very aware. He had no trouble remembering peoples names, his subject of choice makes him look very good at keeping track of details, and he made it clear he had noticed Cardin and Jaune's behaviour all along and had been monitoring their progress in his class for weeks. He wasn't at all absent-minded. What he is, is a dishevelled, hyperactive caffeine-nut. I'm not sure what trope that would be, but it's not Absent-Minded Professor.
01:27:06 PM Sep 22nd 2013
edited by
On Ozpin's Cool Old Guy entry. Is he really an example? Aside from having grey hair and being awesomely mysterious, he doesn't fit the trope at all (Peter Port on the other hand...). The example written doesn't even seem to acknowledge the trope (it's using the Good Cop/Bad Cop example).

Do we know Ozpin's age? Given that his hair is a nod to Monty Oum's (dyed) hairstyle, is it definitely grey through aging? I know the guy's pretty cool, but as far as I can tell the trope's only been given to him because his hair is grey. His age seems awfully vague though. Even with Port's comment about following him for years, I can't tell if he's as young as 40 or as old as 60.
07:56:06 PM Sep 22nd 2013
Well, his age is ambiguous (and we all know that eye and hair color conventions are out the window, if not as bad as some anime), but he's definitely not young. We should probably keep it for now.
08:31:44 PM Sep 22nd 2013
Even if he's not OLD, considering that the main cast is almost entirely teenagers, he's still an old guy to them. Even if he's 40, he's an "old guy" to a group of teens.

Remember, Cool Old Guy is about relative age. If a guy is 101 and the rest of the cast is 100, he's not a Cool Old Guy. But if a guy is 30 and the rest of the cast is 12, he'd count.
03:29:54 PM Sep 23rd 2013
@Larkman. That's fair enough. I was having trouble understanding the trope's description, but a relative age factor makes sense to me.

I'd suggest improving the example though. At the moment it's just the Good Cop/Bad Cop example reused which wouldn't be the Cool Old Guy trope if he was just playing a Good Cop role for a set outcome. Given his personal congratulations to Jaune and his mentoring of Ruby in Episode 10, I think there are plenty of examples that could be used that fit better.
04:05:28 AM Sep 17th 2013
On Ruby's Leeroy Jenkins entry, I took Ruby and Weiss's conversation as Weiss thinking Ruby's Leeroy Jenkin tendencies were her showing off, which Ruby later denies, saying 'I'm not trying to show off, I want you to know I can do this', as in, she's trying to prove to Weiss she's capable of being useful in battle.

I do agree with the latter part about her being capable of holding back, though.
05:20:26 AM Sep 17th 2013
As it was originally written, the entry made it sound like Ruby wasn't a Leeroy at all. Yeah, she's not a traditional Leeroy, but she definitely does tend to do things without really thinking or planning (see also: thugs in the Dust store, jumping off the Nevermore). Basically a downplayed version of the trope, but she definitely is still pretty Leeroy-ish.
05:21:51 AM Sep 18th 2013
Ah, I agree that she's pretty Leeroy-ish, then. Thanks for clarifying.

Though can I suggest a minor rewording, since showing off ≠ proving herself?
08:59:28 AM Sep 18th 2013
Please, feel free to make any changes you'd like. I think we're pretty much on the same page.
12:22:09 PM Aug 25th 2013
What does everyone else think about having the weapons as characters? I'm still on the fence about it, but putting them under their wielders does seem to make more sense than giving them their own section.
03:46:14 PM Aug 25th 2013
Giving them character entries reminds me of what was done over in Girls und Panzer. The current setup seems to make sense to me.

My question is, do we keep the second team down in the general 'Beacon' area, or given them their own sub-folder?
12:45:45 PM Aug 26th 2013
While I will continue to think of them as characters in their own rights I can't deny that the current setup makes the most sense. Cutting their tropes away from their wielders wouldn't make sense and duplicating them isn't much better, keeping the weapon's tropes separate from the wielder's yet still with them works best.

I think giving the B team their own sub-folder makes sense but leave it until they are actually formed and have some sort of semi official team name. The only one we've seen fighting so far has been Lie Ren and he did better once he dropped his weapons.
03:32:15 PM Sep 7th 2013
Given what Ruby said about the weapons being an extension of the people that wield them, and given what Pyrrha said about Aura, I think giving the weapons character slots is a bit premature. If what Ruby says is true, then the weapons are really insights into the characters themselves rather than characters in their own right (which would make Ruby far better at seeing into the heart of people than she realises because she's so attuned to weapons).
12:21:06 PM Aug 25th 2013
Maybe it's a bit early, but does anyone else think we should consider splitting the page?
03:33:12 PM Sep 7th 2013
I think this page is getting crowded fast. When you open all the folders, there's an awful lot of information on the page. It's definitely going to need splitting at some point. Sooner rather than later, I think.
11:05:02 PM Oct 4th 2013
A second page for the RWBY enemies list?
11:37:43 PM Oct 4th 2013
^ I'll second that
01:37:36 PM Oct 5th 2013
Possibly three pages: one for Teams RWBY and JNPR, one for Beacon Academy and Others, and one for Enemies. If teachers and random pupils keep getting mentioned and Team CRDL keeps getting focus as the rival team, then the Beacon Academy section is going to grow nearly as fast as the two main team sections.
10:47:43 PM Aug 24th 2013
Shouldn't Beowolve and beobear be part of the Creatures of grim category.
10:36:35 PM Aug 23rd 2013
edited by
How is Named Weapon a Zero-Context Example when it's in the weapon's own section? Wouldn't the context be the fact that the trope is in the section of a named weapon? Simiarly if the description says a weapon is a scythe, is it zero context to just write Sinister Scythe without having to regurgitate what the description says?
07:26:41 AM Jan 29th 2014
Yeah, Zero Context Example doesn't really work with some tropes.
07:52:01 AM Jan 29th 2014
Well, for one thing, you can say why the weapon is named in a certain way. Tropes aren't just things that happen in stories, they happen for reasons. Also, "scythe" is not what Sinister Scythe is about.
02:17:50 AM Aug 23rd 2013
Why are the Beowolves and the Creatures of Grimm separated? Didn't Patrick Rodriguez redesign the Beowolves into the form we see today? I mean, plenty has changed from the Red trailer, Ruby's design has even been altered...

There's some evidence on the wiki, granted that it's put up by a user but it looks pretty legit from this end:
11:55:33 PM Aug 22nd 2013
So why are the weapons getting a separate character entry? Shouldn't we list tropes applying to a weapon under the weapons users?
11:57:41 PM Aug 22nd 2013
why not?
02:07:19 AM Aug 24th 2013
I started making the weapons section because it seemed appropriate that the extreme imagination that went into their very unique designs qualified them as being characters in their own rights. I used Ruby's quote - "Its like meeting new people, but better..." - at the start as it summarised this thought quite nicely. I only got as far as gathering most of the tropes together and adding some of the context before I needed to get some sleep. I planned to get back to adding context after work the next day, in the meantime the bare bones would be there for others to flesh out if they wished. Of course the Troping locusts descended immediately so when I got back there was little left to do.

Now that the weapons have been added as separate entries after each character it seems a pretty good compromise, summarised by an earlier part of Ruby's speech - " They're an extension of our selves" -. I'll be more cautious about any big changes on the RWBY pages in the future, but it was fun seeing my initial idea evolving in just a few days (despite a little bickering).
09:26:55 PM Aug 16th 2013
Is Blake's account real? It's the only one Monty hasn't followed, and it's been around for a few weeks.
01:57:28 PM Jul 19th 2013
edited by
Anyone else notice that Crimson's back tattoo is a pair of high heel slippers rendered sole to sole, and that she's wearing glass slippers? Use of exclusively fire magic? wears a party dress? She's Cinderella before midnight
03:00:27 PM Jun 7th 2013
On yangs red eyes bit, check out in the trailer when she punches her fists together (LONG before the berserk button is pressed). her eyes are red already
09:51:28 PM Nov 14th 2012
I don't see how the bottomless magazine trope doesn't apply to Ruby in the trailer. Until she loads a narratively different set of ammunition with clearly different effects (the speed blur, the transition to war scythe), she is never shown to need to reload. Even afterwords, she is never shown to reload her special ammunition.
04:51:24 PM Nov 18th 2012
She still reloads. Obviously, bottomless means never ending. She reloads, ergo, her ammunition is not infinite.
09:31:18 PM Feb 13th 2013
edited by Zeful
I'm sorry it's taken me several months to get back to you on this, it's just your comment was so illogical and misleading that I couldn't immediately respond without commenting on your failure to work logic. So I will start with my rebuttal: No.

There a good strong reason why you are wrong. That being Narrative rules. Ruby does not, at any time during the video reload her weapon. She exchanges one round type for another, it is very clear in how the entire video is structured. There is no sound of her weapon dry-firing. There is no shot of her considering her weapon at any point. There is no shot indicating that her ammunition is not infinite. The point where she switches ammunition, is shown with her looking out at her enemies, dropping the magazine she'd been using up to that point, and loading a new magazine with a special symbol and then continuing without any of the previous ways of showing that her ammunition is limited.

The narrative of the trailer does not show that her ammunition is limited, ergo her ammunition is infinite.
03:35:37 AM Apr 4th 2013
edited by TheRustyBullet
Go back to Ruby's trailer and skip to 2:40, and tell me how you cannot call that reloading. She discards a clip, loads a new one, and pulls back the bolt, which primes it for firing.

Before you call people idiots, be sure to check if you're not making a fool of yourself and becoming the idiot.
08:04:26 AM May 3rd 2013
Because it's not reloading. Yes, all of those things happen in reloading, but given that it's a magazine fed weapon, such is also required for any exotic or non-standard loads used in the gun (like switching to armor piercing rounds).

Like I said, there is no treatment of the weapon or the scene that would make that a reload. She switches from one infinite load to a different infinite load that has different effects, has different markings and is only considered at a certain enemy density. There is no instance of her weapon failing to fire, there is no considering the magazine she's putting in to check ammo count, just her deciding that she wasn't killing them fast enough, and swapping loads. There is no reason to believe that if she had not changed loads, she would have run out of ammo.

So before you decide to call people out on narrative structure, be sure to check you actually know what you're talking about, because you argument is literally based on me not having seen the trailer, despite my entire argument requiring me to have seen the trailer.
11:20:41 AM May 18th 2013
I would argue that since each shot has to be loaded from the magazine by pulling the bolt, it's entirely likely that Ruby could be counting her shots, or at least has some approximation of how many shots she has left. She only considers reloading after she gets knocked some distance away and looks at the crowd of Beowolfs gathering. Changing out a clip at this point would be like getting into a gunfight and having three shots left in the clip, and knowing that you'll need a full magazine and may not have another chance to reload.

Is it an improbably sized magazine? Certainly. Bottomless...I really don't see how you can say it for sure.
10:35:55 PM Aug 23rd 2013
edited by
Whoops, misfire.
01:26:37 PM Sep 22nd 2013
edited by
Sorry, post in wrong place.
04:39:11 PM Sep 22nd 2013
I'd argue that Nora has Bottomless Magazines, but when you look at both Ruby and Yang, why would you reload? I mean even if you were trying to go for a stronger round, the first kind they were both using seemed to fit the situation perfectly fine and therefore why reload if you weren't out of ammo?
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