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03:31:04 AM Jan 20th 2013
Tropes that apply to most members: Lolicon: Minami

Really? MOST?
07:07:55 AM Jan 20th 2013
Then fix it.
09:02:25 AM Aug 1st 2012
I really don't think Rakshata fits the definition of Brilliant, but Lazy; yes, it's true she's both a Bollywood Nerd and is often shown lounging on a couch, but she certainly isn't shown not getting the job done. I don't know if there's a trope for someone who carries a very lackadaisical and nonchalant air to them, but isn't necessarily a Lazy Bum (though given how she is frequently shown smoking a pipe, she could just be mellow). Someone care to suggest a revision?
05:12:34 PM Oct 1st 2011
Removed the classification under the Five-Man Band trope of Diethard as a Sixth Ranger Traitor; it doesn't really seem fair to call him that when all of the top brass bar Kallen were betraying Lelouch/Zero at the time. Admittedly Diethard was the only one who wasn't really falling for Schneizel's manipulation, but still, that doesn't really make the others that much better than him, particularly given the massive Idiot Ball they were all holding at the time.
07:33:43 AM Nov 18th 2011
edited by Osric
Actually, the Five-Man Band in general needs some clearing up. Lelouch is definitely The Hero and Big Good... and that's about all I wouldn't touch from the current line-up as it's stated. For a start, Kallen is not The Chick. The only reason she would be is The Smurfette Principle, but that's generally accepted to be a discredited way of assigning the role in modern works which don't play to old gender stereotypes; it's even more ridiculous here because Rakshata is listed as The Smart Guy. Kallen is The Big Guy, I'd say; arguably she shares this role with Toudou.

That said, to me, Toudou would actually be a candidate for Lelouch's Lancer; whilst his greatest talent is, arguably, his martial prowess, he's still the second-best military tactician in the Black Knights until Li Xingke joins them in the second season; moreover, his stoic, traditional, Honor Before Reason demeanour provides an excellent counterpoint to Lelouch's revolutionary, pragmatic Large Ham.

Of course, that brings us to Ohgi, currently listed as The Lancer. Now, it's easy to see why he would be; he is, eventually, Zero's official number two in the organisation, after all, and similarly to Toudou, his empathetic, everyman nature is a good contrast with Lelouch. That said, I personally think he's a better fit for The Chick for precisely that reason; half the time, he's the main thing stopping the likes of Toudou and Diethard killing one another. Given that no one else really seems to assume that sort of role (well, save Kaguya, perhaps), I'd put him there.

Speaking of Diethard, he's currently listed as a Sixth Ranger, but I'm not sure this is really warranted. The Black Knights, after all, were an organisation whose key members joined over a period of time; Diethard didn't join significantly later than a lot of the others, and indeed was, I recall, a member - albeit not a tremendously important one at first - even before Toudou and Rakshata, who, as already discussed, are currently filling other, non-Sixth Ranger positions. This being the case, I'd move him. Given that his scheming ability is probably second only to Lelouch's among the first season Black Knights, I'd say he's actually another plausible candidate for The Lancer; that said, I believe he'd make a better fit still for The Smart Guy, sharing the role with Rakshata; they're both specialised brains, after all, just with different sorts of specialisation.

As for the role of Sixth Ranger? Various candidates are noted below. C.C. I'd actually disagree with for similar reasons to Diethard; even ignoring the fact that she was in reality with Lelouch from the beginning, before even Kallen and the others, her existence was known to the other Black Knights from the Battle of Narita onwards - again, before Toudou and Rakshata, who are already listed elsewhere, and indeed in this case including Diethard, joined the organisation. (On that note, in fact, C.C. would be my final candidate for the role of Lelouch's lancer; this one should need little elaboration. The only real objection to it is that she's really seen as such by anyone but the audience.) Personally, I'd be hesitant about naming anyone from season 1 as a Sixth Ranger; I'd save that for season 2 fresh faces like Rolo, Li Xingke and Jeremiah.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. For now, I'll update the designations to what I just described, but if anyone else has different suggestions, feel free to make them.
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