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1351 MagBas25th Feb 2014 10:58:23 AM from In my house
I am guessing in nominate Deus ex Machina. This is a subtrope to Ass Pull, that is ymmv.
1352 SeptimusHeap25th Feb 2014 10:59:29 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Being a subtrope does not mean that YMMV/Trivia status is inherited by default.
1353 MagBas26th Feb 2014 04:13:25 AM from In my house
Calling Creepy Cute( 8 yes and 2 nays)

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1354 MagBas2nd Mar 2014 03:53:41 PM from In my house
Well, out of note, if the "Proposal to change how TRS and Image Pickin' work" work, this means that the thread cap goes away, and this means i am changing my answer to the post 1289 in the page 52:

I guess that this is the less visited of the three threads with crowner in "Long Time/Perpetual". Without the thread cap, create personalized threads in the TRS again sounds as a good idea.

I'd like to try and nominate Disproportionate Retribution. It's on the grounds that what could be disproportionate to one person could be completely justified to another (please don't tell me everyone would think it would be disproportionate; there are some messed up people out their in the world). What do you think?

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1356 MagBas3rd Mar 2014 05:57:28 PM from In my house
This is not the first time that someone suggested turn Disproportionate Retribution ymmv... well, other opinions?

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I'm nominating Absolutely Happened. It relates to how the fandom treats things, and all but says it's an audience reaction right there in the description.
Oh come on, no votes for Disproportionate Retribution as a YMMV trope? It can be subjective in terms of Audience Reaction.
1359 MagBas5th Mar 2014 05:07:21 PM from In my house
Well, considering the number of votes in Absolutely Happened, the thread was visited by at least 6 persons after their original post. Of the two one: either they are not answering in the hope that the discussion will be forgotten or their attentions are totally centered in the nomination of Absolutely Happened by Completely Normal Guy.

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Definitely not a weirdo
The thing about Disproportionate Retribution is that it can very easily be kept objective. We can easily limit it to cases where it is acknowledged as disproportionate in-universe, or even to particularly blatant examples (kidnapping and torturing someone who mocked you in school is definitely disproportionate, as is gunning down jaywalkers). I don't particularly want to make more things YMMV if we don't have to, and I think it's fairly easy to keep this one objective.

On the subject of Absolutely Happened, I figured it was a fairly cut and dry case of an audience reaction if I ever saw one, but, based on the vote, it would appear that a few people disagree with me. As such, I think I should state my point more clearly. According to the description, Absolutely Happened refers to situations where "A certain event is somewhat ambiguous in canon, but the fandom acts as though it absolutely occurred." It is explicitly about how the audience react to a certain event, which means that there really shouldn't be any question about its nature as YMMV.
1361 nrjxll6th Mar 2014 02:37:38 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
The examples on Absolutely Happened are all over the place, though. There's examples of: stuff that fits under Fanon or Un Installment, fans arguing about whether something is canon, fans pretending a Show Within a Show is real... It's kind of hard to say whether the trope's YMMV when it's not at all clear what it's actually meant to be.

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1362 Twentington7th Mar 2014 07:43:46 AM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
Where do we nominate pages that we think don't need the YMMV banner, anyway? Got one more in mind.

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1363 MagBas7th Mar 2014 06:40:29 PM from In my house
I guess that in the Trope Repair Shop.
Animation Bump should seriously be YMMV because it's opinionated.
1365 Fighteer10th Mar 2014 06:50:43 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
I don't agree. Animation Bump should be objective. If it's being misused, it might need TRS.

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Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters maybe? Just wondering, but it does sound like a trope that can be subjective, at least in the audience's eye.

And remember, it says that terrorism has no clear cut definition.
My understanding is that the trope is already supposed limited to In-Universe examples where that is objectively invoked.
[up]Except that in Code Geass, it isn't outright acknowledged and there are those who are split on whether or not Lelouch is a terrorist. This trope can be opinionated, as what could be revolutionaries to one could be terrorists to another.
If there are bad examples or the description is not clear, it would be best to try to fix that instead of just slapping a YMMV on it. In my mind, this is an objective trope and many authors intentionally and even explicitly address these issues, sometimes even invoking some variation on this phrase.
1370 nrjxll18th Mar 2014 06:06:54 PM , Relationship Status: Not war

Also, Star Trek Movie Curse really shouldn't be on here. It's more Just for Fun than a "real" page.

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I just posted on ask the tropers a few minutes ago. Karma Houdini seems to have become ymmv abrubtly over night. Just to make sure I wasn't going crazy I checked out the internet archive for jan '14 of the page on As I suspected it was not ymmv then. Just to be safe I went back to september '13 of this discussion, to see if you mentioned Karma Houdini becoming ymmv. I could not find any evidence. So what prompted the sudden change from not ymmv to ymmv?
1372 nrjxll22nd Mar 2014 06:56:50 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Looks like it was added to the YMMV page by someone named Galacton, who I don't think I've ever heard of before. I'm reporting it to Ask The Tropers.

Edit: I see it's already been reported.

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1373 Candi22nd Mar 2014 08:39:54 PM from Closer to rimward than hubward , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Considering Karma Houdini is 'doesn't get punished in-universe for doing terrible things', it's nowhere near YMMV anyway.
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1374 AnotherDuck22nd Mar 2014 11:32:17 PM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
Karma Houdini needs more of a cleanup than a YMMV tag. There are plenty of examples where the character dies or just isn't punished enough for the editor.
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Hello. I was told to post my question here.

I was wondering, why the trope 'Breather Boss' is considered YMMV, but similar tropes likes 'Wake Up Call Boss' and 'Warm Up Boss' are not? I am assuming it is because 'Wake Up Call Boss' and 'Warm Up Boss' are not as subjective since they are usually deliberate by the designers, while a 'Breather Boss' is more subjective since an easy boss for someone could be a difficult boss for someone else.

In the ask the troper thread, I was told my interpretation of these tropes are correct. However, I do think a 'Breather Boss' can be consider a regular trope since some designers to put an easier boss after a particular tough dungeon or boss battle. As a gamer, I had my fair share of 'easy' bosses that ended up kicking my butt, but I do not think 'Breather Boss' should be YMMV like "That One Boss' since that is far more subjective in my opinion.

Of course, I want to hear what you guys think. I am not looking to change these tropes classifications, just have a better idea of why they divided the way they are.

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17th Aug '14 8:08:24 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
YMMV is for items that are reactions of the audience to works and tropes that need a significant judgment call to tell whether they exist objectively or not.

Should these items become members of YMMV?

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