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Anti-Shipping Goggles
"Several times throughout the existing episodes they hint that a romantic subplot is going to occur between Thomas and Winnie, and...I just can't support it. Sticking the best character in the series and the worst character in the series together is a terrible idea."

The opposite of Shipping Goggles, where no matter how powerful the evidence or prevalent the Ship Tease is, someone insists that there is no way a particular couple could ever be canon. It might be because they have laser-focused shipping goggles for a particular ship that conflicts with the indicated one. It might be because the relationship is slash/yaoi/yuri and they refuse to accept even the possibility that there's intentional Ho Yay there. Maybe the relationship is heterosexual, and they think Het Is Ew. Maybe the plot, canon, and even the author endorse one pairing, but they totally realize that the characters are Meant To Be with someone else, characterization and previous behavior be damned. Point is, they're not seeing something others do in the shipping arena.

Compare No Hugging, No Kissing.


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    Anime And Manga 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • By the end of the series, Ed and Winry are 100% official, and Roy and Riza are as close to an official couple as you can get without official declaration. The Yaoi Fans refuse to see this, as it interferes with Ed/Roy. They claim that Ed has a "tsundere" reaction to Roy (after all, the more passionate he appears to hate him, the more passionate his underlying love must be!), when in fact his true tsundere behavior is towards Winry. Other people refusing to see this are: Elricest shippers, Olivier/Roy shippers, Roy/Winry shippers, Hawkeye/Havoc shippers, Havoc/Roy shippers and some people who insist that one or both of the two couples are Platonic Life Partners.
    • In general, the Ship-to-Ship Combat in the manga fandom is between people who believe that Roy/Riza and Al/Mei are all Official Couples and people who believe that there's not enough evidence that they're anything more than friends. Given the heavy implications that was presented for each of these couples (Roy/Riza in particular), one is inclined to wonder just how much more evidence these couples need to get out of "friends" territory.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Heero and Relena are a borderline Official Couple- both of their character developments center almost entirely around interactions with the other, and most of the sidestory manga (penned by the anime's writing staff) lean this way as well, with one having an ambiguous kiss. In response many Yaoi Fans turn Relena into a shrieking harpy, and putting Heero squarely in Duo's pants. Duo, meanwhile, not only tries to set Heero and Relena up together, but has a girlfriend named Hilde Schbeiker, who he has chemistry and a good bit of Ship Tease with - also blocked out by the Anti Goggles, though Hilde is mostly liked, and only very rarely subjected to Die for Our Ship treatment.
  • Oh, Bleach fandom, how this trope fits you. Certain Ichigo/Rukia fans don't see any possibility of Ichigo/Orihime happening to the point that they flat out reject the proposal that maybe Ichigo turning into a monster to protect Orihime and attacking even Ishida when he tries to reason with him could imply he does feel something towards her. Likewise, some Ichigo/Orihime fans reject any scenes that hint towards Ichigo/Rukia (like 'Rukia stopped the rain'). The anime producers apparently have Anti Goggles on too, doing their best to downplay/ignore Orihime's feelings for Ichigo while giving Rukia several Ship Tease scenes with Ichigo that weren't present in the original manga. Overall, it's a mixed bag, with most fans simply wanting an open-ended/couple-less ending.
  • Card Captor Sakura
    • Some fans refused to believe Tomoyo was actually in love with Sakura, insisting her gestures and affection and even her declaration of "liking" Sakura that way were just friendly and nothing else.
    • Touya and Yukito sometimes get this treatment; despite numerous hints about something going on between them and Yukito telling Sakura that he loves Touya the most, some fans still insist that they're just really close best friends and only Yaoi Fangirls would think there was anything romantic in their relationship.
  • In-story example: Sonoko/Serena from Detective Conan really thinks that Shinichi/Jimmy isn't good enough for her best friend Ran/Rachel and leaves it very clear.
  • Very frequent among One Piece anti-shippers. Word of God clearly says if you want that sort of thing you should read a shojou manga, and many shippers have Shipping Goggles glued to their face, but how adamant and defensive many fans are about using this trope goes well beyond guarding the integrity of Oda's work. When people start claiming one of the main male characters is asexual despite evidence to the contrary, and that there isn't any sex in the OP universe period, you start to wonder...
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • Ironically history-based shipping, the very thing that makes the setting fertile ground for Shipping Goggles, can lead to Anti Goggles if taken too far. The most militantly "historical" fans insist that a ship with a strong historical background in real life is automatically more canon than other, "less historical" ships involving the same characters, even if said "less historical" ships have more evidence and shown interactions in canon. Doesn't matter that APH was never meant to be a 100% strict interpretation of real-life international relations, or that personalities clearly play some role too in how well the characters get along, or that any history-based pairing is only possible through a very selective reading of history (canon couples included) — real-life historical basis (or one's own selective reading of history) is all that matters! Most extreme are the fans who insist that ships like Greece/Japan, England/Japan or even Spain/Romano have no history together. Apparently, they didn't bother to do anything like a simple Google search for Nation A + Nation B + relations.
    • Romano being his usual Tsundere self with Spain? He obviously hates Spain and takes delight in abusing him. It's not like he ever did anything like frantically search for a cure for Spain when he fell sick in canon, after all.
    • Austria chiding Hungary for something? Obviously he is a control freak who gets off on punishing her. And Hungary is a Satellite Love Interest who doesn't deserve kindness from him. They are obviously just friends because they're no longer "married" and hence can never ever get romantically involved again, their Christmas outing was just them hanging out as friends and in no way resembled a date, and Austria shows no romantic interest in Hungary whatsoever and certainly doesn't do anything explicitly romantic for her like, say, sending her gifts for Valentine's Day.
    • Greece's feelings for Japan are obviously 100% friendship. His night with Japan was either All Just a Dream or the natural result of someone like Japan sleeping with someone he considers 100% a friend, his fights with Turkey over which one of them Japan prefers prove how much he wants to be Just Friends with Japan, and the Umbrella of Togetherness scene where he thinks about how he'd much rather have Japan erotically humiliating him than thinking his hair's messy means nothing important and certainly doesn't hint at any attraction to Japan at all.
    • There are some people who insist that there is absolutely no canon male/male love in the series and that any claims to the contrary are just the Yaoi Fangirls blowing subtext out of proportion. While the series isn't as laden with Ho Yay as some of its Yaoi Fangirls would have you believe, it still has some moments that are nigh impossible to write off as anything but romantic love, such as Sweden calling Finland his "wife" and Italy outright saying to Germany that his first love was a boy.
  • D Grayman: Allen has absolutely no attraction to Lenalee. If he's a confirmed Celibate Hero, that must mean that he has never felt any sort of romantic feelings toward her, and never will. So what if the official relationship chart and an early manga scene say he thinks "she's so cute..." or that he got nervous and disappointed when he heard that Lavi was interested in Lenalee? That must mean that he's interested in Lavi.
  • Hellsing
    • Alucard obviously has only platonic feelings for Integra Hellsing and otherwise if he doesn't secretly hate her. Really secretly. He never said he was turned on by her or flirted with her or had romantic implications with anyone (his reason to travel to England wasn't a woman in the first place, damned be the text). She would marry and have babies to continue Hellsing, instead of anxiously waiting for his return for 30 years single and chaste and are finally reunited in a chapter called Romancia where their relationship isn't presented as master/servant.
    • Alucard is never kind to Seras, and never even thinks of her as anything more than a perfect object of his abuse. Saving her life (by turning her into a vampire, but anyway) in the very first chapter when he didn't really need to? Patting her on the head and feeling proud of her? Calling her "my beloved servant"? Nah, such things never happened.
  • InuYasha
    • Militant Sesshomaru/Rin and Sesshomaru/Kagura fans locked in Ship-to-Ship Combat fall victim to this mentality, with the former camp insisting that there's absolutely no evidence that Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura were anything more than respect for a fallen comrade, and the latter camp insisting that there's absolutely no ambiguity that Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura were romantic, unlike his feelings for Rin which are fatherly. Sesshomaru/Rin fans clash with every Sesshomaru/Female ship that exists, including Sesshomaru/Kagome and Sesshomaru/Kikyo.
    • Ditto with Inuyasha/Kagome vs. Inuyasha/Kikyo. Proponents of the former like to think that the latter was based on some sort of escape fantasy with no real love behind it (Inuyasha not wanting to be a hanyou, Kikyo wanting to be a "normal girl"), while Inuyasha/Kikyo fans like to think of Kagome as a Replacement Goldfish in spite of Inuyasha explicitly stating in canon that he does not think of Kagome as just Kikyo's replacement. And it was painfully obvious from the start that Inuyasha was in love with them both.
  • Soul Eater: There is no way Maka and Soul are even a bit attracted, or even attached, to each other. So what if they practically need each other's support and are willing to put themselves through mental or physical pain just so that the other could be happy or survive? It's clear they have just as strong a relationship with other characters. And that dance they shared in Soul's soul room? Normal. And that chapter in the manga where it is revealed that Maka envies others, particularly girls, who can relate to Soul more than her? It's just a sign that she cares about him as a brother.
  • Some non-yaoi loving fans of Nabari No Ou insist that Miharu and Yoite are "just a bromance and nothing more". That being said, the nature of their relationship is rather ambiguous, so technically it could be interpreted either way.
  • There are fans of No6 who can be pretty scary in regards to this trope. Nevermind the fact that Shion and Nezumi share a bed. A lot. Nevermind that Shion goes yandere for Nezumi several times. Nevermind that Nezumi flirts with Shion constantly and even slow danced with him once. Nevermind that the two of them kissed on the lips twice, and Shion barely has any reaction when a girl kisses him but knows exactly how to react when a guy kisses him. Nope, they're totally just best friends. Nothing further than that.
  • Slayers: Some fans insist that Amelia's feelings for Zelgadis are unrequited. Admittedly, Zelgadis keeps his feelings close to his chest, but there are a few scenes that make it clear that he at least has some feelings for her. The most blatant of these being when he almost drowns, then feigns unconsciousness after Amelia mentions mouth-to-mouth (this doesn't work out the way he expected it to).
  • In Naruto the two most canon-ish pairings that people still bother to ship each hinge on something like half a dozen panels of honest-to-god development - which means that successfully casting doubt on a "moment" equals rhetorical devastation. This, and the fact that these two are rival pairings, leads to the Ship-to-Ship Combat being largely composed of "nuh-uh, that doesn't count"s of various magnitudes of absurdity:
    • Guy said he's in love with a girl? Not relevant any more, because he hasn't acted like it in a long time (never mind the tendency of things in the manga to disappear for 700 chapters and then pop back up like nothing happened).
    • Guy and girl repeatedly interact and appear to grow closer each time? It's one-sided and every one of those interactions has obviously had the sole purpose of resolving her character arc and making way for more important things (yes, all five times).
    • Old generation / New generation couple parallelism? It's not there, and further, it being there has no meaning whatsoever, and further, if you think about it, the other girl is the better fit for this parallel, even if all logic dictates she isn't, because etc.
    • Guy and girl holding hands for 2 chapters and he's thanking her for being by his side all this time? Well technically this also served another functional purpose so that is probably why it had to happen. Further, this is just resolving her character arc. Again. Move along, nothing to see here.
    • "Main Guy / Main Girl syndrome"? "Shonen hero gets what he wants"? Abonimable, cliche'd oversimplifications that ought to have zero bearing on the discussion despite their annoying tendency to, in actuality, happen.
    • Girl has openly, tearfully and repeatedly confessed her love for a guy in very clear terms, with her undying love further confirmed in both databooks and interviews? It doesn't matter. She's just confused, she doesn't know how she feels, and she ought to get over it and love someone else.
  • At the end of Kill la Kill Ryoko and Mako kiss and go on a date together, which according to some Mako/Gamagoori shippers doesn't mean anything, claiming that girls platonically kiss each other and go on platonic dates all the time, and that anyone who sees anything else just have Yuri Goggles strapped to their head.
  • There are people who watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and don't think Homura is in love with Madoka. All she endured, all she suffered, all the endless time loops in which she fought, all to save Madoka, and explicitly stating in the end of Rebellion that "love" is her motivation? That could mean anything!
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion, For Shinji's relationship with Kaworu, it's made apparent they have some sort of feelings for each other and the anime and manga both explicitly use love to describe their relationship. The amount of energy some people have put into denying this is impressive to say the least.
  • Nisekoi has the popular side couple of Shuu and Ruri, where the fans not in favor of them hooking up dismissed the Belligerent Sexual Tension and Ship Tease between the couple for over a hundred chapters, including one chapter where Ruri blushed after Shuu did something nice for hernote , as the fans reading too much into it. Only after the later chapters all but stated outright that she had developed a crush on him was it grudgingly acknowledged.


  • Harry Potter: Possibly the most notorious example of this is how a small but vocal (sadly, VERY vocal) faction of Harry/Hermione shippers adamantly refused to believe that JK Rowling was intending for Ron and Hermione to become a canon couple and dropping, in her own words, "anvil-sized hints" about it. Even after the sixth book, in which Ron and Hermione are very clearly shown to get jealous whenever they see the other person going out with someone else and Harry himself notes this (who enters a relationship with Ginny in the same book), the Fan Dumb still persisted. They have even mocked J.K. Rowling's "anvil-sized hints" phrase, and some insist that she accidentally wrote Harry/Hermione when meaning to write Harry/Ginny, and that every part of the romance subplots from Book 5 on was just her scrambling to correct her mistakes.
    "Fans might think that's even more reason why Hermione should end up with Harry but Rowling said she always knew that Ron and Hermione were meant to be together, just as she thought Harry and Ginny were meant to be together. "I thought it was obvious, but apparently there are Internet wars about this," she said. "And they get very vicious."
  • In a Warrior Cats book, Bumblestripe seemed to crush on Dovewing. Many Ivy/Bumble fans wholeheartedly deny any kind of romance between them, though they have a right to be annoyed— Vicky, one of the authors, and the leader of the "Erins", said on facebook that Bumblestripe had a huge crush on Ivypool, and Ivy/Bumble fans "may like the way this is played out!". Then, after the whole Dove/Bumble thing, Vicky denied that she had ever said anything!

    Live Action TV 
  • Before and after more overt affections of romance have been declared by him, a very loud contingent of Doctor Who fans have insisted that the Doctor was asexual and stubbornly resisted all hints to the contrary. And that is all we shall say on the matter.
  • During the first few seasons of The X-Files, the fandom was split (more or less amicably) between "shippers" and "noromos". "Shippers" were in favour of a romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully, while "noromos" were against it. (This may be the earliest use of the word "shipping" in fandom. Back then, it wasn't thought necessary to modify "shipping" with the character names, since there were only two characters in The X-Files who could plausibly undergo a Relationship Upgrade.) What makes it epic is that Word of God supported the noromos, until it turned out there was some Lying Creator going on.
  • CSI NY: Until the Danny Messer/Lindsay Monroe pairing became canon towards the end of Season Three, a very vocal segment of the fandom, motivated by their disbelief that native Staten Islander Danny could ever be interested in country girl Lindsay or their shipping of Danny with fellow New Yorker Don Flack, grasped at straws for any sign that TPTB acknowledged their distaste for Danny/Lindsay, or at least the mere presence of the anti-shippers. The greatest vitriol from the anti-shippers seemed to be reserved for Anna Belknap, the actress who played Lindsay; they searched desperately for not just any sign that Danny might lose interest in Lindsay, but for any indication that the cast, especially Carmine Giovinazzo, Danny's actor, actually hated Ms. Belknap in real life and did not like or want to work with her. When Danny slept with single mother Rikki after the death of her son in Season Four (which Danny felt responsible for), the anti-shippers cheered the possibility that Danny/Lindsay might be finished. Unfortunately for them, Danny and Lindsay married the following season and became parents to little Lucy Messer. As of the end of Season Eight, Mr. and Mrs. Messer are still happily married parents, but the anti-shippers march on to this day.
  • iCarly: Many people, even if they don't ship the opposite Carly/Freddie pairing, refuse to even acknowledge the idea of a Sam/Freddie ship after they watched the episode iMeet Fred (That's if they kept watching the show after that). There are also fans who want no shipping at all, and the Word of God has espoused that viewpoint occasionally, usually after he starts a ship war and gets the heck flamed out of him.
  • Glee
    • While this doesn't happen so often with pairings on the show, much of the fandom refuses to acknowledge the cast members' relationships with people outside of the cast, such as Lea Michele's relationship with Cory Monteith and Darren Criss' relationship with his girlfriend Mia Swier.
    • There are very loud (and very vocal) sections of the fandom that will spend a scary amount of time hating on certain ships. The anti-Klaine crowd makes a LOT of noise, twisting canon events to make one of the characters evil. Anti-Finchel shippers also make a lot of noise.
  • Supernatural: Is Dean/Cas canon? No, it's not, and whether or not it has a chance is up for endless debate. But there are those who insist Dean doesn't love Castiel in any way, including in a familial way. Because the first thing one thinks about when learning that somebody spent a year in a hellish dimension of eternal predation, staying even when they had a way out in order to continue desperately searching for someone else and literally praying for them to come back every night, is "Gee, he must not really care about that guy."
  • Sherlock: You wouldn't know it from the online community surrounding the show, but not 100% of the fans see the John/Sherlock subtext, or if they do see it, they ignore it, feeling that Sherlock is too socially disconnected to feel romantic attraction, or that the relationship is getting forced by having too many Shippers On Deck (Mrs. Hudson, Moriarty, Irene Adler, Mycroft, etc.).

    Video Games 
  • The obviously intentional and acknowledged Les Yay vibe between Fang and Vanille in Final Fantasy XIII. If you squint really hard, you can say they're just friends, and many people do.
  • Good God, Sora/Kairi. While they aren't an actual item in the series, it's obvious in each Kingdom Hearts game (to the point where Sora imagines himself and Kairi in the place of Official Couple Jack Skellington and Sally in a slow dance), yet the number of fans who insist that the pairing doesn't exist and that Sora will end up with Riku in the end is staggering. Keep in mind that Riku himself is heavily implied to have a (albeit one-sided) crush on Kairi in canon, something that these fans also refuse to see. Kazushige Nojima can be blamed for this; he's the one who wrote the scene of Sora crying at Riku's feet in The World That Never Was. Square might want to not hire him next time.
  • Tales of Symphonia is a very dangerous place for this. A lot of the disagreements stem from The Anime of the Game, which essentially canonized a ship that wasn't explicitly canon in the game. Here's the breakdown; the anime makes Lloyd and Colette the Official Couple, but the game has a system of Relationship Values and it's entirely possible, even easy, to attain explicitly romantic scenes with Lloyd and any one of the other female party members. Probably the best way to think of it without starting a flame war is that the anime is one possible interpretation of the way the game can happen - so while Lloyd/Colette might be the preferred pairing of the developers, this doesn't invalidate those who say, for example, that Sheena/Lloyd is also potentially canon in the same way a romance in a Bioware game might be (although, you know, rated Teen.)
    • In the sequel there are those with Anti Goggles on so tight that Emil and Marta are totally "just friends", despite her entire character being based on her obsession with him.
  • Many Left 4 Dead fans take this attitude towards the relatively canon pairings of Ellis/Zoey and Rochelle/Francis.
  • Resident Evil 2 is a rather staggering example, considering that among other things, Leon takes a bullet for Ada, she caresses his face and kisses him before passing out, the ending of Resident Evil 4 six years later shows Leon explaining that he can't let Ada go, and the entirety of Separate Ways basically consists of Ada protecting Leon from behind the scenes, even disobeying Wesker and killing Krauser to do so. Despite this, roughly 70% of the fandom is convinced that the kiss didn't count, the pairing has zero backing, Ada is a bitch, and Leon and Claire are obviously in true love despite little to no on-screen development between them.
  • Metal Gear: Snake is straight. Otacon is just his friend. There's nothing going on between them at all. Word of God? Kojima's trolling. Copious ship teasing? I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Fire Emblem
    • Two of the most glaring examples come from the Tellius sector. Fans decry the possibility of Ike and Soren being Yaoi Guys by claiming "Ike's too cool to be gay!", claiming that it's all in the heads of yaoi fangirls and some even trying to use Priam to disprove the pairing. And Heather totally isn't a lesbian! Sure, she doesn't like men and flirts with women (especially Nephenee), but that just means she hasn't met the right man yet (despite NoJ stating that it's in her born nature to like girls)!
    • Lyn/Florina and Raven/Lucius from the Elibe games may very well be the Ike/Soren and Heather predecessors. Fans continually denied that there could be anything other than 100% platonic friendship between those pairs, ignoring Florina's incessant fangirling of Lyn or the pretty obvious romantic undertones of Raven and Lucius's A support and ending. The anti-slash goggles have come back in full swing for Awakening, denying and bashing popular ships such as Gerome/Inigo and Severa/Lucina, whining that it "ruins friendship".
    • Even some het pairs aren't immune to this. Erk/Serra used to get a lot of bad press from fans who cried "ew, no, those two hate each other!", for example. Levin/anyone else but Fury? Forget it, he never loved that clingy jealous bitch Sylvia and Tiltyu was never even a possibility! Some anti-Ephraim/Tana fans hated the pairing so much they'd accuse people who did ship it of "missing the point" and even flat-out tell them how wrong they were. And some rabid Robin/Lucina fans deny that Lucina has any chemistry whatsoever with Gerome.
    • Though the one who gets the most of this by far is Sumia from Fire Emblem Awakening. Rabid Chrom/Female!Robin fans deny her Ship Tease with Chrom exists, or the fact that she gets priority if multiple girls have equal support points with Chrom by the time he's forced to marry (and Sumia even starts out with a small amount of support points with him, something unique to her). The more civil ones will claim she and Chrom have a Just Friends reationship... despite the fact Sumia's feelings for him are made clear even from their B Rank Support.
  • Some Mass Effect fans resolutely denied any sexual tension between a male Commander Shepard and Kaidan. All the Ho Yay was born from the fevered imaginations of Yaoi Fangirls. Even Kaidan's line about losing Shepard being like losing a limb was just an expression of an extremely close friendship. When Mass Effect 3 made a Relationship Upgrade a legitimate option, those same detractors immediately turned around and started complaining about Suddenly Sexuality.

    Web Comics 
  • A portion of the Homestuck fandom doesn't seem to consider Sollux and Feferi anything but close friends. This is split about evenly between preferring Sollux with Aradia and just not paying attention. Considering how romance works with the trolls, it is entirely possible for Sollux to be paired with both, with one of them as his "moirail".

    Western Animation 

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