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Kyon: Big Damn Hero:

Takahashi is that woman in her thirties who appeared in the cafe during the reunion between Kyon and Sasaki, Tachibana's superior (Sasaki wasn't sure of her name).

It seems I used the Older Alter Ego trope wrong. What I meant was Kyon using the disguise of a grown-up person, not necessarily of himself if he is going to be easily recognised in that way. I believe it would be easier for him to be taken seriously if he looks older and the role would be simpler to play.

I just thought in how Kyon manages to give a regal image dressed with a formal kimono or a RPG hero outfit and if that trail is going to be magnified with the years.

Edit: Something like a Successful Flimsy Disguise Persona.

Edit2: I got lucky with the ripping of the game where the other Shinobu appears: Here (5.77MB) some images of her and her Robot Maid.

The program I used also extracted some text files of what seems to be part of the script. They are in Japanese and encoded in utf-8. I'm no sure if one actually can upload them (even if it's an old game), but they are just text dump (no source code). Here (508.24KB) if you are interested  *.

edited 7th Mar '11 7:07:46 AM by Specular2

Ah. Seems someone has been named after Rumiko Takahashi, then.

Isn't the whole point of this that he doesn't get taken seriously or noticed, unless the person he's talking with knows who he is/why he's there? He gets taken completely seriously as it is. No disguise needed for that.

I suppose it'll suit him more when he's finished growing... but can you imagine the SOS Brigade actually ageing? I get a suspicion that they'd finish growing, hang around for a few decades and do anything that needs to be done, and then start travelling through all the times and worlds.

Still need a reason why Kyon would go for the least flimsy disguise... maybe Haruhi and Nagato (or Asakura) would play around with Skynet and set 'Kyonko' as a default disguise?

The pictures where Shinobu's lacking a hand and Noel's on fire are quite worrying. The arcade one, though... I like that. Can even see Dance Dance Revolution in the background!

Can't remember that name but since I don't speak Japanese, let alone read it  *, that doesn't really matter. XD

edited 7th Mar '11 8:09:02 AM by RainyDaze

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Lum was mentioned at some point, so that might well be true.

Yes, but Kyon would be impersonating someone completely new in the game. Some default gravitas could be useful.

I never thought about the SOS Brigade ageing, but I can't picture Kyon accepting any type of Immortality except maybe a downgraded Healing Factor.

Incidentally that made me think about an interesting point: Kyon never really took advantage of his influence over Haruhi and Nagato. I mean if he had been a Jerkass Manipulative Bastard then the canon would have been a very grim (and boring) story. For example, let's visualize Yagami 'Kira' Light in Kyon's place.

About the second file. Maybe it was for the unintended reference to Bleach that I remember the name.
Durandall has written quite a lot of Ranma fanfiction, it can't be a coincidence.

Maybe he'd delegate the choice to Haruhi, since she likes dressing people up? That he wouldn't be taken seriously is merely a side effect.

Kyon wouldn't normally accept it but can you picture Haruhi letting herself age when she knows there's thousands upon thousands of worlds to see, when they have all that's needed to survive and see these places? And the more of Kyon's pre-Sasaki curiosity that returns...

Yeah, that story would be short.
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Deconstruction alert!

The 90% of them could be no very good places. It will depend of which side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism the story will adhere to.

End of Deconstruction alert.

If Durandall is fan of Ranma, then Takahashi could become a relevant character in the future... or not.

edited 7th Mar '11 10:40:29 AM by Specular2

The SOS Brigade has time travel, sliding, lots of fighting skill, an esper, and nigh-infinite power. Pretty sure they can help any worlds they come across.

Also might be able to do something about the Higurashi repeats... yay for time travel!

The name could just be a Shout-Out.

edited 7th Mar '11 10:58:22 AM by RainyDaze

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Deconstruction alert!

This is an old philosophical dilemma, but I couldn't find a link properly related so I will improvise:

Besides of the possibility that Haruhi's powers could not work outside of the K:BDH home universe or if her presence is necessary to the world for any reason, there is the issue if they should get involved. I mean, even if they come across with Crapsack World there are reasons why that world is in the way it is.

Maybe 100 years in the future that world will evolve to a Utopia thanks to current situation or the almost complete extinction of life will bring a whole new ecosystem (it happened to the Earth five times to date according to this) or perhaps is just impossible to "improve" the world without sacrifice a significant amount of people.

Even if there is a perfect solution available, where everybody will turn out better, what about all the goodness and evil until now? All good deed were irrelevant? All the crimes were forgotten? What would be the difference between a "perfect solution" and a Reset Button then?

In the case that that choice is taken and the world improves, will it stay in that way if it's left alone? Will the same problems reappear? Will different problems raise?

Time Travel brings forth a similar predicament, but for that: The Time Traveller's Dilemma.

End of Deconstruction.

IIRC, this topic was incidentally (or maybe not so) addressed in the story.

Kyon hadn't had time to think about things before. Part of that was from a certainty that if he had let himself think about things, it could easily become too late to do anything. Part of it was his desire to make sure he could find his way back to his own world. But most of it was the fact that he could deal with the world going away, as long as he could keep the Brigade intact, regardless of his position in it.

The moral of story according to Kyon would be: "You have to take sides, you cannot be the hero to everyone."

New Shout-Out added, but my edition leaves much to be desired.

edited 7th Mar '11 1:00:17 PM by Specular2

Whether Haruhi's powers work or not could only be tested by taking Kanae, Haruhi, and Yuki to another world and checking, before using the anchor to drag them back. If they still function and the previous world isn't oddly destroyed... well, see below.

Imagine if the Haruhi cast ended up in, say, Evangelion. Pretty clear idea of what to do there.

Well, panic first, then try and help, then run before everyone tries to kill you...

There's no Time Travel problems, necessarily. Depends how much they can proof themselves against any possible repercussions from causing paradoxes.

And... should they do something? Well, they can always see if things will improve due to having time travel handy. If they don't, probably best to try and help. Better than leaving countless worlds dead.

Also, by 'improve' I meant 'leave things slightly better than they were'. Or, if they end up wandering around things that they recognise as fiction, try and avoid any senseless plot deaths.

Like ending up in a Code Geass world and preventing the Euphremia massacre. Still have to deal with Charles but at least millions of people aren't dying for no good reason. And no-one nukes any capital cities.

Goal: help if at all possible and hang around to deal with unforeseen consequences. Not so bad.

Anyway, possible reconstruction over.

Err... how does that moral relate to the quote? Seems more like 'Nakama before everyone else'... which is hardly surprising.

Oh, right, forgot what the Dilemma was. Oops. Ah, Sadistic Choices... forcibly alter millions, or leave them as they are and leave so many more dead. If you're playing around on large scales.

And to be honest, that shouldn't be a problem with things like Evangelion. Either the world is going to go wrong whatever you do or you can spare humanity a lot of psychological trauma.

And stopping Lelouch going trigger-happy in Code Geass probably wouldn't offend anyone.

edited 7th Mar '11 1:17:16 PM by RainyDaze

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The moral dilemma of whether you should get involved because you don't know the consequences in advance isn't something unique to time travelers or dimensional sliders. If you can answer whether you should act to try to improve the world as it is, the issues of acting in the face of uncertainty are already answered.

The only major objection I can see would be from Koizumi. Who... would probably go along with them anyway. His real personality and Kyon's are rather alike, wouldn't you say?

edited 7th Mar '11 1:39:36 PM by RainyDaze

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 1461 Mad Kitsu, Mon, 7th Mar '11 2:17:59 PM from Pursuiting a Trope-tan..
The Kitsune of Lunacy
And I presume that, like me, everyone else is desperately awaiting the next chapter, which I think even Durandall himself has been waiting for since, well, a good long while...

So, who else is thinking that Achakura is going to to be forced into cosplay? I do believe that she's going to be just the right size for some "chibi" dress-up or something...

Also, I recall something called "Infy the Infinity Lion", presumably from the Haruhi-chan series... Does anyone have any info on that?

edited 7th Mar '11 2:23:24 PM by MadKitsu

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I don't mind much either way, theorising is fun. Though a new chapter's far from unwelcome...
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 1463 Mad Kitsu, Mon, 7th Mar '11 2:29:07 PM from Pursuiting a Trope-tan..
The Kitsune of Lunacy
True enough. And I am truly curious about "Infy", seeing that said lion was mentioned in the story that had the Shout-Out to K:BDH...

edited 7th Mar '11 7:06:00 PM by MadKitsu

My mission: to gather all of the Trope-tans and make New Tropeia a tropey place.
I have a suspicion that you're writing that thing. :P

And... Durandall probably didn't mean Achakura literally. This isn't Haruhi-chan.
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I still hold that when Skynet gets a holographic representation of it's AI it'll be Achakura.

I don't see how "taking sides" would be different than "Nakama before everyone else". A meta-summary of I said before is: "There is no instant or absolute solutions" which is just yet another example of philosophical incompleteness. There are ton of them, but IMO one of the coolest is this.

@Rainy Daze: Are you expecting a Mega Crossover  * for K:BDH?
Don't tempt Durandall. Please don't.

There are other things that seem inevitable like: "If Miyuki starts asking questions around North High, the chances of choosing that unnamed freshman are over 99%" or "The chances of an uneventful trip to Hinamizawa are less than 2%"

edited 7th Mar '11 3:12:54 PM by Specular2

 1467 Augustine, Mon, 7th Mar '11 3:13:52 PM from the Church on the hill Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
My King
Never before have I undergone Continuity Lockout inside of a forum thread. What are we talking about?
 1469 Augustine, Mon, 7th Mar '11 3:42:29 PM from the Church on the hill Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
My King

edited 7th Mar '11 3:42:46 PM by Augustine

 1470 Filraen, Mon, 7th Mar '11 3:57:04 PM from Monstro Town
@Augustine: Aren't we talking about the Haruhi hosted Maid RPG session Achakura and Kyonko are playing and where they met Shinobu Tsukimura?
 1471 Augustine, Mon, 7th Mar '11 5:21:29 PM from the Church on the hill Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
My King
I don't even know how to respond to that. Didn't that train of thought begin by discussing the particulars of time travel and the warp with regards to the Haruhi universe?
 1472 Mad Kitsu, Mon, 7th Mar '11 7:58:22 PM from Pursuiting a Trope-tan..
The Kitsune of Lunacy
Well, to be fair, I think that a Haruhi x Maid Rpg Fan Fic would actually be an interesting, if cracktastic, read...

@Rainy Daze: ...I actually am tempted to e-mail Durandall about that, asking him whether he does in fact means "that Achakura". We all know that Durandall is willing to answer questions when he gets around to it, as long as we're polite about it... (being kind and polite to others is just common sense, after all)
My mission: to gather all of the Trope-tans and make New Tropeia a tropey place.
Oh, we went Warp -> Maid RPG -> random two posts regarding K:BDH/Touhou -> Kyon as a girl, why that would happen, and if the laws would take effect -> what Shinobu from Triangle Hearts looks like -> would the SOS Brigade age or just hang around for a few decades before travelling around -> ethical concerns of helping any worlds they'd come across -> a request that I don't tempt Durandall.

Which isn't much of a concern, there's still plot to deal with. Lots and lots of lovely plot...

And that's how we got here.

Though I think it's best that you read the discussions. They're quite amusing.
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 1474 Augustine, Tue, 8th Mar '11 4:52:27 AM from the Church on the hill Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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I think I might do that.
So, got anything to say, if you've read everything and you're still around?
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