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Kyon: Big Damn Hero:

@Daze: That's my absolute favorite one, as well. I have it on my iPod ^^

~Tsuyoi kizuna de musu barete iru~ "We're linked together by our strong bonds"

~Kono nakama-tachi ga koko de deaeta koto, "I was able to meet my friends in Hinamizawa,

sore ga kono monogatari no kiseki~ and that's the miracle of this story"

My favorite lines from the song.

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I haven't had much time to check properly but adultery doesn't appear to be a crime in Japan, which would make it rather difficult to charge him with anything.
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 1403 Marq FJA, Thu, 3rd Mar '11 6:12:46 PM from Saudi Arabia Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Charging him with adultery, no. Charging him with bigamy? Yes. "Illegal" = "crime", after all.
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 1404 Solid Shark, Thu, 3rd Mar '11 7:55:24 PM from Outer Heaven
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I could be wrong about this, but isn't bigamy specifically being married to more than one person? Since Keiichi is only actually married to one of them, they shouldn't be able to get him on that charge.
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In cultures that practice marital monogamy, bigamy is the act or condition of any person marrying yet another person while still being lawfully married.

I'm pretty sure that Keichii has only one wife.
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 1406 Marq FJA, Fri, 4th Mar '11 3:08:44 AM from Saudi Arabia Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
O' Allah, save Egypt
There is such a thing as common-law marriage. Or am I misunderstanding the term?
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 1407 jasonulloa, Fri, 4th Mar '11 6:16:34 AM from Nowhere special Relationship Status: I know
Doesn't count in their case. Quoth The Other Wiki:

Both parties must be otherwise qualified to enter into a marriage, including being unmarried (Saskatchewan excepted), of sound mind, and, in many states, not sentenced to or serving a term of life in prison.

Keiichi and Rika are married, thus do not qualify via common-law marriage rules to enter marriage... er, another marriage.

Providing there are similar laws and/or legal terms in Japan, they all could just be cohabiting, or possibly have some sort of domestic partnership. Neither one involves marriage, thus avoiding issues with bigamy.

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Not to mention that they all live in different houses. Rena's, Satoko's, Mion's, and the Furude house.
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 1409 Unclouded TJ, Fri, 4th Mar '11 8:18:26 AM Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
If we're to believe Keiichi is indeed a lawyer then I'm certain he's looked over many laws dealing with his situation to make certain that nothing lawful can be done about it if it's found out. It'd be unlikely that he'd make a mistake when it can impact the lives of so many people.
Unclouded TJ: Taking Bunny-Ears Lawyer too literally.
Let's summarize this. In Japan:

Adultery is not illegal.

Bigamy is illegal.

Common-law marriage is recognized.

But there is a catch: Common-law marriage is only valid under several conditions which vary from one place to another (in some jurisdictions, a couple must have cohabited and held themselves out to the world as husband and wife for a significant period of time). Under Japanese jurisprudence in particular, the couple has to actually live together. That must be one of the reasons why Mion, Rena and Satoko keep their relationship with Keiichi as discreet as possible even now (probably each of them also avoided co-ownership or co-tenancy of property with Keiichi alone and their children were legally registered as fatherless).

In other topics:

I was thinking if it's feasible for SOS Brigade to invite "teachers" to their daily trainings. Nagato must be capable of figuring out on her own almost any topic for them to learn, but how about highly specific subjects that are not so easily available or when they are heavily dependent on personal experience. I will be honest, I was thinking in Shinobu teaching ninjutsu to Tsuruya (final results may vary from picture) and Yuuto teaching his driving skills to Kyon. If the brigade need to preserve secrecy from them in the future (for some reason I believe that Shinobu and Yuuto are going to get involved more deeply with the brigade) Nagato can delete all their memories from the event if she has to (like in the movie Paycheck).

IMO, it's very likely Miyuki take notice of Keiichi, even if it's only his name what appear in court. Her mother told her a lot of stories about her father and the IDSE can "help" her to make that connection. About Miyuki, she must be about 32 or 33 years old in K:BDH (she born in 1978  *) and she uses her maiden name "Akasaka". IIRC, Miyuki was married in the visual novels  * (her last name was Sorimachi) so she must be divorced or she never was married in this timeline.

One last thing. I was thinking about Haruhi's new power upgrades and if this is going to the cue for Nonoko's Magical Girl upgrade. I don't actually picture Nonoko as a Magical Girl Warrior (Kyon wouldn't allow it if he can avoid it) but how about a some kind of non-lethal Upgrade Artifact to start? She had already proved to be very capable for her age, supporting of Kyon's cause and very Genre Savvy about his adventures (Wrong Genre Savvy to be exact, but she has a surprising good grasp of the situation in her own terms). I think something to improve "her own brand of little-sister espionage" and to facilitate her and her family defense in a emergency would be ideal.
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Nagato has managed to teach Kyon parts of most martial arts and a specific sword-style without difficulty. I doubt that ninjutsu is beyond her  *, let alone teaching Kyon to drive. Besides, that doesn't seem to be what Shinobu would be useful for...  *

Take notice? Yes. Attempt to arrest? Probably not. Why would she want to arrest him?

I really don't have much to say on what Nonoko gets. Though it'd be nice if she got a way to communicate with Hanyuu. Still having only Rika to talk to must be lonely...

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It would be a good idea for cosplay, though.

Wait a moment... *searching*

Ah, that Shinobu. I'm not sure about that, it would be too easy to fall into the undesirable side of the Fantasy Kitchen Sink territory if it's not done carefully. However, I think that a more stand-alone background would work nicely for her.

Edit (after further reading): Shinobu Tsukimura has experience with complex relationships and adventures. It would explain several things about K:BDH!Shinobu if they are the same character.

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"And I'd learned long before that if you can't do the impossible, you have to try the improbable." — Max Hardberger
We have an alien  *, a time-traveller, a different type of alien  *, a Reality Warper, a slider, someone whose ESP has evolved to 'basic telepathy plus flying burniness', someone who's apparently normal but isn't, a god/ghost, and someone who can see that god/ghost for no readily apparent reason. And we have Slider Alien Robots who can't be bothered to obey physics. It's also been hinted that Nonoko is going to become a Magical Girl of some sort and this thread has suggested turning a black hole into character.

I'm not sure that would really change the status quo much.

Also, it means more tropes and a bigger crossover. Always fun.

That she comes from an eroge does help, doesn't it?

Also, her boyfriend would be a ninja  *, which explains her abilities a bit.

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 1414 Mad Kitsu, Fri, 4th Mar '11 1:30:25 PM from Pursuiting a Trope-tan..
The Kitsune of Lunacy
Perhaps we could ask Durandall if Shinobu of K:BDH is indeed that Shinobu?
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We could.
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 1416 Mad Kitsu, Fri, 4th Mar '11 1:42:21 PM from Pursuiting a Trope-tan..
The Kitsune of Lunacy
True. But should we? That's the real question...
My mission: to gather all of the Trope-tans and make New Tropeia a tropey place.
Well, do we ask for an answer and potentially discover things aren't what we might hope or do we live in doubt?

I prefer doubt. More fun later on.
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Sorry for the wait. More info about Shinobu Tsukimura.

Japanese Vampire, purple hair, Gadgeteer Genius or Wrench Wench at least, Third-Person Person, Parental Abandonment, The Ojou, she has own Robot Maid (human in Nanoha 'verse  *) built by her aunt  * , Healing Factor (I so hope so), Victorious Childhood Friend in the OVA and definitely Eroge NSFW.

Here some images.

There is no translation, so I will see if I can get some other info ripping the CG from the game, but that would require time, hard disk free space and almost surely run the proper tools in Windows. Actually, I found two downloads of the game, but the other version seems to be a fandisk/sequel of some type called "Lyrical Toy Box" and if I am not mistaken, the latter was the original source of Nanoha [1].

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"And I'd learned long before that if you can't do the impossible, you have to try the improbable." — Max Hardberger
I guess that if they are the same Shinobu, then she's working for the Tsuruya family for a reason  *. And using an a pronoun for professionalism.

edited 4th Mar '11 3:26:57 PM by RainyDaze

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Maybe Shinobu came from another dimension and she can't go back on her own. This is story with sliders after all.

About sliding, I was thinking if sliding from one universe to another have some kind of time-debt like the FTL travels in Hyperion. In other words, the time for the travelling person goes slower than for the rest.

If that is true in K:BDH then Kanae possesses a more efficient sliding technique than Wataru and that could be the reason why The Combine is hunting her. If that Combine is similar to the other Combine then Kanae's power would be a huge strategic advantage for interdimensional warfare.

Another consequence of this is that Kanae is living a lot of time more than Wataru. Maybe a image will help

K:BDH Interdimensional time-debt theory (SVG)

The red line represents Wataru and the fuchsia represents Kanae. IIRC, Kanae spends three to four weeks in each world before Wataru catches up with her and she has to slide again. Probably Wataru sole mission is to capture her so he spends there just the time necessary for tracing the next destination and then slides after her. However his sliding method has a bigger time-debt and he arrives to the next universe much later than her. It's also possible that Kanae arrives before her departing time, in that case she potentially has lived years or maybe a couple of decades running.

Edit: Image fix. renames the images to jpg and the format I used was png. I never noticed that before.

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"And I'd learned long before that if you can't do the impossible, you have to try the improbable." — Max Hardberger
Or maybe Tsuruya's father just hired her and the rest of her relatives  * for some reason. Maybe he was having trouble with something weird? He supported the agency, there's got to be a reason for that one, even if there was a no-interference thing. Knowing that non-human entities exist... seems like a good reason to support that lot.

Picture won't load, for me. Also, Wataru slid out of the K:BDH universe and then back into it in... not that long a time. I'm guessing he just has trouble finding Kanae, since she doesn't punch big holes in the fabric of the universe. The Combine could just want to stop doing that.

edited 5th Mar '11 5:28:59 AM by RainyDaze

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Wataru also can slide out Kuyou's "shadow-song" space. I think he is sliding into a space significantly closer than another universe, somewhere within the "local neighborhood" in Haruhi's words, but further than Kuyou's spaces. In that case the time-debt is smaller and it would explain why he appears only every a couple of days.
"And I'd learned long before that if you can't do the impossible, you have to try the improbable." — Max Hardberger
I still suspect that the problem lies more with tracking someone who leaves no overt clues as to their actions, especially since there's no nasty tears in reality. Even when she's physically sliding, since I'm pretty sure that something would alert Kyon to such things happening in his bedroom.
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Kyon said that Kanae teleports herself similarly to Nagato (if I'm interpreting correctly, Nagato analysed Kanae's technique and found a way to emulate some of the effects) and Nagato's teleportations are described as "twisting the space". In other words, Wataru "tears" the space whereas Kanae just "folds" it. Maybe sliding is a phenomenon uncommon enough in the universe to detect.

There is also the possibility that Wataru and the Combine are tracking her down directly instead of following Kanae's "sliding path". Kanae mentioned that one of the three sliders after her is another version of her and that Kanae could have the power to find "herself".

edited 5th Mar '11 7:19:36 AM by Specular2

"And I'd learned long before that if you can't do the impossible, you have to try the improbable." — Max Hardberger
Either way, it still seems that they're having trouble finding her.
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