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I am astonished that there's no thread in this forum on the Reality TV show Survivor! Oh, wait, there is now!

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I have to say that the show has lasted for a long time. It started back in 2000, which feels like a long time ago now, and it has 24 seasons and counting!

I saw the first episode of the new season, and wow! There are two tribes, one made up of men and one made up of women, and both of them are right next to each other on the same beach!

I'm finding it rather entertaining so far, especially with the huge hostilities that have already erupted between the two tribes, such as sexist remarks being thrown around rather openly. One guy stole an axe the women had in their possession. The women, in turn, steal an ember from the men's fire while everyone's sleeping. I just knew that thefts were very likely to occur with both tribes being right next door to each other.

From what has been seen so far, the women's tribe is already falling apart! They've got no leader, no structure, no sense of teamwork, and they were having a hard time just getting a fire started! Personally, I thought Christina was simply doing what needed to be done in making a deal with the men to get a fire for her tribe. Alicia is such an Ungrateful Bitch!

I had high hopes for Kourtney Moon. She was pretty cute, especially with that killer whale cap she had on. It's so astonishing how these people are adults and yet they failed to listen to a word Jeff Probst said! He told them that they had to fall down a long drop, and that they should keep their hands close to their chests and land on their backs as they dropped. Practically no one listened, and Kourtney landed on the net with her arms spread downward and broke one of her wrists in three places! She had to be removed from the game. I don't know if she would have been voted out if that hadn't happened, but I guess we'll never know now, will we? sad
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The second episode sure had some interesting moments. Colton hanged around the girls' tribe enough times that they had to tell him to go away! On the plus side, though, it's gotten him to go around recruiting some men in his tribe to lead a coup. It hasn't happened yet, but it just might later on.

The girls' tribe lost and Nina got the boot. That was a big mistake. Kat should have been voted out. I hope for their sake that they pull it together, because if they don't, they'll have the biggest crash and burn demonstration in Survivor history!

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It's nicer to have someone to talk too eh?

Like the country music that played when both Troyzan and the...blonde messed up the on memorization. And it's fun to see the girls win and watch the guys implode. Seriously, there is so much drama this season.

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[up] Are you talking about the most recent episode of Survivor? I saw that just today, and I sat there thinking "Holy $#!+!"

I mean, the women's tribe was able to make an astonishing comeback! This is despite them going up to the men's tribe several times like needy, spoiled girls and the men having to put their feet and tell them to get out of their camp! The women completely won the Reward Challenge in what could only be described as a Curb-Stomp Battle. The women seemed to completely flounder at the Immunity Challenge, only to turn around and Sabrina solved that puzzle way faster than Bill did!

I'm glad the guys voted Matt off. The guy was such a Smug Snake combined with Small Name, Big Ego that he totally had that coming to him! evil grin

Colton seems to be showing himself as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Referring to Bill as "ghetto trash" seemed unnecessary. It was pretty nice how one of the guys pointed out the Not So Different aspect to Colton, saying that he's judging them the same way they're judging him. That one guy Tarzan (or is it Troyzan?) seems to be pretty Genre Savvy, especially pointing out how Colton's trying to make allies on the women's tribe, and asking to see the last two votes that weren't shown. He must be feeling Properly Paranoid!

Still, it does seem weird that the next episode has the men's tribe apparently falling apart! surprised
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Well, not falling apart. Just that everyone is now Colton's bitch. GAVE UP IMMUNITY JUST TO VOTE BILL OUT! JUST BECAUSE HE DIDN'T LIKE HIM! I have lost all of my respect for Colton. And it's not like the girls are gonna vote him out. New Survivor villain alert!

Hm. Gay Conservative. And humorously enough, says alot of things my Dad would agree with. If he wern't scoffing at his Camp Gay.

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I literally did a Head Desk over that. And then I did several other Head Desk 's over the rest of the idiocy I'm hearing out of them.

I simply can not get over how stupid most of their tribe is.

Willingly going to Tribal, whether by throwing a challenge or giving it away, is one of the dumbest moves anyone can make in the game.

It was half-way worth it for the look on Jeff's face, though. Priceless.

I want to see Colton gone, though. He's a poison in the tribe and he needs to go ASAP. Though I'm not sure I can root for the guys at all anymore anyway now that I've seen how willing they are to go along with his moronic sense of logic with absolutely no one willing to stand up to him at all.

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And the girls like him because "Aww, he's going to be picked on by the guys because he's gay."

...and he's likely to be brought back for a renunion game because he's so hated. AGGGGHHHHH!
If he gets voted out in the next week or so, I doubt it. With the exception of Shi-Ann and those two people from the tribe that never won a challenge, I don't think anyone's ever been brought back for a second season unless they at least made it to the merge.

Granted, there is a first time for everything.

On a side note, given how low the intelligence of these players has fallen and the things I've seen in the past few seasons, I've finally talked myself into actually trying to apply for the show myself the next time the applications open. I don't know how well I'd actually do, but I have no doubt I'd do a whole lot better than any of the men we're getting from this season.
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How'd you like that speech? Bill's & coltons.

He reminds me of Bill Dautrieve's cousin from King of the Hill

Camp Gay, elitist & vile. Lacking in any redeeming features. he's also Too Dumbto Live voting a tribemate out simply for disliking him. how is that a valid strategy?

Tarzan tried to play a reverse race card, but the issue isn't racism.

It's CLAS Sism. (that a trope?)

Colton is one of the 1%ers. His, "i went to a Private school, ladida" "It's your OWN fault that you're poor" & "I have no black friends, I have a black housekeeper (house slave back in the 'ole days')" Amazing how they voted out the fellow 99er rather than that horrid 1%er. (I guess that's how they're able to maintain their rule over us, huh?)

There aren't many people I (a poor, hard-working 99%er like Bill) want the tactile experience of beating to a pulp, but colton is one of those rich Smug Snake s. he also uses his homosexuality as a shield/ crutch.

At the least he has an Oh, Crap! moment during the tribal swap.

I too miss the cute tattooed girl. That challenge was too hazardous!

how do you guys like that ex-nfl players wife with the ugly boobjob? ew!

Do any of you think that the tribe immunity rules will be changed in the future? so stupidity like this doesn't reoccur?

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I don't see why changing the rules on the situation should be necessary. The way I understand it, the only reason it happened is because everyone on the tribe agreed to it. Had even one of them vetoed the option, the switch wouldn't have happened. Odds of it taking place again are likely to be slim to none, and if any tribe is dumb enough to pull the same stunt, I say they deserve what they get for that kind of outright stupidity.

And the way I see it, I have a hard time buying him as a Republican. Being someone who thinks of himself a Republican, I'm far more likley to label Colten as one of those 'Establishment Republicans' or a RINO the likes of which thinks of himself as some highly sophisticated type looking down on the 'hicks' he talks about that generally help make up the base of the party. I wouldn't be surprised if he's never even actually MET one of those 'unenlightened trailer living' folk he says he's much more sophisticated than.

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Who do you think is the greatest Survivor villain?

Personally, I think Russell Hantz is the greatest villain of the show! After all, he got to the end of the show twice, even if he didn't win. It's too bad for him that people got wise to him and voted him out the third time around. Of course, that same tribe threw a challenge just to get rid of him, and then fell apart afterwards. So I guess what they thought was a brilliant move was actually a stupid move! sad
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Hmm...Russel defitnly has the love to hate status around him.

Anyway, I'm rewatching the orginal seasons. And just right off the begining, the only one who seems to realize this is a game for money is Ritchard. I can take the Early Installment Weirdness well, though the fact they used "Ancient Voices" so much is off-putting a bit.

I was a little kid when the show first aired and the only thing I remember was the "snake and rat" speech.
[up] I didn't see the first Survivor season until very close to the end. The "snake and rat" speech was certainly memorable. It's such a pity that Richard Hatch got convicted on tax evasion charges. You would think that as a winner of $1,000,000, he would not get into trouble like that! sad

I finally got to watch the most recent episode today. Three words: oh my god! Okay, the men win the immunity challenge, and they, what? They give the immunity idol to the women's tribe, and then go to Tribal Council, because some people have a beef with Leif and Bill! surprised

I was beginning to see that Colton was such a Bastard In Sheeps Clothing, but I didn't realize just how much!

  • He insulted Bill and everything he stood for.
  • When Bill tried to talk things out and be adult and reasonable, Colton acted like a Manchild and pretty much covered his ears, signing "La la la!" Bill came out as the bigger man in the end.
  • Colton referred to Leif, who is a dwarf, as a "Munchkin" (The Wizard of Oz) and an Oompa-Loompa (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Oh my lord, all that needed was for Colton to call Leif a "midget"!

If this was fiction, Colton would qualify as a Politically Incorrect Villain, a Straw Hypocrite, and a caricature of a Caucasian, Southern bigot!

I need to say that I used to think that gay people were automatically more open-minded than straight people. Thanks to Colton, now I see that gayness and open-mindedness have little connection to each other! sad

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If this keeps up and nobody manages to wake up and smack that kid on his butt with a vote to kick him out, Colton could easily surpass Russell as the games biggest villain to date. Especially since he's so open about his distaste for people.

I still can't imagine how nobody seems to notice that he's the biggest threat right now. Sure, they're starting to wake up to how he can't be trusted, but I keep hoping that they notice how he's manipulating them all before it's too late.
[up] One thing that I have a hard time understanding about Survivor is how the contestants have managed to stay Genre Blind. I can understand them being like this for the first few seasons, because the show wasn't quite well-known. However, the show has gone on for more than 20 seasons! The contestants could have trained in a number of things before coming into the show, and they could even read up on the show right on the Internet. Somehow, they are still able to dig up contestants who have no clue as to how to play this game. And the mind boggles! surprised
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I sure liked the most recent episode of Survivor, especially with that trick of switching members in the tribes so that both of them contain men and women, and after losing the challenge, Colton's team had to move to another beach. It was worth it, just to see the look on Colton's face when a sharp left suddenly appeared in front of him! evil grin

Colton's tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, which was not surprising, because they were pitted against muscle and it was a physical challenge. That tribe voted out Monica, even though Tarzan had been considered. Colton assumed that the guy had Alzheimer's disease, but the guy explained that he had a type of aphasia that made it hard for him to remember people's names.

The next episode looks like Colton may be having a Villainous Breakdown, and engaging in more Kick the Dog instances (yeah, telling one woman in his tribe to go jump in a fire was a real dick move)! Will he get his? We'll find out!
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I know it's typically bad form to be happy towards someone else's misfortune, but I have to be honest.

Good riddance, Colton. You will NOT be missed.

I generally don't believe in Karma in the traditional sense, but I think what happened to him in last nights episode makes a STRONG argument in it's favor. It's probably the closest thing we'll ever get (and the closest thing I'd ever actually want) to a Karmic Death in Survivor. The guy was a spoiled brat, and got kicked out of the game by something he had absolutely no control over. I LOVE it!

The only downside is that even though he didn't get to the merge, it means he now has a decent shot of coming back in a future game (even if you were to put aside how he ALMOST got to the merge). So we may have to endure more of the guy in a future season. Hopefully, someone there will take notice of his play style and kick him out sooner.

I also think it's telling that he mentioned he's never not gotten his way. I have a bad feeling this isn't going to be the experience he needs to get a little humility in his life and learn that the world does not revolve around him.

One more time, because it feels so good to say it - Good Riddance, Colton! You will NOT be missed!

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And There Was Much Rejoicing. Farewell Colton. At least he will not be on the jury.

And the merge means new chacaters will show up. Troyzan will get his limelight.
If you ask me, Colton and Alicia were basically the Bastard and the Bitch (even the Gruesome Twosome) of Survivor. Both of them being Spoiled Brats with an It's All About Me attitude, and resorting to Kick the Dog to a disgusting degree.

Still, I never imagined Colton getting acute appendicitis and having to be pulled out of the game. It was pretty nice seeing Alicia pissed that she didn't get the Immunity Idol, because he wanted to keep it as a souvenir. They're two of a kind!

That has to be the biggest merged tribe I have ever seen, with 12 people (6 women, 6 men) making it up.

From what I'm seeing, I think Tarzan is completely losing it. I mean, really, he thinks that Christina is a bigger problem than Alicia. How much of a Horrible Judge of Character can you be? surprised Not to mention the fact that he's acting all "Oh, I can never work with you guys ever again!!!" in the episode! surprised
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-sighs- Trazan certianly missed a bullet didn't he? He might...nah...unsuffable genuises are great for finalies.
You know what I think this show really needs right now? A major switch-up to the way the hidden immunity idol works. Because right now, it seems as much about whoever finding it controlling the game as it is about actually protecting people and offering the potential for major shake-ups. It's especially prevalent when you consider the way people like Boston Rob, Russell, and Colton use it. "I've got an idol, you can't touch me. Do what I say or I'll vote your butt off."

I know people CAN blindside those players and that it's not a guarantee for survival, but the mindset it creates for so many people after how many seasons its been around means something about it needs to change.
[up] Yeah, they should change the rules of the Immunity Idol. So how's this:

  • Anybody who finds the Immunity Idol must play it at Tribal Council immediately afterwards, or it becomes invalid.

That ought to shake people out of their complacency! evil grin[lol]
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I feel sad for Jonas getting voted out. I really do. I mean, he was such a likable guy, he did all the cooking, contributed a lot to the merged tribe, and yet some found that threatening! Boy, who's going to do the cooking with him gone? Do they all want to starve or something? sad
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[up] That's the way it works sometimes, unfortunately. He simply fell on the wrong side of the alliance numbers. And who knows, maybe they feared that if he managed to last long enough, it would be difficult to win against him at final tribal. sad

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