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Let's make a harem show!
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Let's make a harem show!:

[up] some do yes.
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 127 fruitpork, Sat, 3rd Dec '11 1:17:41 PM from in a bowl of candy
Well, we might have a bit harder a time justifying The Libby in that environment, but I guess that okay.(Or we could scrap the original main heroine concepts, though I'd kinda feel sad if it came to that...)

Another thing we could do is age them down. Make 'em all Kindergardeners! /shot (But no, seriously, next to college age early middle school/older elementary school age is the most neglected, IMO.)

[up] and inappropriate.
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[up][up]Yeah, the reason elementary school harems don't exist is because you can't exactly get away with using the Accidental Pervert trope with pre-pubescent children.

Talking of which, if we're gonna have female Harem Heroes, we're gonna havta play with the whole Accidental Pervert thing. After all, Accidental Perverts tend to be on the wrong end of the Tsundere's Megaton Punch, and there's no way we could get away with women being beaten up by men (stupid Double Standard!)

By the way, is this gonna be just a plain Unwanted Harem, or is it gonna be a Themed Harem?
 130 fruitpork, Tue, 6th Dec '11 1:15:30 PM from in a bowl of candy
[up] Well the age range I was (less than seriously) talking about was 12~15, hence why I mentioned middle school as well. And for the harem members...Maybe since this is a Reverse Harem, we could Gender Flip and/or play with the usual tropes? Like, in the case of the Bifauxnen's harem, we could have the male Tsundere Punch out the girl and then get called out for it even though he has no clue why. Does that seem too offensive?

Thirdly, I was figuring that The Bifauxnen's harem would be unwanted and The Libby's themed. about, instead of actually punching her, he just pushes her over? He'd still get in trouble for it, but...I dunno, it just seems like it'd be less offensive that way. Maybe we could have him be her childhood friend to make it seem even less offensive? What do YOU think?

edited 8th Dec '11 9:51:28 AM by fruitstripegum

Hey, I have a question: how many Love Interests are gonna be in each harem?

And what are their personalities? I mean, I know the Harem Heroes are gonna be a Bifauxnen and The Libby, and I think we're gonna have a male Tsundere, but what about the rest?

By the way, what type of theme does The Libby's harem have?
 133 fruitpork, Thu, 8th Dec '11 5:05:14 PM from in a bowl of candy
[up] Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Also, could we have some female members in each harem? I dunno, but then we could spoof some other tropes as well.

edited 8th Dec '11 5:09:49 PM by fruitpork

Having some females in the harem would be nice.
Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
Sorry to necro a dead thread, but I gotta ask - are both harems gonna be Balanced Harems, or is one gonna be a Supporting Harem?
 136 fruitpork, Fri, 23rd Dec '11 9:04:51 AM from in a bowl of candy
Probaby both Balanced Harem, since the two main characters will eventually get together.

Edit: should I make a little sheet of what we have so far? I can repost it as we get more details.

edited 23rd Dec '11 9:07:48 AM by fruitpork

[up]Yes, please, that would probably be very helpful.

By the way, isn't "the two main characters will eventually get together" a major spoiler?
 138 fruitpork, Fri, 23rd Dec '11 1:38:12 PM from in a bowl of candy
Okay, so here's what I'm getting, correct me if I'm wrong:


Alternate History Japan


Lemme know if you guys have any more ideas. Don't die on me, thread!

 139 D Jay 32, Fri, 23rd Dec '11 2:03:15 PM from Cornwall Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Beat you to it, OP.
There is no Hell like the darkness of a human subconscious.
[up][up] about a Cosplay Otaku Guy in the first harem, and maybe a male Shrinking Violet and a Jerk Jock in the second?
 141 fruitpork, Fri, 23rd Dec '11 5:14:08 PM from in a bowl of candy
[up] Sounds interesting. Any Ideas for female members? I think I mentioned before that Les Yay is a-ok in this.

EDIT: [down]So which harem should she be in? I was thinking the Nice Girl as soon as I saw it.

edited 23rd Dec '11 5:25:43 PM by fruitpork

 142 chihuahua 0, Fri, 23rd Dec '11 5:16:40 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
[up] From Post #27.

So one of the members I'll throw in will be a lesbian Bookworm that is actually a bit outgoing and expressive, but insecured about her sexuality. She watches the main from the trees as the members duke it out, before she decides to burst out of the closet.

[up][up] about a pair of Tall, Dark and Bishoujo twins who are training to be maids for the Libby's harem? And maybe the Bifauxnen could have the school nurse (who's either a Butch Lesbian or a Lipstick Lesbian) as part of her harem? (The setting IS in a school, isn't it?)

And I've had an idea for the male Shrinking Violet I mentioned. Basically, he's a young teacher who develops a crush on The Libby (they're roughly the same age, by the way) and she initially takes advantage of this to ensure she gets good grades whether she deserves them or not, but as part of her Character Development she genuinely becomes fond of him (not in a requited love way, mind you) and stops using him.

Well, whaddaya think?

edited 24th Dec '11 6:17:09 AM by fruitstripegum

 144 fruitpork, Sat, 24th Dec '11 7:04:45 AM from in a bowl of candy
[up] That actually sounds pretty interesting. Another possibility is that when the two maids are introduced, they're practically identical, but during their character arc they become seperate people.

That's a good idea.

By the way, is this story gonna be set in a high school?

And I've had another idea, this one about the school nurse:

Basically, she's a Kitsune in human form.

I know it wouldn't happen in real life, but harem stories don't have to be true to real life, and I've seen plenty of harems where at least one haremette is a Human Alien, or a Cute Monster Girl, or a demon, or a Cute Ghost Girl, or...well, you get the idea.

edited 24th Dec '11 8:53:03 AM by fruitstripegum

 146 fruitpork, Sat, 24th Dec '11 9:18:53 AM from in a bowl of candy
I think if it's something like that, we should flesh out the setting so that it fits in. A kitsune out of nowhere with no explanation would seem strange.

Well, maybe the kitsune race came out of hiding way, way back in the Feudal period (this is an Alternate History Japan, after all.) And maybe there could be some more Youkai races here and there, like the tengu, or the takooni or inugami (or whatever the dog-demons are called).
 148 fruitpork, Sat, 24th Dec '11 1:12:49 PM from in a bowl of candy
Maybe they're the reason the history changed so much- like, Their race destroyed Edo/Tokyo and caused it never to become the capital, as well as preventing Japan from becoming a superpower.

Although, I don't know very much about Japanese history, so I probably got some things wrong. Does anyone else here have some backround? :P

[up]Or they could have made the other city far too prosperous and well fortified to not have as a capital.

Otherwise I feel there would need be an elemental of Fantastic Racism in the work.
Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 150 fruitpork, Sun, 25th Dec '11 11:13:02 AM from in a bowl of candy
[up] That's not a bad thing. It might be the reason she's in human form, anyways. tongue

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