YMMV / Quest for Glory

  • Complete Monster: Ad Avis, the Big Bad of the second game, is a cruel, misogynistic wizard who takes over the city of Raseir, where he turns it into a hellhole where slavery is permitted, women are forced into harems and treated as dogs while Ad Avis slowly drains all the magical life force in the city. Seemingly defeated, Ad Avis returns in the fourth game, where he is turned into a vampire by his mentor Katrina and intends to summon a monstrous Eldritch Abomination to plunge the world into eternal night and chaos. Betraying Katrina, Ad Avis also intends to torture The Hero to death while trying to bring about the apocalypse to satisfy his own ego.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The series as a whole generally has memorable music, but a few tracks ascend to Awesome levels, particularly in QFG4. There's also the titular theme song, but the most famous song of the entire series (and quite possibly that entire era of adventure games) actually comes from the first game, played in a certain lovely wizard's garden spot...
  • Game-Breaker: The Paladin class as a whole. In Quest for Glory III, once the Paladin earns the "Heal" ability he's granted the Magic skill. By Quest for Glory V the Paladin can learn every spell in the series, except for the handful of that specifically require being the Wizard class to learn (most of which are plot-specific). The Paladin is therefore not only a hybrid Fighter/Wizard, but he also carries the best sword in the game, and has his own class abilities on top of that!
  • Goddamned Bats: Badders in QFG4. Baddies and Humunculi in QFG5.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Even though the Paladin isn't supposed to have magic, because the games treat his abilities as spells except Paladin abilities use the Honor skill as their modifier, rather than Magic and Intelligence he's able to unlock almost every spell in the series. As noted above, this makes him a serious Game-Breaker, as he not only gains all the advantages of the Fighter and Wizard, but none of their weaknesses, and has his own unique abilities, on top of the best sword in the franchise.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Between fans of the Hero/Katrina and the Hero/Erana in Quest for Glory IV. Then came Quest for Glory V and two more ships came between the Hero/Elsa and the Hero/Nawar.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Some fans lamented that the Hero couldn't hook up with Salla in the fifth game. This was rather difficult since Salla never speaks out of shyness and practically nothing is known about her.
  • Unwinnable by Insanity:
    • Attacking Tanya or Toby in Quest for Glory IV doesn't immediately kill you; Toby will just force you out of the room. But it makes the game unwinnable, as Tanya will charm and bite you if you go back into her room after that.
    • A mild example if you let Igor die but let the gypsy escape. You can never again set foot in town during day, because it will set off an automatic sequence where the Burgomeister will try to arrest you for freeing the gypsy, and you'll escape the town only to get turned by a vampire that night.
    • In the earlier games you can drop critical plot items, never to be recovered. You can even eat the Magic Acorn in the first game (which, as the Dryad specifically told you a few seconds before you got it, you need to create the plot-critical Dispel Potion).