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YMMV: Quest for Glory V
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: The Big Bad behind everything is... Minos. Considering he's Obviously Evil, no one trusts him - even Elsa whom he sponsors for the rites. Consider his family used to rule Silmaria, that of all the sponsors he's by far the most Jerkass, and is a misogynist. That he's about the only one who could afford a mercenary army (And according to Elsa has a history hiring mercenaries as he planned to lend her some for the first rite). His contact with Elsa in Spielburg means he's one of the few who could have hired Bruno (Also from Spielburg) when Bruno is outed as the assassin. Even Toros (Who isn't the sharpest tool in the shed) immediately figures he's up to no good and doesn't trust him. Pretty much the only person surprised by the reveal is Logos. Yet despite how obvious it is, Minos is only outed at the very end and mostly by him pretty much declaring to Elsa he's the villain. Yet through the entire game Paladins feel the need to go through a convoluted quest to make a ring of truth to find who the mysterious person behind all these trouble is, a ring that requires multiple ingredients - one of whom is in hades. And in the end Minos confesses as soon as he's confronted.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire game has glorious orchestra like music. Especially the dance with the Dryads is a very haunting and beautiful piece.
    • Special mention should go to the town theme as well.
  • Executive Meddling: The amount of creative control by Lori Cole was severely curtailed in this installment, while Corey was relegated to the role of "consultant." Whole sections of the script were vetoed by higher-ups, and the FPS-style controls for the combat system were the result of demands made at the executive level.
  • Fandom Nod: As the fans were instrumental in keeping this game afloat, the Adventurer's Guild has several references to prominent Quest for Glory forum members.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Salim and Kokeeno are voiced by none other than Steve Blum. Rakeesh and his son are voiced by Beau Billingslea.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks - Some consider the changes made to Dragon Fire made it by far the weakest game in the series. Although not exactly jarring, the game's shift to more action-oriented game play certainly sets it apart from the previous installments. Not necessarily for the better.
    • Having no other solution but to fight the invading mercenary general in single combat really goes against type for the Paladin, Wizard (the Paladin and Wizard ought to be negotiating a treaty) and Thief (a stealth-based assassination would have been the most appropriate). This is just one of the more egregious situations where characters other than the Fighter are fairly poorly supported (seriously, trying to kill the guy with the Thief is an absolute bitch).
      • Sorta. The Paladin would have wanted to prevent a war, but the war is already underway by the timethe game starts. Once a war is on, there probably isn't reason for a paladin not to fight it.
  • Un-Canceled: Fan support for the games resulted in the decision to resurrect the series for its Grand Finale. A special text file is included in the game's installed directory specifically for thanking all the fans.
  • What Could Have Been: A much advertised multiplayer component was cut from the final release of the game. Players would have been able to compete as the Hero, Elsa and Magnum Opus. It was also suppose to have been available as a downloadable patch a few months later, but it never saw the light.
    • Additionally, the bow and arrow were to be among the list of usable weapons but the bow was left out; the masses of arrows you can loot from human enemies and sell are The Artifact of this.
    • In a session chat, the Coles talked about a possible expansion should the game had sold well. It would have feature pirates and demons. The three gnomes from previous games (Yorick, Keapon Laffin and Punny Bones) would have shown up at Gnome Ann Land Inn for a comedy show.
    • The wizard was suppose to get a familiar. The thief's acrobatics could have be used to perform cartwheels and backflips. None of these made it to the final cut.

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