Headscratchers / Quest for Glory

  • Sauruses in Quest for Glory II were described as being fearsome and loyal steeds. While yours being an abject coward was part of a plot point, there's no reason why your replacement (the one you get to travel to Raseir on) should balk at combat. That's why this troper considered it a Crowning Moment of Awesome when the unofficial remake allowed you to fight on Saurus-back when you got to Raseir.
    • I always thought it was there as a joke. But your comment has inspired me to go play the remake, which I've downloaded but haven't gotten around to yet.

  • Also in Quest for Glory II, if you wait around for too many days after beating the four elementals, you lose the game, and the game over screen shows Iblis getting free. But hold on a minute! In order to do that, the bad guy has to get you to open the cave. Yet, if you were lazing around in Shapeir, you wouldn't have been around for him to do that. So how come it happens?
    • That's kinda why the Fan Remake forces the Raseir journey when your time in Shapeir is up.

  • QFG4. Am I the ONLY person who has an issue with the ending? Am I? I'm sorry, but having used all of the rituals to start the rebirth of one of the greatest evils for that area, and freeing the ONLY THING HOLDING IT BACK somehow equals it dying and the world saved? Really? Because I want to know if I missed something here that somehow changes the fact that you never stopped the main problem in the first place.
    • Erana uses her powers to make the main problem go away forever.
      • And if you read the journal in the Adventurer's Guild, this is further explained.
      • Baba Yaga explains that the rituals have two purposes. Their main use is summoning an Eldritch Abomination. However, the incantations listed in the rituals can also be used to banish it, but only a very powerful wizard can achieve that. Your job is merely to collect the rituals and then free a powerful wizard with the skill and willingness to utilize their secondary use.
      • Thank Goodness, because I missed so much context I was rather in the dark, as Katrina was saying "Revive it" and my character does without question. Making me think "What the Hell, Hero?? Did you join the villains' side or something?"

  • In QFG4, the townsfolk complain about how they've been cut off from the world for years, and yet Dr. Cranium somehow managed to go to Spielburg to pick up some Antwerps last Spring (who heard of some hero who freed Spielburg from Brigands, namely you). It would have been nice to hear about some flying machine or boat he used to navigate out of there that got smashed or something, or a friend that picked him up, that the rest of the town either hate him for hoarding it or simply consider being trapped in Mordavia with all the horrors a safer alternative to travelling with Dr. Cranium.
    • It's really best not to think too hard about Dr. Cranium's very existence.
      • I always thought Dr. Cranium was there as an advertising spokesperson for The Castle of Dr. Brain, which was made by the same people that did most of the Quest for Glory series, Lori and Corey Cole.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Someone in Mordavia does indeed have a "flying machine"... and has recently been to Spielburg in the recent past: Baba Yaga and her flying hut. Maybe she and Cranium worked out some kind of deal, or she snatched the baby Antwerps up for snacks, only for them to escape upon reaching Mordavia and fall into Cranium's hands?
    • Or it may be that his skepticism is strong enough to suppress the undead and search for a path through the swamp undisturbed.
    • Doesn't explain how Punnybones got there. He outright admitted he was cursed in another town years ago (Mordavia has been cut off for at least a century) and came to Mordavia looking for a cure then left with no explanation as to how he left or if he was just hiding offscreen somewhere.
  • In QFG4 why does Tanya look like a stereotyped Vampire (Bloodshot red eyes, and pale skin), while the other vampires look like perfectly normal humans albeit fangs?
    • Well, the only other vampires you meet are what, Ad Avis and Katrina, both of whom have been vampires for a long time and are adept mages to boot. It might be they've mastered their vampire powers sufficiently to hide the most obvious signs or they used illusions to do so. Katrina kind of has freaky hair when you wake her up.
      • That's a bit more than just a really bad case of bed head, but Glamour Failure is the most likely explanation.
    • Also, I just checked, Ad Avis has no pupils.
      • Ad Avis has not been a vampire for a long time. He was bitten a long time before the games, but only recently rose as a vampire after the Hero killed him.
  • Was the Boris subplot an Aborted Arc? I mean, there is a huge build up to him leaving his heavily grieving wife and becoming thralled by the vampires. (Though it's implied he willingly abandoned his wife for whatever personal reason) but I beat the entire game as a Paladin and got full score. I never was able to reunite them like I did Anna and Nikolai. (I'm not counting the ending itself, which implies they reunited because that feels like a Cop Out)
    • You have to keep running messages between the two for a while, and they'll eventually comment they reconcile and Boris goes home at the end of his shift at the gates. I don't recall whether or not there's points for it, but you can reconcile them.
    • You get honor for it, but nothing more.
    • Do you need more reasons than honor to do what's right?

  • QFG4: Ghosts are supposed to haunt the location of their deaths and not be able to leave those locations until their unfinished business is... finished. So what was Piotyr's ghost doing in the area near Erana's staff? Between the fact that he was mortally wounded fighting a wraith far from town and the fact that everyone thought he had run off, there is no way he could have died anywhere near town, let alone at Erana's staff.

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