Heartwarming / Quest for Glory

  • Word of God said pirated copies of the first game found their way beyond the Eastern Block. People who played the game enjoyed how they could become a hero and savior of a whole valley. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, they took the time to write to the Coles to thank them. They said the game has helped them endure the difficult life in the Soviet Union.
  • In Quest for Glory I:
    • The Hero bringing back the Baronet to his father. The soundtrack drives home the point that you just provided the man untold amounts of relief and hope after years of misery.
  • In Quest for Glory II:
    • The Hero restoring Julanar's soul.
    • All the Kattas thanking you after having saved the town from the Elementals.
    • At the end, everyone in the land giving props for your heroic deeds in front of the Sultan.
  • In Quest for Glory III:
    • The Sultan wishing you a safe trip and hugging you, his adoptive son, in the introduction.
    • Harami coming to your help and proving he's more than a Dirty Coward.
  • In Quest for Glory IV:
    • Seeing the townsfolk treat the gravedigger as one of their own, and getting genuinely worried over his fate.
    • The Paladin finally offering release to the Rusalka.
    • The Paladin bringing back Pyotr's sword to the Burgomeister, leading to a Restored My Faith in Humanity moment.
    • Some of the dreams shared with Erana show how kind a soul Erana was, and they make the hero (and the player!) want to get closer to her and heal her loneliness.