Trivia / Quest for Glory

  • Fan Nickname: Devon Aidendale for the Hero, the name given in the prose-style writeup for the official strategy guide.
  • The Other Darrin: Within the same game, surprisingly. Jeff Bennett does most of Dr. Cranium's lines, but John Rhys Davies (who is also The Narrator of the voiced version of Shadows of Darkness) voices a grand total of one of his lines.
  • What Could Have Been: The Coles have said on record that several intended features had to be cut from the series for various reasons, usually time and technical limitations. For example, the first game was supposed to have different races (Gnome thief, Elf wizard, Centaur archer, Human jack-of-all-trades) and a large Goblin warren maze; the former was replaced with the three classes, while the Goblin base remains as The Artifact of the latter. Similarly, the fifth game lost the ability to use bow and arrow, multiplayer, and to play as Elsa, over the course of its development.
    • Other artifacts of the first game: The workshop appeared to be occupied in the original version of the first game (the remake made it more clear that it serves no purpose); it, along with the butcher shop, barber shop, and bakery were probably intended to serve some sort of purpose that was scrapped, and thus are always closed in the final version.
    • The second game, Trial by Fire, was meant to be a 256-color VGA game, which would have made it Sierra's first, until Ken Williams decided to reserve the honor for their latest flagship game, King's Quest V. As a result, Trial was relegated to EGA status. A fan-created VGA version was released in 2008.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Quest for Glory Omnipedia.
  • Word of God: The series was originally intended to be four games, but in the design process for Shadows of Darkness the Coles decided that going from an evil wizard to an Eldritch Abomination was too far a jump for the Big Bad, and made Wages of War as a transition. In a 2008 interview, they added that after completing Trial by Fire, they felt that Rakeesh and Uhura were "crying out to have their stories told". Additionally, the Coles have said that Glorianna, the games' setting, is an alternate Earth which suffered an explosion of magic, creating the various animaloid races like Liontaurs, as well as making time flow differently in different parts of the world (hence the Schizo Tech).