YMMV / Quest for Glory I

  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Saurus Rex. No loot, and very tough.
    • Trolls are pretty tough too.
    • Brigands if you fight them early on with non-boosted stats.
    • Cheetaurs. Can take a LOT of damage and inflict alot with a double claw and bite attack.
  • Fridge Logic: The bear in the cave is shackled in place and won't do serious harm unless you get very close to it. You can attack the bear and kill it, or you can avoid conflict by casting calm or feeding it before you walk past it to the second cave, at which point the bear doesn't even care to notice you and can even be talked to. The latter of which is also what you should do if you want the good ending, because killing the bear or freeing it from its bonds reverts the bear to its previous form, Bernard von Spielburg, the missing son of the baron. So why is it that when you engage in combat with the bear, then cast calm while still in combat, would the bear calmly decide to eat you like every other monster or enemy you do this to? And why did it not occur to the hero to step back a bit once the bear is calmed, rather than stand there like a fresh slab of steak in front of a bear that, again, is trapped in place and transforms into his human form if he wasn't shackled? For that matter, why do enemies, such as the brigands, still calmly devour you if you also cast calm on them while in combat?
    • The Calm spell is specifically designed to lower emotions and ease aggressive intentions if, and only if, the target isn't already trying to kill you. (This is why, for example, it won't work on an enemy that you have already attacked with a Flame Dart.) If they are trying to kill you, and you cast calm, then they will calmly try to kill you, because the spell doesn't change their intentions at all. If they're beating you to do death while angry, or beating you to death while calm, they're still beating you to death.
  • Goddamn Bats: Regular sauruses, goblins and Mantrays are not overly tough (though Mantrays fly and are harder to hit in combat, and are immune to Dazzle and Calm) and appear frequently. Also, the sauruses and mantrays don't give any loot.
  • No Export for You: Actually averted and inverted. There is a very rare Japanese release of the EGA version for PC-98 (that works in ScummVM!), playable in either English or Japanese or with subtitles, and with a fully functional Japanese parser!
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The general impression of the VGA remake. While the new hand-painted backgrounds and environments were quite beautiful, many players of the original game were turned off by the digitized sprites in the battle scenes, which were animated using clay models (thus the radical change in the design of the Saurus and Saurus Rex; the original designs were impractical to render that way). Other features were also cut without explanation (such as Fred's cave in the secret passage), and a new mechanic was introduced where running out of Stamina during a fight would instantly kill you. The debate over whether the text parser or point-and-click interface is superior was also a significant point of contention, with many fans preferring the freedom of the former.