YMMV / Quest for Glory II

  • Anvilicious: The message that wizards get from the Dervish ("Wizards sit and study problem while a hero solves it") and Erasmus ("What good is magic or knowledge unless you use them?") and the Non-Standard Game Over that they get if they decide to stay at the Wizards' Institute of Technocery might be laying it on a bit thick... or maybe Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.
  • Complete Monster: Ad Avis, the Big Bad, is a cruel, misogynistic wizard who takes over the city of Raseir, where he turns it into a hellhole where slavery is permitted, women are forced into harems and treated as dogs while Ad Avis slowly drains all the magical life force in the city. Seemingly defeated, Ad Avis returns in the fourth game.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny:
  • Demonic Spiders: Like So You Want to Be a Hero, the worst monster you can run into is a bigger, meaner variety of saurus, this time the terrorsaurus. Very quick and very strong, they can take a lot of hits and there is utterly no reason to fight one besides puzzle points for the Fighter class (and proving how badass your character is).
    • The Fan Remake take that Up to 11 by turning the Ghouls into spellcasters. Oh, and they still retain their chilling claws ability.
      • Also from the remake: one jackalman is a joke. Two or three jackalmen are annoying, but manageable once you've learned how to kick them away. Four or five jackalmen is an utter nightmare that will surround you from all sides and cut you to pieces.
  • Narm: The Water Elemental's Non Standard Game Over. The Fire Elemental burns down Shapeir, Air destroys it with a hurricane, Earth causes an earthquake, so you'd think Water would summon a tidal wave or something. Instead, it just wiggles in place for a few seconds and the city spontaneously crumbles.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In the original, you could only rest (to quickly advance time) in your bedroom. Since the sleeping rooms in Raseir were only available at night, this meant you had to stand around doing nothing for a long time, since there was very little to do. The remake fixed it by letting you rest in most places and putting a few convenient time-skips at points where the developers knew people would run out of stuff to do.
    • The street maze was one too, but since you had to navigate it without a map at the very start of the game, a lot of first-timers were put off by it. The remake gave players the ability to pick a simplified system and added landmarks and skylines to make navigation easier.
  • Tear Jerker: Completing Julanar's quest was impressively moving for the limits adventure games had at the time.
  • That One Attack: The pizza rain attack is the single greatest reason the Pizza Elemental in the AGD remake is the hardest fight in the game. It's punches are easily to evade, the extremely high defense just prolongs the fight, and even the One-Hit Kill attack can be easily broken free of, and in fact doing so prevents the boss from healing itself and leaves itself open when it tries to do so. But the rain of pizzas has no pattern (other than when the boss is setting up the One-Hit Kill attack) lasts the entire fight, can hit anywhere (though it's less likely to hit directly in front of the boss) and can sometimes fall in such a way that there's no way to dodge everything. It also knocks the player down when it hits, and can hit multiple times, easily pinning the player down and forcing them to take a ton of hits before they can move again.