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YMMV: Power Rangers Turbo
  • Accidental Innuendo: "We're here to toss your salad!"
  • Anticlimax Boss: Maligore. An ancient god of evil...who gets exploded with one non-powered slash.
  • Asspull: The "transition" (term used very loosely) between Power Rangers Zeo and this series.
  • Broken Base: Some people still claim this is the worst season even though arguably, there have been worse seasons since (Operation Overdrive and Wild Force in particular are often seen as having taken the Worst Season Title). Some people agree that while the first half was pretty bad the second half was an improvement. Others believed the first half was bad but the second half was even worse for changing the entire cast save Justin (who was decidedly unpopular). However, most can agree that the first 19 or so episodes of Turbo weren't Power Rangers' best.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In The Movie, Divatox calling (as in, via telephone) Rita Repulsa for advice on how to defeat the Power Rangers:
    Rita Repulsa: Ha hahahahah! If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here listening to this?!
    (Rita holds the phone up to a sleeping Lord Zedd, who is snoring very loudly)
    Rita Repulsa: My advice to you, Divatox? RUN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (slams phone down)
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Meta: When a fan at Power Morphicon asked Steve Cardenas if he regretted being written out of the show, he said no. Why? Because he wouldn't have gotten to meet his replacement otherwise.
    • Also, the Word of God given around the time of Operation Overdrive that the reason Rita and Zedd were Put on a Bus was because they were taking maternity/paternity leave and wanted to spend as much time as possible with their son.
    • When Bulk and Skull's invisibility wears off at the end of "Stitch Witchery", Lt. Stone is overjoyed to see them again.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Despite the season's infamy amongst fans, Turbo's theme song has been highly praised.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • In real life, Blake Foster, who played Justin, is known to be a pretty nice guy and doesn't regret his time on Power Rangers. As he put it in a convention appearance, "Who didn't want to be a Power Ranger?" He also kept his Blue Ranger costume and helmet.
    • In show, Phantom Ranger, due to how frickin' mysterious he is. So much so, that Phantom got to the final round of the Morphin' Madness fan contest.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Divatox, for some.
  • Growing the Beard: The additions of T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos on-screen, with Judd Lynn taking over writing duties more-or-less concurrently. The new characters and more consistent writing gave new life to an otherwise moribund series. (As noted below, after these changes, the ratings saw noteworthy improvement.) Looking back, the second half of Turbo gets a far more favorable reception than the first half.
    • While Power Rangers in Space is given credit to being this for the franchise as a whole, arguably the second half of Power Rangers Turbo laid the groundwork.
  • Ho Yay: Carlos with T.J, Justin with Nico. Cassie and Ashley also got some Les Yay in.
  • It Gets Better: The second half when the new Ranger come in is huge improvement over the first half. To the point many fans makes a distinction between the two halves rather than consider them a single series.
  • Irony: This season starts the trend Power Rangers has where anniversary and milestone seasons have a bad reputation (Turbo- 5th season. Wild Force- 10th season and first Disney season. Overdrive- 15th season. Samurai- Saban's return to the franchise. Megaforce-20th season).
  • Memetic Mutation: They were baked into a giant pizza. This is among the most remembered parts of the season.
  • Never Live It Down: Getting baked into a giant pizza. Though in the team-up "Forever Red", T.J. did kind of take it in stride, bringing it up in a bit of Self-Deprecation, much to the chagrin of the other Red Rangers (except for Cole, who was quite curious to hear the tale).
  • Replacement Scrappy: More or less averted since its generally considered when the new team took over the writing improved. Though there is still a vocal minority that hates the team simply for replacing Fan Favorites Tommy and Adam, though even then most of the detractors learn to like the new team by Power Rangers in Space. Not because the characters changed mind you, simply because that season was more well received.
    • And it didn't help at all when we learned the producers didn't even have the decency to tell their long-time stars that they'd been fired, and they had to hear about it through gossip from the hair and makeup people.
  • The Scrappy: Too many, which is why this series is disliked.
    • Justin, who had shades of the Creator's Pet. But a lot of it comes mostly from concept rather than execution. He was a young kid compared to the older Rangers and no matter how hard Blake Foster tried he always stuck out among the group. But as a character he was fairly well rounded: skilled and observant but with moments of jealousy, pride and short-sightedness.
    • Alpha 6, also of Turbo, could qualify. While Alpha 5 was dorky-but-lovable, Alpha 6 was an attempt to make Alpha cool by using forced-hip slang ("Yo, Rangers!"). It's no coincidence that as Turbo ended, he was damaged, and his voice chip needed to be replaced with one of Alpha 5's.
    • Dimitria, both for replacing Zordon and being limited to interrogative statements for the first half of the series.
    • Elgar, mainly for being obnoxious and not remotely threatening.
    • Divatox is this due to the fact she replaced The Machine Empire and whining all the time when she loses. She also likes to set explosions all over the place and ALWAYS setting them for an hour, enough time for the Rangers to get rid of them! She is also seen as Rita-lite most of the time!
    • Tommy Oliver has a bit of a hatedom. This appears to be in hindsight, though, since if you ask anybody who grew up in The Nineties their favorite Power Ranger, only those who still watch the show will most likely not say Tommy. Those who insist he is The Scrappy say so for all the usual reasons: Spotlight-Stealing Squad, Mary Sue, Creator's Pet...
    • There are many fans who dislike Ashley simply because of her actress, Tracy Lynn Cruz. She had dated Johnny Yong Bosch and in an interview years later he said once she got on Turbo she dumped him, stole his money and his car. Johnny (and Adam) was already The Woobie to fans and some people paint Tracy as evil, saying that she "eats the skulls of babies to survive". Johnny appears to regret letting out that information, due to how bad the backlash got.
    • The Blue Senturion isn't very popular either. The fan theory that he was, in fact, responsible for the events of Power Rangers RPM didn't help; though that was eventually Jossed by "Clash of the Red Rangers".
  • Stock Footage Failure: Several members of Divatox's supporting players were redesigned to be much less sinister looking, making spotting the Carranger footage pretty obvious. Especially Elgar.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: General Havoc. He was MUCH smarter than any of the show's regular villains, and could take his defeats as little more than setbacks, and, he gets Put on a Bus a few episodes after he appears.
  • Villain Decay: Divatox was competent enough in the movie. In the show? Not so much.
    • Finally inverted at the end when she led an army to the power chamber and utterly destroyed it, and she probably would have killed the rangers (once she discovered they survived) if she hadn't been summoned away
  • Vindicated by History: Sort of, while it still has a wide spread Hatedom especially by people still wearing Nostalgia Goggles who just remember it as "the season that got rid of Tommy and Adam" reception toward Turbo, especially in the second half has been a lot warmer than when it first aired, helped by the fact that there has been arguably worse seasons

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