Trivia / Power Rangers Turbo

General Trivia:
  • Chase into Space is the second time that footage from the sentai adapted into the following Power Rangers series is used in the previous one - the first being the abandoned theater shot from "The Wedding" in season 2 of Mighty Morphin, which was from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. Unlike "The Wedding", however, Chase into Space adapted footage from its corresponding Carranger episode as wellnote . The shuttle launch footage in question would get used a second time in episode 4 of Lightspeed Rescue.

Trope related trivia:
  • California Doubling: As with the previous seasons, the Power Chamber exterior is The House of the Book performance hall and library building at the American Jewish University, Brandeis-Bardin Campus in Simi Valley, California.
  • Creative Differences: There was a dispute between Jonathan Tzachor and story editor Doug Sloan about the tone of the series - the former wanted to embrace the comedic elements of the source material, and the latter wanted to make a serious story. Judd Lynn's thoughts were similar to those of Tzachor's, but suppose that Sloan had been on board with playing up the comedic elements from the get-go or Judd Lynn had been on board since day 1. What would the season have turned out like then?
  • Dawson Casting: Downplayed with 20-year-olds Roger Velasco and Selwyn Ward, but just barely played straight with 21-year-old Tracy Lynn Cruz and 22-year-old Patricia Ja Lee.
  • Follow the Leader: The decision to have a twelve-year old as a Power Ranger was made due to Saban's success with Big Bad Beetleborgs.
  • Name's the Same: Let's see… T.J. is friendly, easygoing, protective of his friends, the leader, his first initial stands for Theodore, the "J" part is an Embarrassing Middle Name and instead goes by his initials. Sounds familiar, huh?
  • The Other Darrin: Divatox. She was portrayed by Hilary Shepard Turner in The Movie, but while she was on maternity leave, she was subsequently replaced by Carol Hoyt in the television series for the first half of the series. During the second half of the season, Turner reprised her role, continuing well enough into Power Rangers in Space.
    • The change in actresses between the film and the show also brought about a change in costume and personality. Divatox's costume in the film was much more revealing and exposed a lot of cleavage, while her costume in the show was a little more covered up. Hoyt's Divatox was more calculating and evil while Turner portrayed Divatox as more of a hysterical diva.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Blake Foster was a huge fan of the show and was absolutely thrilled when he was offered the part of the Blue Ranger. Even at Power Morphicon in 2010, he said that being a Power Ranger was every kid's dream and that he kept his helmet and costume.
  • Screwed by the Network: The reason Saban had to use footage from Carranger was because of their contract with Toei - the contract explicitly forbid them from skipping a sentainote  (so Saban couldn't just skip Carranger and adapt Denji Sentai Megaranger, which would get adapted into the next series), and the contract was only for Zyuranger and onwards, meaning that Saban couldn't go back and adapt a pre-Zyuranger series, despite the fact that the tone of a series such as Jetman or Maskman would have been a much better fit for the type of story that Turbo was trying to tell.
  • Troubled Production:
    • Producer Jonathan Tzachor wanted to embrace the source footage Gekisou Sentai Carranger's slapstick comedy and then story editor Doug Sloan wanted to continue Power Rangers Zeo's more serious bent of the franchise growing up. This led to severe mood whiplash, like a villain planting bombs that Rangers needed to deactivate before they blew up and kill people while having goofy concepts like Tommy reading the new zords' instruction manual. Eventually Doug Sloan left and was replaced with Judd Lynn right when it came time to jettison the old cast (minus Justin) and replace them with a new cast. As Judd Lynn was in agreement on playing closer to Carranger's comedy, the product became a lot more cohesive in the show's second half.
    • The movie was initially envisioned as a reunion of the original MMPR cast teaming up with the new Turbo team, it fell apart when Walter Jones and Thuy Trang refused to give up their Guild membership cards to film. The explanation of the Turbo powers was dropped when David Yost left near the end of Power Rangers Zeo. The original cut was actually over three hours long and they were forced to trim it down to under two. Beyond all of that, it was no wonder the movie flopped!
  • Unfinished Episode: An unfilmed episode, titled "Rangers in Concert", originally planned to be the mid-season finale, was set to focus on a number of characters. This would have included: Carlos, whose surname was originally "Chavez", who would have become the Red Ranger; Ashley, originally "Missy", who would have become the Pink Ranger; Lt. Stone's niece from "Cars Attack", Jenny Hunter (originally called "Ashley"), who would have become the Yellow Ranger; and Tanya's KAGV intern and clear T.J. prototype, Michael, who would have become the Green Ranger. Said episode was also to have the Blue Senturion show the current Power Rangers - who would've fought Rockin' Roach - the full Millennium Message, allowing them to know who their replacements would be in "Passing the Torch".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There were originally plans for Bulk and Skull to get their own Fawlty Towers-esque spin-off series, where they run a hotel with a Mexican Elvis Impersonator called "El Vez". This explains why both Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy left the series so that the producers could add chimpanzees to the show roster (with Schrier and Narvy still providing voices, though).
    • Somewhere exists a directors cut of the Turbo movie. Around forty minutes of footage cut from the final product...
      • The fifth revision of the script gave Justin a lot more motivation, explained the Turbo powers, explained why after they didn't pass the powers off to someone else. Oh sure, there are still some plot holes but it mostly patched them all up...
    • Originally only Jason David Frank was supposed to leave, having expressed interest in leaving since Zeo. Saban convinced him to stay through the first half of Turbo to let them write out his character properly while they go look for his replacement. Next thing you know, Catherine Sutherland announced that she planned on leaving and moving on to other projects as well; and so, the writers thought of perhaps having Johnny Yong Bosch and Nakia Burrise stay until the end of Turbo with their characters serving as the more seasoned, veteran Rangers (along with Blake Foster's character) who help out the two new team members and with either one of them becoming the leader (meaning that we could have had 6 Red Rangers up to date who were not leaders if this had happened back then). Eventually, during production of the first half of Turbo, the executives decided to get rid of all the veteran Rangers except for Justin, much to the shock of Bosch and Burrise (as with Foster, who was very sad to see all of them leave at once; he eventually grew to be just as fond of his newer cast mates though — but, that's another story) who found out about it through an ad on a newspaper — calling for auditions to fill in 4 Ranger spots: Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green — that someone from the hair and makeup department had shown them. Ouch...
    • As mentioned on the Main Page, a reveal of the romance between Jason and Kimberly could have happened if it wasn't edited out of the final draft of the film.
    • Divatox was suppose to be revealed as Dimitria's twin sister see Aborted Arc on the main page.
    • In an podcast interview with a fansite in 2014, Hilary Shepard Turner revealed that Divatox was originally written with Grace Jones in mind.
    • As noted above, Saban's contract with Toei forbid them from skipping a Sentai...but Saban still had the unused footage of the core 5 from Gosei Sentai Dairanger lying around. Admittedly, Saban WOULD still have to use the mech fight scenes from Carrangernote , and the Phantom Ranger would still have to have been used, but suppose that Saban had adapted footage of the core 5 from Dairangernote  and the mech fight scenes from Carranger instead. Would the end result have been any different?
  • You Look Familiar: The uncredited actor who played one of the drag racers, Robert, in "Built for Speed", also appeared in a later episode, "The Rival Rangers", as a new school student called Bobby.