Heartwarming / Power Rangers Turbo

  • Meta: When a fan at Power Morphicon asked Steve Cardenas (Rocky) if he regretted being written out of the show, he said no. Why? Because he wouldn't have gotten to meet Blake Foster (Justin) otherwise.
  • Also, the Word of God given around the time of Operation Overdrive that the reason Rita and Zedd were Put on a Bus was because they were taking maternity/paternity leave and wanted to spend as much time as possible with their son.
  • When Bulk and Skull's invisibility wears off at the end of "Stitch Witchery", Lt. Stone is overjoyed to see them again. Sometimes Bulk and Skull did drive him nuts with their incompetence; but in spite of everything, he seems to have developed paternal instincts towards the two.
  • A rare Fridge example of this: packages are being stolen from Bulk and Skull's new delivery job, and they're worried they're going to get blamed for it. T.J. instantly comes to their defense and offers to help them do a stake-out to find the real thieves (which it turns out are connected to Divatox). T.J., mind you, has only known Bulk and Skull post-Character Development. He knows they're good enough guys that they'd never do such a bad thing, and it turns out by In Space that he's right.
    • Bulk and Skull know no one will believe their claims that aliens took the packages. When the two are about to be arrested, the Rangers teleport in morphed and vouch for them.
      T.J.: These two should be thanked. They're the ones who helped discover the thieves. Divatox stole the packages and, unfortunately, this is all that's left. Mr. Bulkmeier, you're a very brave man; as are you, Mr. Skullovitch. Thank you very much for your sacrifice. May the power protect you both.
    • When it's all over, Bulk tells Cassie and Ashley that T.J. is a-okay in his book. Cassie says T.J. said the same about him and Skull. Bulk is so touched that he gives T.J. a bear hug.
  • Another Fridge example: General Norquist, the commander of the NASADA shuttle mission. He hears out a pre-teen boy, who looks like he just came from a war zone (which he actually was), who asks for use of their space shuttle, just because he says the Power Rangers need it to go to Eltar. He's got no reason to believe the kid, or that the people who boarded the shuttle are the actual Rangers. However, it shows how esteemed the Rangers are that he unquestioningly acquiesces to the kid's request to let him and his friends have access to their expensive equipment and resources. Of course, as those Linkara have posited, Norquist's instant facilitation suggests that that was the shuttle's purpose all along, and, given later instances of NASADA property being closely tied to the Rangers' activities, it's possible that Norquist and NASADA have close ties to, or at least had been contacted by Zordon. Still, even with that, the fact that Norquist dropped everything at the apparent request of the Power Rangers, with no evidence(other than the communicator) to prove that they are so, shows how esteemed they are.