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YMMV: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The fight between Banagher and Loni was somewhat underwhelming for some fans.
  • Awesome Music: Hiroyuki Sawano's score is probably the most intensely cinematic of any Gundam series, OVA, or movie so far, which says quite a bit when you consider that past composers include Yoko Kanno, Shigaeki Saegusa, Toshihiko Sahashi, Ko Otani and Kenji Kawai.
    • "Unicorn" - the one used during Banagher's very first sortie in Episode 1 - is especially kickass.
    • Mobile Suit - Played during the Kshatriya's first appearance, counts as well.
    • Banshee The theme of the mecha of the same name piloted by Marida (and later Riddhe). One of the most ominous pieces in the entire soundtrack, and that's saying something.
    • Full-Frontal is definitely no slouch in this department, it being the Leitmotif of its namesake character.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: A mild example in the official Spanish subtitles: Banagher address Marida in Spanish as Señora Marida (Mrs. Marida), when the correct way to address her in Spanish should be Señorita Marida (Miss Marida), since, while she's older than Banagher, she's still young and also unmarried. (The Spanish honorific señora is only used for older and married women)
    • Another annoying flaw in the Spanish subs is the fact the translator seems to translaste the Japanese language's honorific forms almost literally. The most egregious example of this is how Riddhe address Banagher, as he speaks to him as he is a complete unknown to him, making the Spanish subtitles to sound as extremely rude as he already is in Japanese.
  • Base Breaker: Everything surrounding the yet-to-be-revealed contents of Laplace's Box: The original Federation charter that granted more rights to spacenoids as well as confirming the idea of newtypes. However it was stopped by a terrorist attack instigated by more extreme Federation elements who re-wrote the charter to give the Federation more control over the colonies. Some people see this as adding even more to the general Gray and Gray Morality of the Universal Century while others see it as a case of trying to canonize the general Zeon Is Right mentality thereby dismissing it (and the series in general) as "fanwank".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The unnamed Stark Jegan pilot who nearly owns the Kshatriya in the first 6 minutes of the first episode.
    • Not only did he manage to hold his own against the Kshatriya, but the Stark Jegan's HGUC manual implies that he was one of the guys that attempted to help Amuro push back Axis three years prior. The guy was a true hero.
    • The unnamed Byarlant Custom pilot in episode 4.
      • He is named — it's Robin Diez.
      • The Byarlant Custom is actually a tactically inferior suit, with only two guns (which double as beam sabers) and its claws. Its sheer speed and maneuverability (and gigantic claws) make it one of the best combatants in the anime.
  • Foe Yay: Let's just say Banagher sure looks fascinating for Full Frontal and Marida.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The Laplace Incident, while a tragic beginning to the Universal Century, is arguably the best thing to happen for the Earth Federation. By pointing to terrorists and insurgencies as the culprits of that disaster, the Federation has a solid base on which to justify its existence and right to rule over all humanity. It also explains why they even have a standing military force in the first place, from which the EFSF, Titans and Londo Bell would later emerge from...despite there being nominally no outside enemies to fight until the One Year War.
  • Hell Is That Noise: More unsettling than jarring, but 'Marida' is seriously uncomfortable listening.
    • "MARTHA" is no slouch in this department.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Full Frontal" might seem odd as the name of a general, but if you've ever seen The Book of Mormon, it's nothing compared to General Butt Fucking Naked. (He, in turn, is based on a very real and very vicious African general, Butt Naked, but that's a little less Hilarious and more Harsh.)
  • Memetic Mutation: What may be a record, an image from the fourth episode's trailer shows Bright stroking his chin, which is ripe Imagine Spot fodder.
    • The Kobe Byarlant.
    • Angelo gracefully bowing out of the battle at the end of episode 5 is quickly becoming a meme.
    • The new mysterious red mobile armor revealed in the trailers for episode 7 has been mocked a little for it's thruster "legs", such as replacing them with soda cans or just generally being confused how the hell it's model is going to keep balanced.
  • Narm: Okay... seriously, Full Frontal?
    • The name, though extremely narmy, likely has some kind of ironic and fairly witty symbolism. Full Frontal implies being "bare naked" or "fully exposed" (*COUGH* ...Which really doesn't help the Narm factor) while in reality the character wears a mask and is very mysterious.
    • Also, Full Frontal, "full frontal assault,"note  as in a full-on, all-out assault, so it also doubles as a shout out to the missing-in-action Char Aznable's combat style.
    • On the other hand, he is aping a guy who spent a couple years going by the name Quattro note  Bajeena.
    • Let's face it, Gundam has a history of...eccentric naming conventions. You could really mistake some of them for names of Star Wars characters.
    • A rare few moments in the surprisingly competent English dub sounded somewhat phoned in, particularly Marida Cruz's VA's reading of the line "So heavy." being utterly narm-tastic. (Although that might have to do with the line being an awkward one in-and-of itself, being a direct translation of the Japanese audio.)
  • The Scrappy: Riddhe.
    • Angelo, too. Notwithstanding the previous roles of both his VA's.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Gundam Unicorn currently has a lot of acclaim, and it's one of the darkest works in the franchise so far.
  • The Untwist: From the moment the first details about the novel came out, people already knew that Audrey was a teenaged Mineva Zabi, thanks to factors like her appearance, her age matching up with Mineva's, the latter's mysterious disappearance at the end of Zeta Gundam, and the obvious alias.
    • Another contributing factor is that the score playing when Audrey escapes the Sleeves ship in the first episode is titled "Mineva".
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The animation in Unicorn is really, really nice.
  • Win Back The Crowd: The reception of the first half of the series was... good, in contrast to the views on SEED and 00. We're not even mentioning SEED Destiny.
  • The Woobie: Marida Cruz needs so many hugs. So many hugs. Assuming, of course, that she's OK with that.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Not casting exactly, but the fact an avowed Japanese Imperialist author like Fukui is writing the novels is rather odd considering the blatant anti-war & anti-Axis themes of previous UC series. For perspective, it's a bit like having a sequel to Maus written by the guy who did The Turner Diaries.
    • Not a full WTH, but fans were rather confused when it was discovered that Chieko Honda would not be voicing Marida Cruz, despite the fact that 1) she played both Purus in Gundam ZZ, and 2) she was still doing voice acting (even older women in Gundam) when they started production of the OVA... .
      • The fact that the Puru clone in question is now an adult and thus have a somewhat different voice may have something to do with it.
      • This was sort of resolved into a case of The Other Darrin now, upon news of her death...
    • The same thing happened for Mineva/Audrey's VA in Zeta Gundam (Miki Itō), though this is rather because of scheduling conflicts. Still, many fans rather preferred Miki Itō to play Audrey.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Some feel that the show has not been particularly female-friendly. Marida, the only female pilot in the show, was a sex slave; Riddhe feels compelled to tell Audrey to not butt in between a promise amongst "men", despite the fact that the promise was to keep her safe; and Martha goes on a tirade about how Audrey's stringing Banagher along, and about all the natural weapons "women" have. Of course, this is hardly unusual fare for UC Gundam (or Gundam in general, actually), but one would have hoped that in a franchise that's over thirty years old, they'd have managed to step up their game a bit by now.
    • Though one could also argue that Audrey herself is shown to have the pants in the relationship, so to speak. Especially when compared to Banagher.
      • And Martha IS the one pulling all of the strings. So...
    • Averted with Episode 4. The novel version had Mahdi Garvey, Loni's father alive and was not a Zeon soldier. He was a wealthy businessman that used Neo Zeon to attack Dakar. He was a xenophobe with the distrust of the "White Men" of the Federation that are oppresing the Arab people. Neo Zeon was not exempted in his distrust. The novel has him attack Dakar as revenge against the Federation and smashed buildings in a manner similar to the September 11 attacks. As the OVA was going to be released around the 10th anniversary of the attack, the story has been modified to prevent the Unfortunate Implication.

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