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YMMV: Kamen Rider Kiva
  • Awesome Music: the OP. Epic guitar riff is epic.
    "Baku baku Beating Heart! Katobashite Kick it Up! Baki baki Burning Heart! Kimi koso One and Only!"
    • Emperor Form's Leitmotif, Supernova.
    • And before that, we had Destiny's Play. As well as it's Re-Union Edit.
    • Saga has his own awesome Leitmotif: Roots of the King.
    • Generally, everything TETRA-FANG (including Koji Seto/Wataru himself) made. To give one an idea of how awesome the music of this series is in the Heisei period: apart from Den-O's all-too visible Wolverine Publicity, only the Kiva soundtrack has proved popular enough to warrant a reunion concert years after the show.
  • Badass Decay: When Kengo is given IXA, Nago loses a lot of his cool. And gets punched a lot.
    • But then he gets it back, and he spends most of the rest of the series beating the crap out of the second most powerful Fangire, Bishop- a Fangire who handed Kengo his ass on a platter.
  • Complete Monster:
    • The Lion Fangire, also known as Rook, is an Ax-Crazy, merciless, and easily bored Sociopath who treats the lives of humans and monsters alike as a game. Twenty years before Wataru becomes Kamen Rider Kiva, Rook murdered Yuri Aso's mother so traumatically that Yuri swore vengeance on all Fangires (including Wataru's mother Maya). He also was single-handedly responsible for driving the Wolfen race to near-extinction, leaving Jiro as the sole survivor of his genocidal rampage. As the flashbacks progress, Rook devises his personal game to combat boredom called the "Time Play," in which he hunts and eats a select group of people within a time limit. If he succeeds in killing the intended number of people, he rewards himself with ice cream; fail and he self-punishes himself with electric shocks. His already suspect sanity gets even worse when he reawakens and regains his memories in 2008. He proposes a new game which would have him do good deeds before getting himself killed not out of a change of heart but from boredom from constantly playing the "Time Play" game.
    • The Bat Fangire, more commonly known as the 1986 King, is a ruthless tyrant who fails to understand the concept of love. As the original lord of all Fangires, the King uses his position to annihilate the Merman and Franken races, as well as persecute Jiro (the last Wolfen). When he finds out that his wife Maya has fallen in love with Otoya Kurenai (the original Kamen Rider Ixa), the King offers Jiro, as well as the sole surviving Merman and Franken (Ramon and Riki respectively), a chance to avoid extermination in exchange for killing Otoya. When they choose to escape instead, the King forcibly transforms them into Empathic Weapons. He then kidnaps Otoya and attempts to use his life energy to feed Castle Doran, the King's living castle. When Otoya escapes, the King exposes his lack of any sense of love toward his own wife by using the life of his own son, Taiga Nobori (Kamen Rider Saga), as blackmail to prevent her from seeing Otoya again. This disgusts Kivat-bat the 2nd, who is meant to be the King's loyal Transformation Trinket, so much that he offers Otoya a chance to become Kamen Rider Dark Kiva in order to destroy the King.
    • The Rhino Fangire was rather nasty. He tricks young people into believing he'll help make their dreams come true to lure them in so he can steal their life force. After killing them, he takes an item from them that relates to their dream as a trophy to put in his "Dream Graveyard". His choice of prey is based solely on a love for crushing the dreams of young people and nothing else. Even Wataru, who had generally tried to find the good in everyone, even Fangires, found his actions unforgivable.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: King and, to an extent, Bishop.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Jiro, by virtue of being played by Kenji Matsuda.
  • Epileptic Trees: There were plenty, of course, but one of the most common got subverted surprisingly thoroughly. Since 1975's Kamen Rider Stronger, it's been standard operating procedure for seasons of Kamen Rider to have females who get powers to die. Since it's made clear very early on in Kiva that Yuri was going to die soon, most fans assumed that this would happen as a direct result of her getting and using the IXA powers. Come mid-season, she gets the powers, uses them in battle, kicks complete and utter enemy ass... and nothing happens. The show never really explains how she died; many fans at this point assume something relatively mild, like a car accident.
  • Fetish Fuel: Jiro and his silk and leather outfits, Ramon for anyone with a thing for shotas (a fandom term for his actor is "Shotabait"), Maya's ENTIRE OUTFIT, and King's outfit. A lot of the things Taiga and Wataru do in episodes are particularly suggestive (there's some serious Ho Yay and Bro Yay going on here).
  • Game Breaker: Emperor Form.
  • Growing the Beard: The story really picked up speed after about 20 episodes, with the introduction of Mio and Maya.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: ep 27 opens with Kivat saying something about time travel being a possiblility, even stating 'I'd like to return to that day'. Tomokazu Sugita would later return for the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya, infamously known for Endless Eight...
  • Ho Yay: Taiga and Wataru. IN SPADES.
    • Forget about Taiga and Wataru, essentially every male main character takes a bath together at least once during the series.
  • Memetic Molester: Keisuke Nago for what he does if you make a wrong choice after the IXA-cise segment.
  • Memetic Mutation: IXA-CISE!!!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Make the wrong choice after the IXA-cise segment in the Hyper Battle DVD and you will find yourself molested by Keisuke Nago in the bathtub. His preferred term? "The Nago Special!"
    • Saga's finisher involves impaling and hanging fangires before ultimately causing the victim to explode in tremendous pain. One could actually feel sorry for the Horsefly Fangire for having to die in such a brutal way.
  • The Scrappy: Ryo Itoya, the Spider Fangire. He harassed both Yuri in 1986 and Megumi in 2008, and his creepy attitude doesn't help it either. Fans cheered when Mio, of all people, kills him in a spectacular way.
  • Squick: Played with whenever Wataru searches for new ingredients for his violin varnish. One time he collects LIVE SNAILS.
    • Taken even further when he uses said varnish as a cooking ingredient. Knowing the kind of things he uses for varnish...
    • Hell, in Climax Deka it nearly gets him arrested!
  • Tear Jerker: Mio's death in episode 44, which reduces Wataru into a screaming fit of insanity.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: IN SPADES. For every one plot that Kiva pulls off, there are two that get thrown away.
    • For starters, the show's basic setup (namely, the 13 Demon Races) should have allowed for a lot of interesting characters and significantly impacted what the world is like. Instead, we only really got to deal with the Fangire and The Masquerade is strong enough to ensure that next to nobody knows about the Demon Races, even when the city gets attacked by Sabbats.
    • It even goes down to basic features for the Riders. IXA only uses the fake Fuestles once in the entire show, likewise with Kiva using some of his powers (Dogabaki and Shoodoran for starters) just once or twice.
    • Wataru's status as a half human, half Fangire. He doesn't suffer any negative effects because of his Fangire heritage until Taiga and Bishop stir it up once in an attempt to get him to come to their side. He's also not very strong (at one point it is shown that he can't do more than ten push-ups) and does not possess any sort of unique ability born from his monstrous heritage (when not transformed, that is). To be fair Wataru doesn't learn about his unique status until late in the series, but the writers could have made Wataru more interesting if they gave him some sort of weakness or problem that resulted from this and made him struggle with it until he learned about his parents and learned to accept who he is. Wataru does accept his heritage, but the only thing he has to show for it is Kiva, his status as the new King and a lot of painful memories. As it stands the only difference between a human and a Fangire/Human mix is that the mixture can use things that would normally only be accessible to a Fangire (like Castle Dran) and would not have to worry about the negative effects of transforming with Kiva/Dark Kiva.
    • The existence of people with mixed heritage arose much earlier in the show - Jiro wanted to marry Yuri so that she would bear his children and help repopulate his race. This plotline was dropped after Jiro's true self was uncovered and Yuri revealed that she was in love with Otoya.
    • The fact that nobody mentions what exactly happens to Yuri to cause her death somewhere in between 1986 and 2008.
  • What an Idiot: Yes, Bishop, do tell Taiga that you killed Mio instead of shutting up and letting Taiga continue to assume that Kiva did it, therefore getting rid of him without having to lift a finger. No wonder you are an Evil Genius!
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: Wataru wears a shirt that says "Stupid" in episodes 17 and 22.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Taiga kills Maya, the mother of both him and Wataru. Wataru doesn't seem to be upset by this fact and instead eagerly accepts his help in the fight against the revived 1986 King. It is shown later that he didn't really kill her, but still, that was way too accepting.

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