Funny / Kamen Rider Kiva

  • Episode 1: Wataru's Establishing Character Moment, where he—decked out in all sorts of gear to ward off his allergies—is trying to coax a cat away from the actual fish he was after for his varnish project. When Shizuka tells him off for trying to take a cat's food, he grabs his "response notebook" and flips it to "I'm sorry". Shizuka tells him to apologize to the cat. Wataru shows the cat the "I'm sorry" page. Our Protagonist, ladies and gentlemen!
  • In episode 4 (where Nago is properly introduced to the viewer) Wataru seeks advice from Nago on how to become a stronger person. The only problem is that he does this at the the Cafe mal'damour and right in front of Megumi, who had previously tried to get Wataru to listen to her with no luck. After protesting and being completely ignored by Wataru, she begs the owner of the cafe to listen to her. He looks at her for a moment before looking away with a cartoon-like sound effect.
    Megumi: Why?!
  • This exchange in episode 4:
    Nago: You analyze me to try to get ahead of me. How saddening. All you'll find is that nothing you do will beat me. (walks away)
  • The showdown between the Jido (the cafe master) and Jiro over coffee in episode 5. Also, Jiro enjoys consuming his coffee a little too much...
  • Wataru and the stalker watching Megumi. While the stalker is stating all he knows about her she gets up and does a pose, even doing the "finger guns" pose at the camera. After the two are done talking about her, she sneezes.
    • The two take to hiding at the bottom of a pool to watch her. They even communicate nonverbally.
  • Otoya and Jiro fighting in front of the cafe. A customer stops them so he can walk by, causing them to stare at each other for a moment before they start fighting again.
  • Otoya having to use his teeth to take a necklace from around Yuri's neck.
  • Yuri hitting Otoya in the head with a rock after his distracting her made her lose track of Jiro.
  • Megumi's appetite:
    • From episode 7, "Please stop cutting the steak with the butter knife," as well as Nago's reaction to the amount she eats.
    • In episode 8, she's interrupted and runs out of the restaurant with a fish in her mouth. Japanese viewers will immediately identify this as the archetypical cat-stealing-food image.
    • Megumi running out of the restaurant with the fish in her mouth is used as a parody of the "and knowing is half the battle!" G.I. Joe segments at the end of episode 8 by T.V. Nihon subs. "Remember kids, don't talk with your mouth full. Nobody understands what you're saying! GEE EYE JOOOOOOOOOE!"
  • Jido not allowing Otoya to leave the cafe without drinking his coffee. He even gets the puppy to chase him.
  • Wataru's use of the questionable sauce from the restaurant he's working at in episodes 7 and 8 as gloss sets a violin on fire.
    • The chef's hat sticks to the door frame as he walks into the room and falls off when he tells Wataru that he's fired. This involves a pun based on the fact that "to fire" in Japanese also means "to behead".
  • Otoya begging to be let into the Wonderful Blue Sky organization, because of Jido's overexaggerated motions:
    Yuri: I've got it. Let him in.
    Otoya: Really?!
    Jido: Really?!
    Yuri the Alaska branch.
    Jido: Agreed!
    Otoya: Stop joking!
    • After Otoya gets angry that the organization won't accept him he declares that he's going to make the "Wonderful Asou Yuri Love Organization" and tries to embrace Yuri. She punches him so hard, his head bounces of the ceiling.
  • Otoya indicating that he would like to place a higher bid on the Black Star violin includes pantomiming picking his nose, playing a dramatic chord on a piano, and acting like a chicken. Once he reaches 200 million yen, Jiro shuts him up by hitting a pressure point on his neck.
  • Yuri trying to play the Black Star violin...and failing miserably. Jiro starts out on the bench next to her, but is seen on another bench far away after a close-up shot of Yuri. Her "music" is later shown to have killed some fish.
  • Jiro squirting ketchup on Otoya.
  • Episode 15, Otoya was admitted to the hospital because he suffer from using the incomplete IXA and Yuri explains the situation. This exchange:
    —>Otoya:I see. That's about me. What's written there? (Trying to look into the document Yuri was holding but stop). No... I know. The name of the sickness is the sickness of love. And the cure is... (Take the document and throw it away) you (Yuri).
    —>Yuri: (Turn the side in disgust before looking at Otoya). The name of your sickness is stupidity. There is no medicine for stupidity. (Then stood and left the room).
  • When Shizuka asks if Wataru is switching over to Rock music, Kivat gets excited and does some air guitar.
    • A drunken Megumi wants to join the band and starts strumming...on a rake.
    Kengo: Let's ignore her.
    • She later proves that she really can play.
  • Kivat snoring and dreaming of a beautiful woman while in the bath.
    • His shampoo mustache in episode 13.
  • Otoya interrupting a romantic moment between Jiro and Yuri at the pool by swimming by with a training board.
  • Kiva calls on Ramon when he is setting up dominoes, causing them to fall over. Riki picks up one piece and eats it.
  • Otoya dancing in the background while Yuri makes a phone call in episode 14.
  • Kivat's comment when Castle Dran swallows the soul of Episode 14's Fangire:
    Kivat: [to Castle Dran] Make sure to brush your teeth!
  • Wataru talking to Megumi, who reveals afterwards that she stayed up all night looking for possible Fangire activity in unresolved cases:
    Megumi: What do you mean "is it me?" Of course it is!
    Wataru: Well, it's just that you look like you've aged...
  • Kivat sneezing:
    Kivat: Kivat-choo!
  • When Otoya takes the spoiled girl he is trying to help pass a violin audition to the Cafe mal'damour to get something to eat. When Jido says that he must pay his tab today or clean the toilets, he tries to make the girl do it.
    Otoya: Violin genius Paganini was also said to be a genius at cleaning toilets!
    • Later:
    Jido: Hey, was that story about Paganini true?
    Otoya: Of course not.
    Jido: What the hell?
    • Jiro shoves the toilet plunger onto Otoya's face. He then has a staredown with the little girl.
  • Megumi and the archery lady almost ripping Wataru in half by pulling his arms in different directions after they get into an argument.
    • Wataru has to lift weights along with the two women as the argument continues. The women use huge weights, while Wataru struggles to lift a tiny amount.
    Wataru: Why do I have to do this too?
  • Otoya tries to act cool while playing billiards with Jiro, but ends up getting his arm stuck in the pocket. He then proceeds to break his stick in half while trying to pull of a ridiculously tricky shot...which just happens to work.
  • Kengo wants to ask the fortune teller about Kiva.
    Fortune Teller: Kiva is...Kivatteru!note 
  • Otoya steals the IXA belt by distracting Jiro and Jido with a fake idol autograph.
  • Otoya's possession of his son in episodes 19 and 20.
  • The entire "date party" episode. All of it. Especially this part:
    Yuri: What happened to Ayumi?
    Riki: I ate her.note 
    Otoya: You... Good job!
  • Otoya dressing in drag to lure out a Fangire.
  • Jiro giving Jido a signed Oyanko Club album for his birthday causes a single tear to fall from his eye.
  • Megumi complains that Wataru doesn't take the initiative with Mio.
    Wataru: Megumi-san, how about you? You don't have a boyfriend, right?
    Megumi (annoyed): How dare you presume that. How rude!
    Wataru: You have one?
    Megumi: ...I don't.
  • The objects and tarp falling onto Riki when their are being evicted from their massage/shoe shine business.
    • Riki follows Ramon and Jidou with the tarp still covering him.
  • In episode 23, Otoya coaches Riki in the art of seduction. It's not just the Epic Fail that follows, but also the fact that Otoya did such a good job that Riki's Hulk Speak is completely absent for a while.
  • Otoya getting slapped by Maya, the Fangire Queen. His response?
    Otoya: One more, please!
  • The Spider Fangire pushing Mio and his fellow Fangire out of the way when he gets excited upon seeing Megumi arrive on the scene, along with Megumi shoving him to the ground.
  • Megumi kicking the Spider Fangire between the legs to get the IXA knuckle and belt back after baiting him with a kiss.
    Megumi: Sorry, I'm not your type.
  • Wataru can only do about ten push-ups when not transformed.
  • Otoya's boxing-glove-in-the-violin-case trap when Nago tries to take the IXA system from him.
  • Tatsulot trying to help out by scrubbing Wataru's foot in the bath when Kivat says they need to "polish his manliness".
    Kivat: Hey, what are you doing actually polishing him?
  • Shizuka's tsundere attitude when dealing with Mio about Wataru.
    Mio (over the phone): I have two tickets to a movie, and I was wondering if Wataru would like to go.
    Shizuka (sprouting devil horns and a tail): I'll let him know. Ohohohohoho!
  • Kivat helping Wataru practice the phone call to ask Mio on a date. Kivat gets extremely feminine eyes whenever he speaks his lines.
  • In episode 30, Jiro and Otoya pretend to be a doctor and an old lady to avoid Yuri as she runs out of her hospital room. They get into an argument but have to get back into their role as a nurse passes by. Jiro yells into Otoya's ear as they walk away because he's talking to an "old woman". DAAAIIJOOBUDESUKAAA KOCCHIRAAAEEEE....
  • Shizuka's Heel Realization, after she figures out that Wataru and Mio really are attracted to each other, resembles a scene from dramatic theater, complete with spotlight.
  • Otoya's heart shades he wears while searching for Rook, as well as his blowing into a conch shell to summon Jiro, Riki and Ramon.
  • This exchange from Episode 32:
    Nago: Wataru, do you know why I became a bounty hunter?
    Wataru: [beat] collect buttons?
    Nago: NO!
  • Wataru throwing his shoe at the man Nago wanted him to catch.
  • Nago's advice to Wataru about focusing on being Kiva could be taken differently. The fact that Nago is only wearing a towel doesn't help much.
    Nago: This is no time for chasing after a woman's butt!
  • Megumi sheds a tear...because her body fat percentage went up.
    Megumi: Enough of this. I'm going to eat.
  • Nago getting a "bad luck" fortune over and over after he tries praying to get IXA back. What makes it funnier is his prayer.
    Nago: Dear God, you have made a mistake.
  • Wataru uses leftover violin varnish ingredients in his cooking.
    Wataru: The secret is the sauce. I had some leftover varnish ingredients so I used them to cook.
    Shizuka: ...varnish ingredients?
    Wataru: Liquified crayfish.
    [Shizuka drops her fork from shock, and Kivat and Tatsulot both spit out what they were eating.]
  • Nago steals the IXA Knuckle and tapes thumb tacks to it so that Kengo will hurt his hand when he tries to transform. Kengo just happens to be standing right behind him and punches him in the face as he leaves, causing Nago's face to go right into the bunch of thumb tacks laying on the counter and getting some of them stuck in his face.
  • Nago wanting to be Kengo's "coach".
    Nago (wearing a shirt that says "753" on it): Here, wear this. We shall work together.
    Kengo: What's this mean? 753?
    Nago: Na-go-san.note  We shall be as one!
    • Kengo's response? Pour his cola drink onto Nago's face from behind. He later tries to coach Kengo while he's in the middle of a battle, only to get shot at in return.
    Nago: Now, enter Rising Mode! [mimicking the IXA belt]: RA-I-JI-IN-GUnote 
  • Nago, Megumi and Shizuka getting their asses handed to them by a depressed Wataru's "Home Alone" Antics in episode 40.
  • King states that he will allow Jiro, Ramon and Riki to live if they kill Otoya. Ramon and Riki begin giving Otoya a massage to make him feel at ease. Riki pulls out a hammer (that has 10,000 tons written on it) when Otoya asks him what he's doing.
    • Jiro tries by getting the drop on Otoya in the bath and telling him that he'll wash his back out of gratitude. Otoya catches Jiro off guard by speaking of their friendship. When he turns around Jiro (in Wolfen form) is sitting in the corner and crying. What sells it is that Otoya is completely calm, even though Jiro transformed into his monstrous form.
    Jiro (crying): Please take care of my back.
  • The cafe owner suggests that love is the only way to get Wataru stop being a recluse. He blows a kiss at Nago, Megumi and Shizuka, all of whom quickly evade and run out of the cafe, leaving Jido with a perplexed look.
  • The Kurenai family trait? Being able to walk on the tops of your toes.
  • Wataru getting spanked by Otoya.
  • Nago wants to become the head of the Wonderful Blue Sky organization. He asks Megumi to sign a recommendation form to help him, but she instead refuses and tears the paper in half. His response?
    Nago (deadpan): I have another one.
  • Megumi already having a weapon somewhere in her wedding dress in the last episode.

Deleted Scenes
  • Megumi is at one of her photo shoots. She dreams of eating fish while the photographer praises her.
  • Wataru begins applying his fish varnish to a violin to test it out. He asks Shizuka to be quiet and let him concentrate after she comments that it would be nice if he could get rid of the fishy smell. This causes her to glance at the camera with an annoyed look.
  • Shizuka tries to help Wataru flirt by holding signs with dialogue for him to read from afar. He tries to tell a girl that he is attracted to her (suki, to like) but Shizuka holds the sign upside down so he ends up saying kisu (kiss).
    Wataru: Like. Like. Kiss. Kiss. Likiss...
    • It turns out that the lady is Megumi. Wataru freaks out because she intimidates him.
    Wataru: I AM VERY SORRY!
  • Otoya at the club with the president when they decide to open a club and staff it with the world's most beautiful women.
    Otoya (mimicking the shape of the female body): It'll be BOOMnote  steepnote  BOOMnote !
  • Otoya argues that Yuri is his woman while they are tied up in the spider Fangire's lair. The look on the spider Fangire's face looks like he's about to rape her.
    Yuri: Who are you calling your woman?
    Otoya: It's either him or me. Pick one!
    Yuri (panicked): I don't wan't either!
  • A scene that makes good use of the transition between 1986 and 2008.
    Shima (1986): Hmm...your body fat percentage is increasing. Looks like you're getting older. Shouldn't you go work out sometime?
    Jido (1986): No way. I hate exercise.
    Shima (2008): We're both 55 years old. But Jido, you haven't aged, have you?
  • Otoya asks for coffee in a mug. Yuri notes that she believes that the cafe doesn't have any mugs before Jido slams down the large mug chugged by Otoya in the broadcast episode. The fact that the scene cuts immediately after he slams it down emphasizes the humor.
  • Megumi looking up to the sky and asking God why he made a man like Nago.
  • Wataru can't lift the weight bar off his chest while Megumi and the archery lady leave to duel.
    Wataru: Please help! I'm going to die!
  • Shima gets caught off guard by his body fat percentage. He starts pedaling on the exercise machine like a madman.
    Shima: 10.7%?! I let my guard down!
  • While in possession of his son's body and visiting a maid cafe Otoya discovers the internet. He finds...something that interests him (as well as several maids) greatly.
    • Two of the maids show up at Wataru's house after Otoya leaves his body and ask him to pay his bills. The only problem is that Wataru doesn't remember any of his father's shenanigans. Megumi and Shizuka quickly exit the room.
  • Nago in a photo booth. Let that sink in for a moment. He gets dragged into one by the woman from the date party who thinks he's "so cool!" He, unsurprisingly, wears a face of stone for the occasion...which is what she wanted.
    Woman: What a great shot!
    • After Nago tears up the pictures and tells her to stop hanging around him she paints tears on her face and takes a picture by herself.
    Woman: I give up.
  • Ramon trying to help Riki with his romantic lines.
    Ramon: You are my sun.note 
    Riki: captain.note 
  • Otoya searching for Yuri's ring at the beach. Every time he is thrown back onto the beach he is carrying more seaweed.
  • Megumi protests her innocence when the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization is being falsely accused. She tries kicking down the door to her cell when nobody listens to her claims of innocence.
  • Megumi's brother reveals that he won the lottery twice, first by using Megumi's birthday then her phone number. This sounds impressive, but he only ended up winning consolation prizes for these two feats.
  • Wataru asks why Taiga isn't eating during his meal with him and Mio.
    Taiga: Don't worry about me. I find eating to be unpleasant.
    Wataru: Then...what do you do about using the bathroom?
    Taiga: I don't think I've ever used one before.
    Wataru: That's...amazing.
  • Wataru cooks food so spicy that it knocks Otoya out. He then ties him to the stairs to keep him from seeing Maya.
Out of Canon moments
  • The Hyper Battle DVD:
    Otoya: Hey, can you really become Kiva like this?
    • If you choose to quit after this segment, Nago praises you for not wanting to train too much at once. He then speaks of the benefits of bathing while in the tub and decides to scrub your back.
    Nago: Does it tickle? I see. Then here's my Nago Special!
  • The net movies. Everything about them is gold, from Wataru becoming progressively hammier during his magic act to Shizuka beating the crap out of Nago, Jiro and Otoya in rapid succession.
  • From The Movie. Kivat chanting "Defense" while acting as a Censor Box to cover up Otoya during his bath scene. Also Otoya's reaction to seeing a girl in lowrider jeans and a thong.