YMMV: Initial D


  • Awesome Music: A bunch of them. Nearly EVERY SINGLE song on the soundtrack is worthy of this. To the point where you should not play Super Eurobeat while driving.
    • Troper experiments have concluded that doing so will cause your gas gauge to drop faster, your highway speed to rise, and your tire tread to wear more rapidly, especially if you drive a model of car that was featured in the series even once.

  • Book Ends :The beginning and end of the manga shows Takumi racing alone in Gunma prefecture ,Mount Akina
    • Like wise in the beginning of the first stage anime Takumi in his AE86 drives past Yuuchi's Toyota Chaser, while in the last episode of 5th Stage, a new Toyota 86 (GT86 for EU, and Scion FR-S for NA) drives past him.
  • Die for Our Ship: Predictably, yaoi fangirls loathe Natsuki. Double points for her being an ex-prostitute, which makes her even more loathed due to Double Standard.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?; To some people, Kyoko sounds like this when she realized that she was about to be overtaken by Keisuke at least in the Japanese version.
  • First Installment Wins: If a series is going to do a Shout-Out to the series, chances are good it's going to be a parody of the first race in the series between Takumi and Keisuke.
  • Gateway Series: To drift racing, touge, or even racing in general.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Shingo almost crosses it when he tries to kill Takumi in mid-race by ramming him off the mountain. It fails, and Shingo ends up with a serious (though non-fatal) accident instead.

Live-Action Movie

  • Broken Base: People are divided over the fact that it was produced in Hong Kong while others don't have a problem with it.