Funny / Initial D

  • Episode 1 has the impromptu race between Takumi and Keisuke. Keisuke sees a foreign car (i.e not belonging to the Akagi Redsuns) catching up to him, which he mistakes as a MR2 or a 180SX. When he turns the first corner, he looks behind him to see that it is an Eight-Six. His WTF reaction is priceless.
  • Episode 6. Iketani wants to take the passenger seat in Takumi's car and wants him to drive down Akiha downhill at night. However, Iketani, shocked of Takumi's skill, passes out.... after the third corner.
    • Not to mention his reaction in the first turn:
  • Episode 18: When Takumi manages to keep up with them, Sayuki begins to doubt they can win. Mako's subsequent reply leads to this exchange:
    Mako: You're the worst! Just excess baggage on the passenger seat!
    Sayuki: Eh?! Bagagge?!
    Mako: Yes! Just an extra dead weight on the car!
    Sayuki: (thinking) She always changes personalities when she's behind the wheel (out loud) How can you call me an extra weight on the car?! I have a nice body, I'm not fat!!
    Mako: You're giving me a 49 Kg handicap!
    Sayuki: 47 Kg!
  • Episode 24: Bunta invites Takumi's boss Yuichi on an "easy drive" after tuning the vehicle a bit for Takumi's next race. Thus, we finally get to see Bunta's driving for the first time. In the middle of a high-speed drift that already has Yuichi panicking, Bunta takes both of his hands off the wheel to light up a smoke. Then he says he's going to get serious.