Awesome / Initial D

  • Episode 4 gives us the series first real big moment when the build up comes to a head, capped off with the Awesome Music Running In The 90s. Takumi is currently racing against Red Suns member Keisuke, clearly the underdog in the race. The members of the Akina Speed Stars and Itsuki are discussing exactly what kind of chance Takumi has. Iketani says they should trust Bunta, Takumi's father, in that if the old man believes in Takumi, so should they. Nobody else really believes that's enough. Then Iketani drops the bomb on them that Takumi has already beaten Keisuke before. Cue the music, cue disbelief Takumi has these skills, and cue Takumi finally catching Keisuke, and putting on the pressure for the first time all race. Hell. Yes.
  • Takumi's victory in 4th stage against a professional. Specifically the part where Takumi turns off his headlights.
  • Takumi delivers this line to Natsuki in 2nd Stage (after he saw her with an older man).
    Takumi: Good luck with your buddy in the Mercedes, now leave me the hell alone!