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YMMV: Halo 2
  • Base Breaker: Fans either loved the Arbiter and thought his perspective of the Covenant War brought a refreshing light to the Elites or hated him due to the fact that you were suddenly playing as the enemy and not Master Chief, without any hints that this would happen pre-release. Demoting him to the 2P character in Halo 3's co-op widened his status as a Base Breaker even further. Eventually, though, the hate died down as the uproar over Halo 2's misleading advertising campaign gradually faded away, with the Arbiter's popularity finally solidifying as the fanbase moving on to fighting about other things.
  • Best Level Ever: Metropolis. Drive a tank across a bridge fighting Ghosts, Wraiths, Banshees and Phantoms, followed by a battle in the city after a quick battle in a tunnel, and the level ends with the Scarab fight.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix": take the original theme and make it even more awesome but adding ELECTRIC GUITARZ!
  • Even Better Sequel: It is debated on how well the story lives up to expectations, but this game is considered one of the best shooters of all time.
  • Franchise Original Sin: Dual Wielding. It is an interesting method of allowing players to mix and match weapons to accompany the situation, but the problem is nearly all the weapons you can dual wield with are inherently weaker than the single wield weapons (including the radical nerfing of the pistol) and thus require something to support it otherwise you have a serious disadvantage. In both this game and Halo 3 it works okay for the campaign but in multiplayer it was a well despised feature. It's telling that they eliminated the whole mechanic after Halo 3 and virtually no one has complained.
    • The exception was dual wielding a plasma pistol and SMG. Derisively dubbed - "The Noob Combo" by many, it allowed for players to instantly kill another player's shield with the plasma pistol and then quickly kill them with the SMG without having to switch weapons or wait for the pistol to cool down.
  • Game Breaker: Though not supposed to be something that players have access to, the Scarab Gun makes the level it can be found on completely trivial.
  • Porting Disaster: For starters, the PC version forces people to use Windows Vista or later to play it by checking to see if you have Direct X 10 installed, even though it was designed for the original Xbox which uses Direct X 8.1. A hack soon popped up that disabled this check, and it proved to work just fine on XP. Other problems include that many keys are hardcoded to be bound to Games for Windows Live (screwing anybody who prefers a non-WASD keymap), network connectivity was patchy (GFWL again), and the modding toolset was crap (basically impossible to create new single-player content).
  • The Scrappy: Miranda Keyes to some extant, going in head first gets quite annoying at times. Especially if you are, well, surrounded by flood parasites.
    • The EU explains it a bit. Apparently she's trying to live up to her father's name.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The rank system was surely the least secure aspect of ranked playlists, deranking was a notorious glitch in the system or result of a really skilled hacker. God bless the heart if anything more than twelve rank levels have disappeared off your record.

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