YMMV: Deltora Quest

  • Anvilicious - GAMBLING AND DISHONEST MONEYLENDING ARE VERY VERY BAD, we get it already, please put down the hammer Miz Rodda ma'am....
  • Big Name Fan - There are currently three main people that seem to run the forums and write the best stories in the Fan Fiction world:
  • Clarke's Third Law - A fair amount of what the Shadow Lord does sounds more like our technology than magic. From the lights in the Gray Guard growth building, to the "sparking rods", to the reference to the power being cut, it's easy to conclude that he's using electricity, which the heroes have no way to distinguish from magic. Whether the generation of Gray Guards is magic, science, or a bit of each is hard to say.
  • Crack Pairing - Some of the fanfic pairings are terrifying: Lief/Barda, Lief/Dain, Sharn/Zeean, Jasmine/Filli and most surprising, yet most popular: Barda/Doom.
  • Ear Worm - The anime song about Thaegan and her children.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Doom insulting Jasmine's mother during the Rithmere Games. It's light and funny when you first read it, but it gets worse when you realise that Doom was insulting his own wife.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: After the gang is captured by the people of Plume in series 2, Jasmine sarcastically asks Glock if his talisman part of which is actually the Pirran pipe will protect him from The Fear. The Fear ends up crushing him to death (on the bright side, he deals the killing blow to the Fear single-handedly, and the Plumes and Jasmine come to honor him as a hero for his sacrifice).
    • In Maze of the Beast, Barda speaks to Doom about Doom's past, to which Doom gets subtly annoyed. At first it seems as if he's just being his usual Jerk Ass self, but when you think about it you realise that he's uncomfortable and stung by Barda's questions as he doesn't have a past, at least not one which he can remember.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Shadowlord is an absolute master of both the Xanatos Gambit and the Xanatos Speed Chess. His plans are simply brilliant and he is one hell of a Determinator, no matter how many times he's defeated, he'll always be ready with a new strategy
    "I have many plans, plans within plans."
  • The Mole: Deltora under Shadow Lord rule in the first series is full of spies, but Dain takes the cake, especially for being able to fool Doom.
    • Faith is this in the second series.
    • Paff in the third series.

  • The Ophelia: Jasmine probably qualifies
  • The Scrappy - Prin. Good god, 1000 times Prin.
    • In-universe, the opal out of all the gems. Lief hates touching it, since it usually means impending Nightmare Fuel.
      • Replacement Scrappy: In-universe; Paff replacing Ranesh as Josef's assistant in the library. Her apparent ineptitude helps her real goals go largely unnoticed until almost too late.
  • The Woobie - Oh hey, Jasmine! Let's talk about your life. You grew up in a forest. When you were seven years old, your parents were taken away, presumably to be killed, and your home got burned down. You had to fend for yourself. When you were sixteen, two strangers invade the lifestyle that you made for yourself, and your dead mother's spirit made you leave your home to go on a quest with them. You had lots of trouble because you could barely read or write, and most people thought that you were mad. Then it turned out that the guy you kind of liked was a servant of the Shadowlord, and not even human! Eventually you discovered that your father is not really dead but all that he has been through has made him a completely different person. And then it turns out that the other guy you kind of liked was the heir to the throne and became King. Later, you found out that you had a sister, Faith, in the Shadowlands. Another guy you kind of like dies on the way to the Shadowlands. Oh, and Faith? It turned out that she was not real, but a plot of the Shadowlord's to get the King into his realm. And the Shadow Lord says explicitly that you were never important in his eyes, just a pawn that could be used against Lief.
    • Jarred's life is just as bad, if not more bad. His father died when he was four years old, and he was basically alone in the world, save having Endon as a friend. He was mistrusted by Prandine and possibly King Alton (as the King threatened to send Jarred away if he ever broke the Rule). When his close friend Prince Endon becomes King, he realises that Endon and Deltora are in danger because of the Rule, and tries to warn Endon but is accused of attempted murder of the new king and is forced to flee for his life. He finds a home in the forge and marries Anna, the love of his life, who ends up dying horribly in the Shadowlands with Jarred watching. Anna's death ends up completely breaking him, and he's never the same afterward. Then before he has a chance to properly grieve her he loses all his memories during a fight in the Shadow Arena, and returns to Deltora a completely different person.