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This is the Deltora Quest universe. A world packed to the brim with magic and monsters. It's bound to have plenty of awesome moments.

Deltora Quest

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    Series 1 
The Forests of Silence
  • The whole prologue.
    • Especially Sharn pushing Prandine out of the tower window. Even though she's pregnant and looks like a painted doll, she has quick wits and a keen mind, and uses her small stature to fool Prandine into thinking she's insignificant and weak.
    • Credit where credit is due, the Shadow Lords plan to take over Deltora works absolutely flawlessly. Over hundreds of years the Shadow Lord has his spies infiltrate Del and, under the guise of tradition, slowly rob the royal family of their power, influence and followers until the people hated them, their alliances were shattered and the one weapon that held the Shadow Lord at bay was no longer even a factor. All the while the royal family was completely oblivious to the Shadow Lord's machinations. All that as left was to strike...
  • Barda successfully distracting Gorl, making the Jalis knight drop his guard and as a result his psychic grip over himself and Leif. Barda then shows himself to be a Combat Pragmatist when he immediately follows up on this distraction by shoving his sword into Gorl's neck. Too bad Gorl happens to No Sell the attack due to being nothing but Animated Armour.
    • Despite the fact that he isn't around for long Gorl proves himself to be an absolute badass. His Immortality Immorality turning him into a monster who can physically or psychically dominate anyone he sees as a threat to the Lilies of Life. Theres no doubt that before Jasmine put an end to him Gorl would have fought and overcome an unknown number of natural threats the Forests of Silence as well as slay any warrior and adventurer who sought to claim his prized life giving flowers.
  • Jasmine's return in The Forests of Silence, and Gorl's death. Her badass shout to Gorl sums it up pretty nicely.
    Jasmine: GORL! GORL! You have made good into evil in this place, with your jealousy and spite, Gorl! You have bound and enslaved the trees and killed the birds and all to guard something that is not yours!

The Lake of Tears
  • Leif, Barda and Jasmine solving the bridge guardians puzzles with ease in the beginning of The Lake of Tears. With Leif only being stopped because of a cheap trick on the guardian's part.
    • This is followed by Lief, who has been tricked by the guardian, dropping a Logic Bomb on the thrall which frees him from Thaegan's curse. A kindness that is quickly returned by the newly transformed guardian saving Leif's life.
  • The Power Trio rescuing Manus from the Grey Guards and their subsequent successful escape.
  • The entire escape from Jin and Jod's home in The Lake of Tears. With Lief and Jasmine quickly getting a drugged Barda out of the house while the monsters were investigating Manus' distraction, Lief figuring out the stepping stones puzzle to get across the quicksand, Kree providing a Big Damn Heroes moment, Barda preventing Jasmine from sinking in the quicksand after she is nailed in the shoulder by a hatchet thrown by Jin and to top it all off there is Jasmine sabotaging the stepping stones puzzle, directly leading to the deaths of Jin and Jod. Lots of awesome moments in such a short and nightmarish sequence of events.
    • This doesn't even include Jasmine immediately drawing her dagger and charging the two monsters when she realises they are trying to kill Manus, repeatedly stabbing at them both with her dagger until she realises the monsters have iron-like skin.
  • The people of Raladin building an entire new city underneath the original Raladin in order to hide from the Shadow Lord's forces and from Thaegan. No further proof is needed of the engineering skill the Ralad people possess.
  • Manus being willing to give himself up to Soldeen in order to guarantee his friends freedom and grant them the second gem. Lief, Barda and Jasmine's absolute refusal of this and resisting Soldeen's demands also deserves credit.
  • Thagean absolutely TROUNCING Lief, Barda and Jasmine without any effort at all as well as taking out Soldeen, a massive and heavily armoured monstrosity, with a single magical attack. A shocking display of her power and a perfect demonstration of why she is so feared.
    • This is followed by Kree managing to do what no one else could, killing Thaegan. It's pretty poetic that she be defeated by a creature she'd only ever thought of as a tasty meal.

City of the Rats

The Shifting Sands
  • The Wise Fish hiding Lief, Barda and Jasmine from the patrolling Ak-Baba and saving their lives as a result. Unassuming as they are they prove themselves to live up to their name as well as show even they are capable of defying the Shadow Lord.
  • The sheer fact that the Queen Bee is capable of ordering her honey and cider making bee's to attack.
  • Kree revealing that the "crippled" game runner was a cheat by revealing the device underneath the table that allowed him to rig the game.
  • Lief, Barda and Jasmine all making it to the top ten in the Rithmere Games, facing opponents that were likely stronger and bigger than them in Jasmine and Leif's case. No further proof is needed to demonstrate that the three were strong enough to undertake their quest.
    • This is topped off with Jasmine WINNING the Rithmere Games and taking the 1000 gold prize. It's left ambiguous wether or not Doom let Jasmine win but the feat is still incredible.
  • Doom freeing Lief, Barda and Jasmine from their captors and saving them from a fate of becoming gladiators in the Shadowlands without the Grey Guards holding them, who had been previously shown to have Super Senses, even realising what was happening.
  • Barda saving Lief from a Terreocti by nailing it with a blister.
  • Lief figuring out that the Shifting Sands were actually one massive living creature, a hive mind make up of billions of insect like creatures the size of a grain of sand.
    • Lief also gets points for figuring out how to defeat the Sands and retrieve the next gem from it's place in the pyramid. Using knowledge he garnered from the Queen Bee no less.

Dread Mountain
  • The entire fight against the Vraal. A tense 3v1 duel where the monstrous reptile absolutely dominates the trio in their fight. It takes down Leif with ease, has Barda struggling to just stay alive and even takes out Jasmine with a single swing of it's tail when she tries to take it by surprise. A worthy demonstration of how lethal these creatures are.
    • This whole scene is topped off with Prin taking down the Vraal herself.
    Prin: "Green is the good moss, it takes away the pain. Purple is the bad moss, it brings it back again."
  • Barda and Prin holding off a horde of Dread Gnomes, stopping them from breaching a doorway while Lief saves Jasmines life using the ruby.
  • Lief and the gang convincing the Dread Gnomes to revolt against Gellick.
  • Gellick's defeat was amazing, simply because it was just about to crush Lief, Barda and Jasmine where they lay when Lief hurled the Dreaming Water into its mouth.

The Maze of the Beast
  • Dain's proper introduction into the story. Killing one Ol with a single well placed arrow and quickly directing the others on how to kill the second after he is mistakenly tackled by Lief.
  • Jasmine chooses to separate from the group and act as a decoy so that Shadow Lord spies won't be able to track them easily. What does she do? She buys some rich clothes from Steven and paints her face to make herself look completely unrecognizable even to Lief and Barda who know her best. And then you find out that Jasmine was in even more danger than Lief and Barda by separating from them, as it is her presence and Kree's that make the group recognisable to Shadow Lord spies.
    • Jasmine's importance in the group is sorely recognised during her absence as without her Super Senses Lief, Barda and Dain are repeatedly ambushed by bandits as Jasmine wasn't there to warn them.
  • After Barda is thrown over the side of the "River Queen" and the others are captured by pirates light is restored to the cruise and it is revealed that Barda slaughtered an undescribed number of pirates. It isn't said how many but it is told that the deck of the "River Queen" is absolutely LITTERED with their dead bodies.
  • Barda shoving a sword straight through the heart of the Ol that had taken his place after his fall into the River Tor.
  • As horrifying as it is Milne's death can be considered this, as it was certainly deserved, after everything he had been responsible for.

Valley of the Lost
  • There have only been four people who have managed to solve all the Guardian's riddles: Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Doom. Lief, Barda and Jasmine also managed to defeat the Guardian himself as well, in the end, something which no one had ever been able to do.

Return to Del
  • The scene in Return to Del where Lief figures out the proper order of the gems at the last minute.
    • That scene is awesome in both the book and in the Anime. In the Anime, he invades the palace, rescues the resistance, and uses everyone's knowledge to outsmart the Grey Guards and in the Ols. In the book, he as no such help. he breaks in alone, by way of a secret tunnel, sneaks past everyone in the palace, climbs up, and figures out the gems right before he puts his plan into action.

    Series 2 
  • What Glock does right before he dies.
  • Lief, Jasmine and Barda sneaking into the domed city of Auron using their strengths and not their weaknesses. Specifically, because they are weak swimmers (at least compared to the Aurons) and Jasmine cannot swim at all, they choose to scale the cavern walls and fling themselves by rope onto the top of the dome.
  • Tirral playing the completed Pipe for the first time on Keron. Its music reaches so far and is so lovely that it makes even the topaz dragon stir in its sleep.
  • Almost everything about the climax in The Shadowlands—Emlis playing the Pipe, the slaves fighting back and the Jalis racing to free Lief, Barda and Jasmine from their cage, the big reveal of Faith being just a phantom created by the Shadow Lord as part of a plan to lure Lief into his domain, and the Arena filling with water and the Pirrans uniting to bring the Deltorans to safety.

    Series 3 
  • The destruction of the Shadow Lord's crystal.
  • Lindal's entrance in Dragon's Nest.
  • You have to admit that the guardian of the Sister of the South is pretty awesome, given that he/she manages to create a false plague almost out of nowhere, sends around a monster of black sludge to battle enemies with, and prints notices which make the people hate and distrust the Torans and also distrust Marilen (which rips a major hole in Deltora's security as she is Lief's heir and must have enough support from the people to prevent a second Shadowlands invasion if Lief ever dies without issue). He/she must be really loyal to the Shadow Lord to do so much.
  • The battle in the pit between Lief, Steven, Nevets, the topaz dragon and the Guardian of the Sister of the South. Especially Steven and Nevets' part in it. Even though, as the dragon says, the guardian's beast had weakened a lot by the time they managed to defeat it, they stood their ground against it very well, so much so that even the dragon commented upon it.
    • And then there's Lief and the dragon destroying the Sister... Like the previous killings it was awe-inspiring and truly memorable.
  • The entire battle between the dragons and the Ak-Baba. For obvious reasons.

  • The anime's version of Thaegan's (first) defeat. When Kree, swoops in at the last possible second, cutting her finger mid-spell, causing Thaegan to instantly die with an agonizing scream as a result.
    • In the anime, her second death thanks to Kree and his army of crows, and a little help from the Lapis Lazuli.
  • Filli's "attacking" the people of Noradz. He's nothing but a little puffball but that doesn't stop him from terrorizing the city of clean-freaks in order to protect Jasmine and the others.
  • Jasmine and Doom's match during the Rithmere Games, in the anime. Loved Jasmine kicking Doom's smarmy ass.
  • Gla-Thon in episode 28 "The Great Gellick!", leading the other Dread Gnome archers in a Sudden Principled Stand against the evil toad Gellick.
    Gla-Thon: We're done taking orders from you, so go ahead and do your worst! We'll never be your slaves again!
  • Sorcerer Oacus eventual defeat and death at Leif, Barda and Jasmine's hands.
  • In the anime adaptation, Lief nearly falls from a tower, the bird once known as the "Enigmatic Giant" returns out of nowhere and saves him, paying back his life debt.
  • Episode 37, when Barda and Jasmine stand up to Thaegan's children and offer to sacrifice themselves in order to save Lief.

Three Doors

  • In The Silver Door, Sholto managing to sneak his way into a Shadow Lord factory pretending to be a scientist who is serving the Shadow Lord. None of the bad guys suspected a thing until Rye, Sonia and Dirk showed up.

Star of Deltora

Shadows of the Master

Two Moons
  • Though a dirty trick, Sky's tricking Britta into pulling the short straw is this.
  • Britta bargaining with the turtle-people for Sky's life.
  • And it's also discovered that Sky is a boy disguised as a girl. It was incredibly daring to even enter the contest, as he was risking the anger of Mab and the other Rosalyn traders and being found out at any time. If that shoreman hadn't blurted out the truth on Two Moons, it's possible that no one on the ship would ever have realised his gender.

The Towers of Illica
  • Jewel and Sky rescuing Britta after she is pushed overboard by Bosun Crow. Also doubles as a heartwarming moment.
  • Sky hiding himself very effectively from the love-birds in the Blind Tower.


  • Doom is pretty much a walking example of this trope.
    • Jarred and Anna both. They cheerfully got up and walked away from their entire lives to go and live in what was, to them, Nightmare Fuel Forest. Anna in particular is an unsung hero of the series, because she spends the entire time dead. Endon and Sharn are pretty incredible in what they pulled off too.
    • Jarred succeeded in escaping from the Shadowlands, a place that everyone steadfastly believes is impenetrable. He remains the only person ever to have done so. He also escapes from the Shadow Arena (before the Shadowlands), a place that is almost as hard to escape from as the aforementioned Shadowlands.
    • He also managed to solve all the Guardian's riddles in the Valley of the Lost and walk away unscathed. No one before him had ever been able to do, and when the heroes managed it they had three sets of minds to work on the problem.
  • Doom, Brianne and Gers respectively are the only Deltorans ever to have escaped from the Shadow Arena. It's pretty amazing, since no one else has been able to do it.
  • Barda's normally the most level-headed of the group, except when he gets it into his head to try and take on The Shadow Lord's Ak-Baba.