Tear Jerker: Deltora Quest

Series 1
  • Tear Jerker - Towards the end of Return to Del, Doom regains his memory, realizing that Jasmine is his daughter. As he is partially unconscious, he starts crying and repeating conversations that he had with his dead wife, as Jasmine sobs beside him. Having two of the most stoic characters in the series break down is not an easy read.
    • I have something in both of my eyes...
    • It literally made this troper cry, and I don't cry while reading books as a rule. Especially when he begins conversing with his dead wife and Past!Jasmine and barely hears her when she tries to talk to him, and they are both crying, and I think I'll go bury my face in a towel.
    • The anime version is just as heartwrenching…
    • The look in Doom's eyes when he talks of Anna being dead is heartbreaking.

Series 2
  • The death of Glock.
  • The revelation of what happened to the Aurons: They built a magic dome that kept out the monsters and resembled Pirra as it was, but it could only keep existing if those living within it believed that the illusion was truth and said nothing that contradicted it. The population eventually split into two groups, one who built rafts to live on and flourished, and the island-dwellers, whose number dwindled because kids were too impulsive and couldn't understand the necessity of lying. By the time Lief and co enter, there's one island-dweller left, and he's desperately trying to cling onto the past. And he dies horribly.

Series 3
  • The death of Doran the Dragonlover. We spend two series learning more about this courageous posthumous character. And then it turns out he wasn't dead, but trapped in a particularly cruel form of And I Must Scream. Doran flat out says that death is far better than what can be called life. And he asks Veritas, one of his oldest friends to kill him.
  • Lief being reprimanded by the spirits of Del's fallen. The spirit of Josef appears and only shakes its head as if saying there's nothing left for him to do.
  • Lief seeing Sharn dying in front of him from the 'Toran Plague'.

  • While he was still evil, the anime version of the former Jalis knight Gorl still managed to come across as a very tragic character.
  • The anime had (believe it or not) Thaegan and her children, in the group's (minus Ichabod) final appearance. The part when Thaegan committed her Suicide Attack and her children didn't want to be left behind was sweet in itself. Then when she asked them why they did it, they tell her they just wanted to be with their mother. If that doesn't start the water works the fact that their deaths created a lovely rainbow will.
    • Speaking of Ichabod, his death scene is him refusing help from Lief before dying and joining the souls of his family.
  • Sorcerer Oacus's death was surprisingly tearjerking, considering he didn't even regret any of his actions. When he tells the heroes that the're fighting in vain, and that the Shadow Lord is too powerful to defeat he actually sounds slightly sad. Not to mention the part when he confesses that he was once a human, then he bursts into flames... talk about sad.
  • The death of Lief's father Endon.
  • The fate of the sorceror Dann in the Three Doors trilogy. He spent the rest of his life trapped in the Fell Zone in Weld's past, unable to return to Weld or see any of his friends or family again. And all because his best friend and advisor betrayed him by locking him out of the city.