Funny: Deltora Quest

Series 1
  • Jasmine pulling out money in front of Tom.
  • When the companions are tricking Theagan's children - who have them captive - into fighting one another over who gets to eat how much of whom, Barda says, "Why, I am twice the size of Jasmine! Whoever gets a third part of her will not do well at all. Really, she should be divided in half!" Capped perfectly with:
    "Yes," agreed Lief, just as loudly, ignoring Jasmine's cries of rage.
  • Lief interrups the elder Kin.
  • Doom's implication that Jasmine is flat chested.
  • Jasmine's two suggestions at how to get rid of Neridah in The Valley of the Lost and her reaction at Lief and Barda's choice:
    "She will not willingly let us go on without her, that is certain," Jasmine said grimly. "So we have two choices. One, hit her on the head, and run. Or, two, wait until we are sure that she is asleep, then creep away."
    She seemed a little disappointed when Lief and Barda chose the second course.

Series 2
  • In The Isle of Illusion, Lief and co have been welcomed to the floating rafts and are given a meal. Their hostess asks them how they like a certain dish, an oily soup, and to be polite they say it's fine, even though they hate it. As soon as he lies, Lief finds a claw on his tongue, and their hostess explains that telling the truth is generally a good idea there. She then asks them what they really think, and they tell her in no uncertain terms.

Series 3
  • Manus's disgust at the design of the chapel.
  • Until it crosses into Nightmare Fuel, Barda finally solving his puzzle box...not to mention his futile attempts to open it before.

  • Come on, nobody's even gonna mention the Enigmatic Giant from the anime and his riddle?
    • The rhyme goes like this: Sorceress Thaegan gulps her favourite food, In her cave with all her brood. And the names of the children are: Hot, Tot, Jin, Jod, Fie, Fly, Zan, Zod, Pik, Snik... Lun, Lod, And of course the dreaded Ichabod. Each child holds a slimy toad. On each toad squirms two fat grubs. On each grub rides two fleas brave. Here's my riddle now, and beware. Answer my riddle now, if you dare. How many creatures are living in Thaegan's cave?
    • The fact that both the giant and Thaegan's children sing it in the anime makes it totally awesome.
  • Kree puffing out his chest after killing Thaegan is both hilarious and extremely badass.
  • Unintentionally, perhaps, but the scene with Filli as he causes chaos in Noradz in the anime, due to how adorable he is.
  • All of episode 22 with Francoise in it. Jasmine is a jealous of her, but not blind and starts to notice something off about her and her clothes, what with them being shapshifting demons and all. And of course Hilarity Ensues.
  • The first time Barda hitches a ride with a Kin, the look on his face says it all.
    Barda: Stop laughing at me...
  • Loved it when Barda tried playing charades for the pirates!
    Jasmine: Okay Barda, do your thing.
    Barda: I don't have a thing.
  • Thaegan doing a Red Riding Hood on the companions until they start insulting her.
  • Thaegan getting her children to back off after they begin to crowd her. Even Ichabod... who towers over his own mother.
  • The filler episodes are full of funny.
    • When Barda, Lief and Jasmine are tending to Tom's shop while he's away delivering goods, they give a supplement meant to strengthen humans to Filli and Kree... only to make them grow ten times their size and destroy the shop which is then rebuilt as a dog house accidentally.
    • An episode involving a lone (and noble) Grey Guard trying to prove to a village he can be its hero has a chibi dance scene that must be seen to be believed.

  • Look at all of Jasmine and Doom's moments in the first series. Compare them to the ones in the second and third. Now, laugh.
  • "Once there was an Olio!"