Western Animation / Mina and The Count

The series' title card

Straddling the line between "short" and "TV series" lies Mina and The Count.

Originally created in 1995 by Rob Renzetti with Frederator Studios (the same people behind toons such as The Fairly Oddparents and Adventure Time), it was originally created as part of Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon! Show. In the original short, Interlude With a Vampire, the titular Count, a vampire, accidentally stumbles into the room of one Mina Harper, age 7. (He was looking for Nina Parker, age 17.) Mina quickly proves her formidity when she abruptly turns herself into his leg accessory, and despite being dragged into every manner of girly game by Mina, the Count quickly finds himself enjoying it and becomes her friend. The following shorts detailed their various goofy and spooky adventures. During its run of shorts, it migrated from Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

Among the other shorts on the various Frederator shorts shows, Mina and The Count was highly unusual. While most cartoons only saw either one or two episodes and then a full series, or one episode and then vanishing obscurity, Mina saw a full six shorts released throughout its run, making it a kind of cartoon Mini Series. It even built up a small fanbase throughout the years. But despite fans' vocal interest, it never has been—and probably never will be—expanded to a full show. Not to mention, good luck finding the shorts on DVD.

This miniseries contains examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Mina And The Count