Western Animation / A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a 1971 film adaptation of the novel of the same name. It is a half-hour animated film directed by Richard Williams (with Chuck Jones as executive producer). Alastair Sim and Michael Hordern star as Scrooge and Marley, reprising their roles from the 1951 live-action feature Scrooge.

Won the Academy Award for short animated film.

A Christmas Carol provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Compressed Adaptation: It follows the story from the book pretty well for a 25 minute show, but naturally a lot had to be cut.
  • Creepy Child: Ignorance and Want, who in this version look positively demonic.
  • Deranged Animation: The entire part focusing on the ghosts. The Past especially comes closest to the original Humanoid Abomination description in the original book.

Alternative Title(s): A Christmas Carol 1971