Funny / A Christmas Carol

  • In the Alastair Sim version (Scrooge): Scrooge's interaction with his poor befuddled housekeeper after waking up Christmas morning.
  • Scrooged.
  • Scrooge Trolling Bob Cratchet after his Heel–Face Turn, which many actors have had a lot of fun with.
    • During this scene in the 1999 Patrick Stewart version, Bob is so (understandably) freaked out by Scrooge's actions that he actually grabs the fire poker to defend himself, just in case.
  • Fred wishing Scrooge a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Scrooge: GOOD! AFTER! NOON!
  • Marley's Ghost tells Scrooge that he has sat, unseen, beside him many times. When Scrooge is understandably creeped out by this, Marley responds, "That is no light part of my penance." Disturbing as Scrooge finds the idea, it's no picnic for the Ghost either.
  • The Black Comedy of the moment wherein a pair of Scrooge's debtors fully comprehend their old landlord is dead...and share a relieved embrace.
  • "Tight as your Uncle Scrooge's purse strings"
    • Scrooge (in the 1986 version), who watched the simile games with the Ghost of Christmas Present, telling Janet the answer "To tight as" is "a drum". This troper thinks it would be funny taken Up to Eleven if he had that simile and forgot.
    Scrooge: (watching a simile game, and answering a simile the guest is stumped on) a ''wink'' you idiot, everyone knows that!
    Ghost of Christmas Present: Shh, Ebenezer!
    Scrooge: (What?) You said they can't hear us.
    Ghost of Christmas Present:: Oh, that's quite right *laughs embarrassed* I'm sorry, even I forget the rules. After all, I'm not accustomed to making these visits very often.
  • Scrooge talking to the young boy after his Heel–Face Turn
    Scrooge:Come back with the man, and I'll give you a shilling!
    Young boy: *looks up in shock*
    Scrooge: Come back in less than five minutes and I'll give you Half a Crown!note *boy takes off like a rocket*
    • In "Mrs. Scrooge", the anagolous boy is entrusted with fifty dollars. He is astonished.
    Boy: Can I get that in writing?
  • At one point in the DVD Commentary for the 2004 musical, the director takes the time to marvel at the scenery, before conceding that "Jane (Krakowski)'s legs ain't bad, either."
  • In a Crosses the Line Twice kind of way, the fact that Mrs. Dibley (Scrooge's maid) stole Scrooge's bed-curtain's, sheets, and his shirt. While he's still laying there, dead.
  • In the 2009 version, the second thing Scrooge does after waking up from his experience (the first being buying the prize turkey for Crachit) is wish his maid a Merry Christmas. She reacts as though he's lost his mind.