Funny / A Christmas Carol (1984)

  • This exchange
    Scrooge: At least I don't squander it like [Fred] you!
    Christmas Present: You mustn't argue with those we visit. It's useless! And even tactless.
    Scrooge: Tact is quality I despise.
    Christmas Present: That I can see.
    • Then shortly after
    Fred: Quick as?
    Guest doesn't answer
    Christmas Present: Shhh, Ebeneezer!
    Scrooge: You said they can neither see nor hear us!
    Christmas Present: That's quite true. *laughs* Oh, yes, I'm sorry. Even I forget the regulations.
    • And right after
    "Tight as your uncle Scrooge's purse strings!"
  • "I'm going to . . .double your salary!!"
  • "You're devilish hard to have a conversation with."
  • Old Joe's response to Mrs. Dilber's assertion that he's "hardened" in Christmas Yet to Come: "I'm always kind to the ladies. That's how I ruined meself."
  • Once you see this, you might never be afraid of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come ever again.