Webcomic / Shooters Epic Awesome Adventure Of Manliness

Go Go Character Collage

"Alright, here's the game plan - you boys battle through thirteen floors of filler battles, I'm gonna go get wasted!"
Sho before the invasion of Pork City.

ViperSean after guessing which Trope Pheonyx used to return.

Shooter's Epic Awesome Adventure of Manliness is a Sprite Comic created by Neoseeker Member Kanon. It uses sprites from popular DS Game The World Ends with You as well as various other unrelated images.

It starts as the title says, but as it goes along characters change and new ones come in. At the time of writing this, Shooter isn't even in the comic anymore.

It currently contains 5 'seasons':

  • SEAAOM - The original story, featuring Shooter, Blue, Yammer and Joshua.
  • SEAAOM: After Story - The plot thickens with the introduction of the Sexy Suit Five!
  • Yellow After: It's A Wonderful World/Life - New characters and a new story - Yellow, Kanon, Batlion, and ViperSean journey to save the world once and for all!
  • SEAAOM:EX - A prequel born of a lost bet, Mr. H goes back in time and gets a new main character to do shit.
  • SEAAOM: Another Epilouge - A 3 Issue long alternate ending made because Kanon is a Key Fanboy.

All can be found here if, for some strange reason, you wish to read it.

The SEAAOM Series contains examples of: