Reviews: Shooters Epic Awesome Adventure Of Manliness

So Yeah...

So yeah... Shooters Epic Awesome Adventure Of Manliness, or SEAAOM for short. It's a Sprite Comic using sprites from The World Ends With You, with a fair bit of somewhat-original sprites thrown in. Anyways, it's about Shooter, who goes on an adventure to stop evil from taking over the world. Or something. There's no real reason to actually describe the plot here, as both it and continuity go down the drain quickly. Whatever the comic was about in the beginning, very few people will actually remember it. Not like that's a bad thing, as it allows the creator to be much more flexible, using a loose sense of the word. Regardless, the comic is quite interesting.

As mentioned earlier, all the comics are very loosely connected by a plot. The plot, very loosely, follows Shooter on his quest to stop the now-evil Yammer. At least, that's what it was about. Later on, the comic ends up being about a guy who can break the Fourth Wall and other dimensions. This actually isn't that amazing, considering how there's No Fourth Wall in the first place. Anyways, back to the series as a whole.

The series contains many a Shout Out to some of the more common anime. Code Geass, for one. Some of these shout outs can be quite hard to understand, but those that do understand them deserve a medal. The series has quite a bit of trope usage, both of the Lampshaded kind and regular kind.

In the end, although the series can be quite disconfigured and incomprehensible at times, it is worth a look for anyone who knows a fair bit about TWEWY and the more commonly known anime series to get some laughs and to have a reasonably good time. Once again using a term loosely, of course.