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Ghost is immortal.

And his rage is the power source. Many times, he rages so hard that he apparently pukes or gets a heart attack. Yet he still keeps coming back for more. The reason? He's immortal, but he needs to rage HARD everyday to keep up the spell. The Trolls aren't killing him, they're only making him stronger.
  • Then why does he Rage Quit? And skip days sometimes, including, at the time of this writing, a week so far?
    • For his emotional benefit. Ghost usually conserves power by going to Sixth Street, which is why he uses it as an excuse to leave early.
    • Or because if he doesn't, he might suffer a Phlebotinum Overload.

Or he could very well be a spy, but... he is unintelligible in the radio broadcasts, even when hosting the show at one point.
  • The Pyro learned how to be a Spy?
    • Actually, it's meant to be that it could be a Spy disguised as a Pyro acting like the Engineer.

Ghost is not only a troll, but also the one behind Bad Lip Reading

It was already theorized that he's a Man of a Thousand Voices- just like the guy behind Bad Lip Reading. Both of them also live in Texas. If he's a troll, it would make sense.

Ghost is an actual ghost

A poltergeist, to be exact. And he keeps the cans around because he needs them to manifest some sort of physical form
  • ... This is brilliant. So all this time, we've been listening to some Texan ghost rant and rave about capitalism as he knew it before he died? How did he get his radio station then?
    • Driving out the previous owner, of course. Imagine being haunted by THIS guy.

Ghost is Cave Johnson
Both characters are prone to rants and have a past with someone named Caroline.

Ghost is a closet Brony
Firstly, despite claiming to hate the show and its fandom, Ghost can recognize quotes, characters, and memes from it, and he's even aware of "clopping" too. Then, we got him getting into a hissyfit over the "Ban all bronies" callers, though this may had been more because of the fact that they somehow got into multiple calls in a row and started to get annoying ("JESUS CHRIS-I MEAN, HOW MANY NUMBERS DO THESE IDIOTS HAVE?!"). Some listeners jumped to conclusions and interpreted it as a defense against them.
  • He says it went downhill in season two. Maybe he loves MLP, but the Bronies aren't ''real'' fans.
    • At one point he claimed he knew about the Brony's memes and such from people calling him up with them. Seems unlikely, due to the sheer extent of his knowledge.

Ghost is Andrew Ryan
Übercapitalist with a god complex. After being ressurected in a vita chamber, he broadcasts from Rapture, throwing in loads of references to Sixth street and other stereotypically Texan things to throw them off the scent. Alternatively...

Ghost is Frank Fontaine
''Goddamn Sploicers!!''

Ghost is the descendant of Asura and Kratos
All three of them are known for getting really, really mad. Except Ghost, instead of punching out gods, punches out cans and rants about capitalism.

Ghost is always in such a bad mood because of lack of sleep.
He sure does like to talk about how he only gets a few hours of sleep each night.

Ghost is a pig-literally-, and the Engineer is his caretaker.
He was created as a freak experiment in a laboratory, being giving the human brain of an angry capitalist, and the pig body was harassed by a pony back on the farm, hence his hate of My Little Pony. It also proves correct many conjectures on his nature-he is a capitalist pig, a racist pig, a hambone, and he is not actually Jewish-but he doesn't eat other pigs, so he adheres to Jewish dietary regulations.

Ghost is made out of beer cans.
cans.wav is just him flailing around in anger, and sometimes actually hitting crap on his desk.
  • Can be combined with the "actual ghost" theory above.

Tub Guy isn't actually calling Ghost from the tub, but from the shower
C'mon, we all know it's true.

KaraszKun was hired by Ghost to troll his trolls.
Seeing as how Ghost's fans and trolls really hate KaraszKun, this theory wouldn't be too farfetched.
  • That's actually really likely, considering how he pretty much ignored people saying they hated "Ask KaraszKun". Also implies he was apathetic to his well-being, considering the Capitalist Army's habit of doxxing anyone who irritates them.
  • I don't think KaraszKun is hired by Ghost to troll, but what is certain is that Ghost uses "Ask KaraszKun" to annoy trolls. In Episode 291 Ghost started an "Ask KaraszKun" segment in Radio Graffiti time after he got pissed off when trolls demanded him to start Radio Graffiti early.
  • Considering the fact that Ghost pays Karaszkun to make artwork for the show (Ghost's avatar, autograph artwork, merchandise), this is more plausible now.

Tub Guy is in Ghost's house.
Ghost is always away doing the show and drinking on sixth street; Tub Guy moved in quite a while ago, Ghost just doesn't know it yet because he's never at home long enough to use the bathroom and realize there's a guy living in there.
  • ((Jossed}}, Tub Guy posted a video of his tub and Ghost commented on it, obviously not recognizing it as his own.

Ghost owns, and broadcasts from, a can factory.
This explains why he's a capitalist and always seems to have some cans ready. The engineer is obviously just an employee there.
  • Jossed by the intro. "Broadcasting from a skyline office in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas!" He's also repeatedly stated he rents it out and once even had a fire alarm go off during the broadcast.

Ghost is using the show to convert his trolls to Capitalism.
And it's working.
  • Confirmed, Ghost stated in one of his last PalTalk sections before his four year hiatus that he faked his rage in the hopes of converting some of the trolls to capitalism. Since his return he has also used trolls for other tasks such as giving Colbert Bump to serval twitter hashtags and trying to expose John Kasich's supposed former gay relationship.

Ghost isn't The Alcoholic - it's the Engineer!
I don't know if it's just me, but it sounds like the Engineer's Angrish is him being drunk off his ass. Presumably, his Alcohol-Induced Idiocy also keeps him from properly screening the calls, and it's his cans that are being knocked around by Ghost in his his various Unstoppable Rages.

Ghost is an Armoured Closet Gay
Think about it. He spends more time thinking about men's penises and men's asses than any straight man ever would, and as a defense mechanism assumes a facade of homophobia, while projecting his own secret homosexuality onto everyone he talks to. At the end of each broadcast, he frequently goes to a bar on 6th Street. What he fails to mention is that it's a gay bar.

Canada (not "Canadia") is non-existant to Ghost
Explains why he always refers to "Canadia" instead. He knows what it is and that it exists.

The Engineer is a Huragok.
Being a Starfish Alien, he CAN'T speak English! It's also why Ghost always refers to him as "Engineer".

The November 2015 broadcast was Ghost's way of having the last laugh.
Before his surprise return, TCR had been dead for three years, and very few fans/trolls were still clinging to the hope that Ghost would take to the airwaves again one day. With one short broadcast, however, he immediately revived the hopes and dreams of his fan base, the majority of which consist of people who only listen to laugh at him getting trolled. The kicker is that Ghost never seriously planned to return for any extended period of time. As a final middle finger to the trolls and ironic fans who originally drove him away, he got their hopes up with a seemingly sincere suggestion of a return show, only to leave them hanging. Forever.
  • Jossed: Ghost seems to be back for real!

Ghost's real name is Tad Ghostal

True Capitalist Radio is actually a reboot of the series Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Ghost has been Space Ghost this entire time. Engineer is obviously Brak.

Ghost and The Engineer were replaced by robots on November 21st.

Think about it. He skipped the show he was supposed to do on the day, and then his voice and the Engineer's voice started "glitching out", making him sound like a robot at times, and now the show schedule is becoming more sporadic (Thursday show was skipped, and the Friday show was late at night and ended early).
  • Jossed, the robot voice is gone as of November 29th.

Even if Mr. Optimism wins the autograph war, Ghost will still bring back Radio Graffiti in full.

I doubt he'll dick about his listeners like that, especially since that's the reason why many of them listen.

  • Potentially Jossed, Saturday Night Troll Shows have a full hour of Radio Graffiti, but it seems like the main show will either shorten it dramatically or not do it at all.

Episode #500 will be the final episode of TCR.

Ghost has been skipping shows again and contemplating ending the show. This is compounded by all the drama in the community going on, and the timeframes match up with his departure in 2012.

  • Confirmed. Ghost is taking a break again.

July 4th won't be the day TCR returns.

Either he'll do it earlier like he did in March 2016, or he'll do a fake-out and delay the show's return further like in 2013/2014.

  • Confirmed. He claimed he had too many drinks and couldn't broadcast, and hasn't said much about a potential return since. This, coupled with Inner Circle members claiming Ghost is considering not coming back at all seems to confirm the show will be on a long hiatus again.