Awesome: True Capitalist

  • Tri$ha to Ghost: "Did I stutter, hambone?"
    • And then her awesome moment when she claimed that bronies have more testosterone than Ghost himself, it ended the show immediately.
  • Ghost's rant on SOPA and NDAA. Even he doesn't like the bills. He then proceeds to play some Scooter and says how the Government can go screw itself.
  • Ghost and the trolls working together against Celtic Brony, and then Ghost's come back.
    "This is for the bronies you betrayed!"
  • Every time Ghost pulls an Even Evil Has Standards ("I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO ABUSE KIDS!"). It almost makes one think there's hope for him after all.
  • TangoWhiskey's "Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust" trailer.

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