Awesome / True Capitalist

  • Any time Ghost manages to keep his cool instead of raging at a troll, expect him to deliver cool, biting comeback, instead (followed by a hangup).
  • Tri$ha to Ghost: "Did I stutter, hambone?"
    • And then her awesome moment when she claimed that bronies have more testosterone than Ghost himself, it ended the show immediately.
  • Ghost's rant on SOPA and NDAA. Even he doesn't like the bills. He then proceeds to play some Scooter and says how the Government can go screw itself.
  • Ghost and the trolls working together against CelticBrony, and then Ghost's come back.
    "This is for the bronies you betrayed!"
  • Every time Ghost pulls an Even Evil Has Standards ("I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO ABUSE KIDS!"). It almost makes one think there's hope for him after all.
  • TangoWhiskey's "Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust" trailer.
  • During the May 13th, 2016 broadcast a caller manages to splice Ghost's current rant to music and call Ghost with it in less than sixty seconds. It immediately sends Ghost into an Unstoppable Rage.
  • Coodoo 17 and Tub Guy team up and parody Aqua's Barbie Girl with Right Wing Man.
  • On October 3rd 2016, Benito Ghostini delivered his most awesome call yet, he got multiple members of Ghost's Inner Circle (including Teutonic Plague), to endorse Team Engineer, complete with Donald Trump endorsing the message in the end. Ghost proceeds to shriek in rage before smashing cans multiple times, and then cries for one of the few times in Radio Graffiti history. It actually redeemed the brown nosing Inner Circle in the eyes of many trolls.
  • On October 28th, following a fan campaign to get him banned, Ghost reluctantly caves and calls up Teutonic Plague to tell him he is no longer welcome....only for Teutonic Plague to utterly BREAK him with the parting line "I, Teutonic Plague, am a Brony." causing what might be the single biggest can explosion and Ghost tantrum in the show's history. Despised as he was for his bootlicking and obnoxiousness, Teutonic Plague managed to bring the perfect conclusion to the month of betrayal.
    • More subtly however Ghost managed to casually make $250 dollars in less than an hour by baiting listeners into buying 50 of his dogs' autographs in order to make him ban Teutonic.
  • On December 13, ThisIsSparta made a typical intro splice about Ghost being a delusional conspiracy theorist and ridiculing him about his thoughts on PizzaGate. Ghost obviously wasn't happy about it, but instead of delivering the usual reaction, he cooly gives Sparta the one-two with a short, but cutting "Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Tubguy manages to get the Internet Buttstalker out of retirement, at least according to his comments on Youtube.