Headscratchers / True Capitalist

  • If Ghost drinks from bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, where does cans.wav come from and why does it make the sound of a can opening when he opens a drink?
    • Hey, who says Ghost only drinks Johnny Walker? If you listened to his show, you would know he's a connoisseur. He also drinks Miller Highlife, German imports, etc...
    • It's not cans, it's just crap on his desk.
  • Howcome Ghost willingly gives out another caller's address on air despite the fact that even someone else said it was illegal to do so. He once gave out 903-XXX-XXXX for playing the same splice twice when Ghost deliberately called 903 back after the splice, if you didn't want him to play the splice, why call him back after hearing an offensive one in the first place?!
    • He apparently justifies it by asking the caller if they want their number said, but this isn't always the case.